Rarest of the rare composition of Mohd Shafi sahab..

Geeta Dutt, Mohd Shafi and Kaifi Azmi

We found this extremely rare photo of composer Mohd Shafi sahab rehearsing/recording a song with Geeta Dutt (nee Roy) ji for Janta Films ” Hoore – e – Haramm ). This information is copied from the text from Filmfare magazine dated Sept 17, 1954 !! In all these years of our pursuit of her songs, we never knew that Geeta ji did sing a song for the talented Shafi sahab.

It could be one of those films which was shelved/left incomplete. Hoor-E-Haramm seems to be name for a Muslim social film to me. A search on this name did not get any results related to a fifties film , so it is most likely that the film was never made. It will be great to know if at least the songs were recorded and released. Geeta ji also sang for him for the film Hulchul (a trio of Geeta ji, Meena Kapoor ji and Mubarak Begum ji – Mile Dil Aankh Sharmaayi) and sang two solo songs for Mohabbat Ki Jeet (1960). Till date we had never heard any of these songs.

Today our dear friend Shri Sandeep Rai ji shared this song with us today:

Song – Yeh chaand yeh sitaare
Film – Mohabbat Ki Jeet-1960.
Singer – Geeta Dutt.
MD – Mohammed Shafi.
Lyrics – S.R.Saaz.

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  2. r. venkateshwaran says:

    I was so impressed by the geeta dutt hemant kumar bhajan duet in the movie anand math that i made my late music teacher who is the aunt of the current famous Carnatic singer sanjay subramanium hear it . after the song was over she said hemant kumars voice is not perfect whereas geeta roys is totally perfect. in reply to the question how geeta roy managed to get such a perfect voice my music teacher replied that its not her voice but is a god given voice. she has done so much punya not in one but many births and god gave it as a gift unasked for. next i asked whether geeta voice is more perfect that latas and she said yes. latas voice is only technically perfect and not otherwise because she was never confident of her singing my teacher replied . i think in one interview lata herself admitted that only abt 5 to 10 songs she was confident and i think one song she mentioned was from the movie madhumati a duet with manne dey.my music teacher said latas voice polished refined sugar. geeta voice jaggery and filter off all the sweetness in geeta voice you have asha bhonsles voice.my teacher said there is no sweetness in ashas voice the main reason being she wanted to compete with her sister and next she never allowed other singers to come up . she said when raju bharatan asked naushad why he preffered lata to asha even though she was equally talented he replied bec there is bazarpan (lust)in her for which he had to publically apologise to asha .my teacher said even today (in the year 2004) if asha stops competing with her sister she will get back the sweetness in her voice.op nayyar said he bought the best in her. no. when op had geeta and shamshad begam as his singers there was so much joy and innocence in her compositions but the moment asha entered the scene the innocence left.asha is childish in s.d.burmans compositions lusty in op nayyars and sizzles like anything only in r d burmans compositions. only if you notice in rd compositions is she very sweet. even in teesri manzil (i assume that was his first movie with her) she is not sweet but in the train songs she is totally sweet.op is right that rd gave his best compositions only to lata and not asha but it is rd who brought the best in her and not op nayyar. op nayyar in his last interview said initially asha was very innocent by nature but the mean world taught how to be cunning.in the case geeta she was never aware of the mean world around her and never lost her innocence despite receiving blow after blow by fate.it is rd burman who summed up geeta voice saying she had a very virginal and feminine voice and was versatile and could sing any kind of song whether a cabaret bhajan sad song joyful song or classical. when after marriage ash wanted to change her name to ash burman rd warned don’t . the same fate which befall geeta after she changed her name from geeta roy to geeta dutt might happen to you . the reason why i feel rd didn’t give his best to asha is bec it must have been a very enervating experience to remove her complexes and make her sing for the joy of singing and in not in order to compete with other singers. only two heroines matched geeta voice. one was geeta bali and other was Helen .to me unfortunately the movies which geeta sang for Helen didnt do well. look at the way she sings for Helen in the movie paasport and how well Helen matches her esp the son jaa rahaa hai kyon diwaane baerukee kya hai. lata has a plain jane voice .it is no doubt sweet but is the same always whatever kind of song she sings. the only problem with geeta was she was not proficient in Urdu and that is why my personal feeling is naushad ji didn’t take her in his compositions except at the fag end of her carreer in that wonderful song in son of india -mujae huzoor tumse pyaar hai. lata says geeta coudnt sing high octaves . my foot there are many songs which prove she could but unfortunately nobody gave her the opportunity. if any body want to know whether she could sing classical based songs listen to her duet with talat mahmood in the movie rattan deep music by robin Mukherjeein u tube . though the recording is not bad you can she her classical powress. only one song of geeta, waheeda rehman sings well and that is from pyaasa -jaane kyaa tune kahee.she does full justice to geeta voice by lip synchronciing exactly to her voice .if heroines sing lata songs lata goes to the background and it looks as thought the heroine is only singing it but when geeta sings for any heroine except Helen and geeta bali the heroine goes to the background and one can make that it is geeta who is singing.lata might be called the nightingale and she keep royalty for that name for herself but if prefer geeta dutt nee roy to be call the blithe spirte of music. she summed herself very well when she sing mai ekk rangeelee titthilee, kabhee baiteon naa mai nikhlee ,nahee ekk theekhaana maeraa, mai chamkoon jaise bijli and which rafi replies kabhee paas khadae leharaanaa…… tere raaz na hamne jaana(iam a colourful butterfly , by the time i sit i go to the next flower, theres no constant place for me , i shine like lightning) from i think the op movie choo mantar. that sums up geeta dutt nee roy. i once gave a collection of geetas songs to on jew from Israel . next day when i met him he said to me that he hates sad songs but when the listened to that geeta song waqt ne kiyaa kyaa haseen sitam from kagaz ke phool he just loved it thought he didn’t understand the lyrics. he said so wonderfully she expressed pathos in that song .he heard it again and again continuously for a long time and thanked me for giving that cd. i felt so blessed that i could win hearts for my no our geet roy. i think some geeta dutt fan from London should take her song to the studio in London where it was proved that latas voice is the most perfect and find out whether even geetas voice is also perfect bec my music teacher was convinced it is. actress bette davis once says love stifles (strifles destroys )many a carreer and that’s true in geeta life .she also said there is a bitch in every women and in every man also but that is not true in geeta roys case . there is no bitchness in her only innocence purity and empathy for others which even an stranger can feel if he sees her doe eyed photo emanating so much kindness for others. as shamshad begam once said about her – that magnificent geeta roy.in case she couldn’t make the mark it was bec of bad luck and unhappy family life. and again ceaselessy end with that comment that magnificent geeta roy

