Exclusive: Rare songs from the archives


Many times, several songs from lesser heard films go into oblivion. Over the period of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to listen to them. Many songs of Geeta ji from the 40s and 50s are very rare. We have found seven rare songs as a tribute to her and to her fans on this special day.

Please click on the triangle next to the song name below to listen to these extremely rare and melodious songs.

Geeta Dutt

A deeply emotional and patriotic song describing the plight of our motherland (during the British rule). Listen to the way she modulates her voice to travel through various emotions through the song.

Geeta Dutt : Bhaarat maata zanjeeron mein : Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – G S Nepali

      Bhaarat maata zanjeeron mein

Lovely patriotic song describing the feelings of freedom.
Geeta Dutt : Toote bandhan aaj re: Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

      Toote bandhan aaj re

This is a duet with Mohd Rafi sahab which was recorded for a drama in the fifties.

Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Tore bin raja mohe chain kahaan: Drama – Poojya Gandhiji (1950s), MD – S N Nandi, Lyrics – ?

      Tore bin raja mohe chain kahaan

A melancholy song which perfects showcases her deep emotional side.

Geeta Dutt : Bhool jaao mere meet: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

      Bhool jaao mere meet

A traditional styled romantic song describing the feelings of a newly married girl.

Geeta Dutt : Main hoon naar naveli: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

      Main hoon naar naveli

A light hearted dance based and fast paced song.

Geeta Dutt : Akka Bakka tin tila : Film – Pehla Pehla Pyaar (1958), MD – B N Bali, Lyrics – ?

      Akka Bakka tin tila

Looks like a song being sung for a lady selling maska (butter). It could be the heroine disguising to get some information from villian’s place.

Geeta Dutt : Ajab hain is duniya ke raaz: Film – Dark Street (1961), MD – N Dutta, Lyrics – Gulshan Bawra

      Ajab hain is duniya ke raaz


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

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  1. parag says:

    There was some technical problem with audios of 3 songs. This now has been rectified. Thanks to Gajendra Khanna for his help.

  2. Vinayak Vaidya says:

    Pehla Pehla Pyar – first time found- very nice…even Mai Hoon Naar naveli….

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