A fan’s tribute: Vol.7

OPN GD cassette
OP Nayyar-Geeta Dutt:-

The lady who graced the earth with her sweet voice and the king of melody when both of them met together, there were subtle songs that touched the inner soul through these soft melodies.

Yes, I am talking about Geeta Dutt and OP Nayyar. Both were closely associated with each other right from the start of OP Nayyar’s career. I am sharing few of my favorite songs of this immortal combination:-

1) Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana
The 1st song which is my evergreen favorite is the fantabulous number from Aasmaan(1952), which was Nayyar Saheb’s first movie as an independent composer. Nayyar Saheb has indulged himself in light orchestration for this great number and the gentle use of harmonium and accordian pieces makes it an enlightening and sweet melody. The Sarangi played in the antras makes it a divine melody Geeta ji was very well equipped with Nayyar Saheb and understood his compositions very well and sung this song very well.

She has sung the antras in a low tone and the alaaps, that she has added in it makes it more fascinating. Also, great lyrics written by Prem Dhavan, making the song an immortal one. The song is “Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana” and only Geeta ji could have sung it so well.

Here is the link for this song:-

2) Kaisa jaadu balam tune

My 2nd most favorite song is one of those gems from 12’O Clock(1958) that they created together, A song gives a smile on our face when we listen it..Geeta Dutt ji has excelled herself in this number and establishes a kind of “Nasha” in this song that indebts our mind..I don’t think any other singer could have done justice for this song other than Geeta Dutt, her voice modulation for Waheeda is also great, I am completely sunk in it, and its impossible to come out when We start listening it..The way Geeta Dutt sings “Nanha Sa Dil Hamara..”, is simply marvelous..

Guru Geeta OPN

Nayyar Saheb’s composition is just out of the world…Starting with a light sound of Sitar and flute, with the effective use of Dholaks and flute in the antras, He has incredibly used a brilliant orchestration for this song…
Great lyrics by Majrooh Saheb..Nayyar Saheb and Majrooh worked together for many movies and gifted us some of the best numbers, that are popular and effective even today…Overall, an immortal classic…

Here is the link for this song:-

3) Aye watan ke naujawaan

Baaz(1953), was not very successful in the Box-Office, but each and every song was classic and had its own class…This song can fall under the category of a patriotic song. We are facing so much injustice in our country, no water for the poor people still in many villages, there is limited supply of electricity, people are facing unbearable difficulties..Its time for all of us to unite and fight together for what is happening towards our motherland…

This song gives us the message that Its We who are not coming together, arrange social meetings and private gatherings and do not allow any external elements to enter our country and be faithful towards the motherland and work together to achieve the goal….Hats off to Majrooh…

Nayyar Saheb has composed this patriotic song so well, with the use of violins showing us to go forward and speak against the injustice, with the help of flute he has explained us we are so sad…With the light sitar tunes, he has taken us to the path where many people are beaten, They are not allowed to raise their voice…An excellent composition with the help of heavy orchestration composed beautifully by Nayyar Saheb from which we can take it as an inspiration..

Geeta Dutt ji has sung the song absolutely brilliantly for Geeta Bali, starting with the alaap, taking it furthur and singing the Mukhda in the high notes, singing some part of the antra in lower notes, but in a fast pace and the Mukhda again in lower notes..At the end, The way She sings the high pitch, The song enters straight in our heart and takes us to another world…She has done perfect justice to this incredible number..

The chorus of this song is also marvelous, also the humming and the alaap part of the chorus is simply exquisite…A perfect ending for the song by the chorus and Geeta Dutt ji….Superbly penned by Majrooh Saheb, gifting us one of the best melody from Baaz(1953).

Here is the link for this song:-

4) Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili

My next favorite song is “Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili” from Choomantar(1956). Geeta ji has taken this song to a completely different level. I always say this song can be considered as a duet of Geeta ji and the Sarangi which is played in the background. Both of them are in a perfect collaboration.

Especially in the antras, where Geeta ji has sung “Man Mein Nache Rhimjim Saare” and the sarangi is played. Really, “Man Naach Uththa Hai Aise Gaano Ko Sunkar”..
Here is the link for this song..

5) Pom pom pom , baaja bole

From the last many years, when somebody’s birthday arrives and on my each birthday, I never fail to listen this song, This is a kind of celebration song from Aasmaan sung by Geeta ji, She could sing any genre of songs.

Geeta Dutt and OPN

This is the one of the finest example of her versatility. I am assuming this song to be picturized on Asha Parekh as it was her first movie and she must have been a child artist at that time, but no confirmation as video is not avaiable. But, this song is one of the finest melody of the combination of Nayyar Saheb, Pren Dhavan ji and Geeta ji..

Here is the link for the song…

There are many more favorites of the immortal combination of Nayyar Saheb and Geeta ji, but these 5 solos hold a special place for me.


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for writing this special tribute.

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    Lovely write up Nikhil Bhai , superb songs and wonderful comments covering the various facets of the songs and singing !

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