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Today on 20th July, some music lovers on social networking site Facebook offered their tributes to Geeta Dutt ji. The tributes were from songs different languages, film and non-film songs. Some were songs from the 40s and some were from early 70s. The moods of the songs ranged from sad, club, romantic, devotional, lullaby and so on. Many were rare songs and some others were very popular ones. All this clearly indicates the wide range and versatility of Geeta ji’s singing. We are sharing some of such tributes here.

Lakshmi Priya:

Do we need to know the language to enjoy such songs. This is the 1st bengali song my father made me hear. Decades later I found it again on you tube . Those days doordarshan used to now and then air such songs
My father was derilious with joy hearing this.Eai Nishi Raat…… Bengali film song By Geeta Dutta from the movie Prithibi Amarey Chai

Sudarshan Pandey:

Dedicating this song to Geeta ji. It is like Gangaajal se Ganga Pooja. If you listen to this song either in afternoon or in night it is more powerful and heart piercing voice of Geeta Dutt ji which will take you to another world of pain. She was the lady who felt the brunt of Guru Dutt’s unfolded moods. None of us can find a better answer for Guru Dutt’s state of mind to be in such mysterious mood. But it is really easy to understand her mental position to live with a genius and mysterious Guru Dutt. I always feel that there is very real Geeta ji in this song, instilling her passion, her agony, her confusion or state of mind into this song.

Parag Sankla:

First post on this theme dedicated to my most beloved voice, Geeta ji. The very touching melodious song expresses my feelings. Jab tum nahin toh chaand sitaare main kya karun, yeh phool yeh chaman yeh nazaare main kyaa karu , Film – Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan 1957, MD – Hemant Kumar, Lyricist – S.H.Bihari, Singer – Geeta Dutt

Parag Sankla:

Third post. True magic in less than 3 minutes long audio. The maestro composer Pandit S N Tripathi ji, lyricist Ramesh Chandra Pandey, actress Meena Kumari and singer Geeta Roy creates this near perfect melody for the film Laxmi Narayan (1951). Gayi birhaa ki raat aaya hain naya prabhaat

Deepa Buty:

I wonder why this song & how a song like this can be deleted from the movie. Each time you listen to it & you feel the power in her voice as well as the intoxication she spreads through singing.

Meeta Mukherjee:

My third post is a mujra sung by Geeta Dutt from the movie Savera (1958) penned by Prem Dhawan which was composed by my father in law Shree Sailesh Mukherjee…She used to come to my in law’s residence for rehearsals.

Rajendra Bora:

This song of Geeta Ji is full of pathos. The words, the music and top of all her voice goes straight to deep in your heart. It is from unreleased film ‘Bhool Na Jaana’. The song was written by Ghanshyam Aacharya and melodiously composed by late Daan Singh, both belonging to Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Kailash Mundra:

CID : I dedicate this song to Geeta Duttji & Bombay (Mumbai) . I have been visiting Mumbai since the 50’s and feel nostalgic whenever I see such songs depicting Bombay ! The old clear roads, the royal feeling of riding in Victoria (buggie).
This is a fantastic song which was on top of Binaca Geetmala in 1956 and love the rhythm of this memorable song . Majroohsaab’s words are applicable in Mumbai even today ” beghar ko awaara yahan kehte has has, khud katey galey sabke kahe isko business”. Thing to note is Geeta ji makes an appearance only at the end of the song but leaves her impact

Nikhil E Iyer:

Geeta ji sang so many wonderful duets with Hemant Kumar from which their best song cannot be easily categorized..This is one such song from Bhagwat Mahima(1955) composed by Hemant Da and penned by Pt Madhur…’Har Dukh Ka Savera Hai, Par Shaam Nahi Hai,
Bhagwan Teri Duniya Mein Aaram Nahi Hai’..

Gajendra Khanna:

Another adored non-film by Geeta ji which I can never get over is “Hum Ban Rahe The Jinke Woh Ban Gaye Hamaare”. I discovered this few years back and have been enamoured ever since.
Its composed by Kanu Ghosh and the lyrics are by Madhukar Rajasthani. Just give a listen to this song. Can anyone sound sweeter!

Gajendra Khanna:

Geeta Roy was a singer par excellence and its not surprising that Sajjad Hussain used her singing in quite a few of his films. Enjoy this delightful song, one of my favourites, from movie Sangdil picturised on the lovely Madhubala (who are a great combination!). Enjoy Darshan Pyaasi Aayi Daasi Jagmag Deep Jalaaye to appreciate the pathos that Geeta Roy could deliver, seemingly effortlessly (but try singing it!)

Gajendra Khanna:

I am quite fond of her songs as some of you know. This non-film Hindi song is one of my favourites. It was composed by V Balsara and is called Gaayein Gaayein Naye Tarane Gaayein. Its a quite delightful song.

