Ekti Kamol Phute Chillo..

Geeta Dutt

Letter to artists, not one but three. All related to music, specifically to this one song. Mother penned it, brother composed it and daughter sang it.

Dear Amiya ji, Mukul da and Geeta ji,
Hope you all are being well taken care by Durga Maata in the heaven.

I am writing this letter to you to remind you of one of your early creations, the Basic (non-film) Bengali song “Ekti Kamol Phute Chillo”. I discovered this gem a few years ago, thanks to a (then) school going boy Sounak Gupta . Even though I am not a native speaker of Bengali, the ever sweet language has always appealed me. Especially when my beloved singer Geeta Roy sings to it.

It was a shear talent of the mother, son and daughter trio that you created this melody. I am aware of one more song (Bhaber kheya ebar baowa) created by three of you. I wished there were more such songs for our listening pleasure.

Just wanted to let you know that through the new technologies, we are trying our best to keep these songs alive. We pray and hope that these rare gems will be cherished for hundreds of years to come.

With utmost warmest regards
Yours always
Team of http://www.geetadutt.com

Song Name – Ekti Kamal Phutechhilo Amar Hriday Neere
Film – Private Song 1952
MD – Mukul Roy
Lyricist – Amiya Roy
Singer(s) – Geeta Roy

Ekti Kamal Phutechhilo Amar Hriday Neere,
Bidhi Taare Chinre Nilo Nithur Kothin Kare.
Rakta-Rekha Achhe Aanka Aajo Hriday-Paate,
Joriye Achhe Papri Tahar Amar Hriday Saathe.
Aaj Taare Duker Majhe Paai Je Ghumer Ghore,
Nayan Mele Aar Dekhina Byathay Uthhi Bhore.

English transliteration:

A lotus had blossomed in the waters of my heart,
fate tore it apart in its merciless hands.

The stain of blood still remains in my heart,
some torn off petals still remain with me.

In the depth of my sleep i find it in dreams,
waking up, i find nothing and am filled with pain.


Thanks to our dear friend Sounak Gupta for sharing the audio, the lyrics and the transliteration of this song.

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