  3. Roshan Lal says:

    xhrk & izse /kou

    thaharo zaraa si der to aakir chale hi jaaoge – 2
    tum hi kaho karenge kyaa yaad jo ham ko aaoge
    thaharo zaraa si der to

    mil jaae teraa pyaar to qismat sanvaar lenge ham – 2
    qadamon mein tere zindagi yuun hi guzaar lenge ham
    dil mein naa rakh sake to kyaa nazaron se bhi giraaoge
    tum hi kaho karenge kyaa yaad jo ham ko aaoge
    thaharo zaraa si der to

    qaabil nahin hain ham tere phir bhi ye hai karam teraa – 2
    tujh ko naa paa saken to kyaa mil to gayaa hai gam teraa
    aankhon se duur jaake bhi dil se naa jaane paaoge
    tum hi kaho karenge kyaa yaad jo ham ko aaoge
    thaharo zaraa si der to

    xhrk nÙk & izse /kou

    Bgjks t+jk fl nsj rks] vkf[kj pys gh tkvksxs – 2
    rqe gh dgks djsaxs D;k] ;kn tks ge dks vkvksxs
    Bgjks t+jk fl nsj rks —-

    fey tk, rsjk I;kj rks] fdLer laokj ysaxs ge- 2
    dneksa esa rsjs ftUnxh] ;w¡ gh xqtkj ysaxs ge
    fny esa uk j[k lds rks D;k] ut+jks ls Hkh fxjkvksxs
    rqe gh dgks djsaxs D;k] ;kn tks ge dks vkvksxs
    Bgjks t+jk fl nsj rks —-

    dkfcy ugha gSa ge rsjs] fQj Hkh ;s gS dje rsjk – 2
    rq> dks uk ik ldsa rks D;k] fey rks x;k gS xe rsjk
    vk¡[kksa ls nwj tkds Hkh] fny ls uk tkus ikvksxs
    rqe gh dgks djsaxs D;k] ;kn tks ge dks vkvksxs
    Bgjks t+jk fl nsj rks —-

    I have attached hereabove old song of Geeta
    Dutt from the film Savera. It was typed in
    Hindi and further it was copied both in
    English and Hindi from that. But due to some
    difficulty, it could not be copied here so.

    April 11, 2014

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