Nikhil E Iyer:

My first song for the Theme is this soothing melody rendered by Geeta Dutt from Husn Ka Chor(1953)..There was a time when I heard these songs continuously for hours and hours. Even now when i listen this song, I get tears. Though this is a wonderful composition by Bulo C Rani and penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, but for me this song is only Geeta Dutt song..Its been made for her.. God gifted her a beautiful voice, but it was she who made that divine gift eternal.

Aditya Pant:
Sharing a recent discovery of an extremely rare song on Geeta Dutt’s death anniversary… based on a popular folk tune.
Naach Rahi Naach Rahi Champakali – Awara Shahzadi (1956) – Geeta Dutt & Chorus – Jimmy – Khawar Zaman

Suman Vinod:

Two Voices that will Always Vibrate in our hearts—Two Lovely Singers—Two Careers Cut Short due to different reasons—yet what we Got will last us Many Lifetimes—

Archisman Mozumder:

A song of Geeta Dutt, on her death anniversary, with the lady who operated in a somewhat similar domain of song-genre – Asha Bhonsle.

This sprightly song is a visual treat as well. Vijay Anand’s deft camera-work, Shashikala’s fetching expressions & most importantly, Helen’s ebullient yet graceful movements.

The crisp musical orchestration & arrangement (most probably) is Anthony Gonsalves’… An indication of how vital they are, to enhance the beauty of a song. Lovely and crooning accordion for the languid and sensual part of Geeta ji and the bubbly brass /trumpets for busy part of Asha ji.

Lalita Chidambaram:

Remembering Geeta Dutt on her death anniversary.This particular song happened to be sung by me for the next two generations.Still it is as fresh as it was when I heard it for the first time!

Amitabh Nigam:

Remembering Geeta Dutt today on her death anniversary. Sad songs conveyed the pain more effectively in her voice. This Shailendra song composed by Mukul Roy is a case in point. The yearning in her voice made songs pathos-laden and has been unmatched.

Darkndusky Hoon (Bharathi):

batao kya karungi mai jab gham ki raat aayegi
jo ghum ki raat aayegi mai chaand banke aaunga
tamam rat khwab me tumhare jagmagaunga

dikha sakoge khwab kya jo nind hi na aayegi
na aaye nind ghum nahi mai neend ban ke aaunga
aur aake in gulabi ankhdiyon ko choom jaunga

and so it goes ….Sweet lyrics by Kaifi Azmi and SDB’s dhun . Geeta and Rafi saab’s voices just tug at your heart strings…Have been wantign to post this song for an eon now ….Long Live GD ….

Archana Gupta:

Lovely, rarer song and reminds me very strongly of “Tum to dil ke taar chhed kar” – not just music, not just lyrics, not just the “style” but the complete package. Mukhda also took me to this one for some unexplicable reason though there is no real similarity beyond GD smile emoticon (and maybe I was simply in the mood to post this one today and am too lazy to write a real post – yes I should and pay a fitting tribute to the lady but for now will add this one here smile emoticon ) Love this song and the effect of longing and anticipation that Geeta Dutt produces with her inflection as she sings

Venkata Raman G:

The Banner depicting a Naiyya in the Sea inspires me to Post this song as a tribute to the one and only GEETA DUTT nee Geetā Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri (23 November 1930 – 20 July 1972) Prolific & Prominent Indian Playback singer, on her Death Anniversary today

Maaji Albele (Pyaar Ka Kanta Man Ki Machariya)
Geeta Dutt
O P Nayyar
Majrooh Sultanpuri
Baaz (1953)

Vijay Kumar:

Remembering Geeta Dutt. Hoon abhi main jawan ai dil..

Geeta’s voice chases as no other voice, leaving one soaked in the song sentiment for a while longer. A few instances : the pining in a climbing resonance of koi door se awaj de chale aao….., the ‘sobbing’ rendition in mera sunder sapna toot gaya…. or the resignation inherent in waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam……My post though is live-the-moment number – hoon abhi main jawan ai dil. But please give another look to the lyrics. It seems to be summing up the pain, the poignance or even the ecstasy in Geeta’s life. Perhaps, Geeta-Guru was a classic case of complementing tragedies !

Hoon Abhi Main Jawaan Ae Dil, Hoon Abhi Main Jawaan

Dibyendu Dey:

My Tribute to the immortal Singer on her death anniversary…A less-heard song from the bengali movie Sathihara
lyrics- Gouriprasanna Mazumdar, Music- Hemant kumar.

Arvinder Sharma:

Of Jogan songs, there’s not much to say for me, as countless pages must have been devoted by Geeta Dutt fans, who are prolific writers, and understand the music better than me.
But if initially I was swept over by the great Bhajans of this film, it was later on that other Geeta Dutt songs, the playful ones, caught my attention. And I find them no less beautiful.
Odhni pe bijliyon Ki kook, a stanza, I used to rewind my cassette player just enough to listen to it again, still can’t get over. What a rendering. RIP GEETA DUTT !


1) Geeta ji’s son-in-law Naushad Memon ji (who is married to Geeta ji’s daughter Neena ji) shared this wonderful photo today. Thank you Naushad ji for this lovely photo.

2) We are grateful to all the music lovers for their tributes.

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