Heartfelt tribute from a young fan

Geeta Dutt

Sautrik Bhattacharya:

On the eve of her death anniversary it is very natural to feel sad on our parts being very faithful fans of our beloved singer Geeta Dutt. I feel myself extremely lucky to be able to apprehend the sweetness of her voice, the serenity of her vox and heartfelt emotions of her singing when my age mates and friends take pride in defaming old melodies and praising the likes of Honey singh. From a very childhood the beauty of old songs have attracted me beyond attraction, but Geeta ji’s songs have always been special. I don’t know actually how she silently captured the apex position in the kingdom of melody of my mind, but I have always felt a deep sense of connection from the very first time I remember listening her.

Her voice was such a fine actress, that I just can’t stop admiring the genius, playing roles from a little boy to a mother, sister, leader, lover, teacher, fighter, devotee, wife, friend and many more including a fruit seller. She could have played many more roles but may be we were not lucky to behold those acts. Though people give reasons for her early demise I think she had come on earth borrowing the voice of God thus departed early. But still among her short stay among us she gifted us ample songs to make peace with our souls. I do want to live long and one reason for that is simply to listen her. May God grant me a small luck that whenever I leave this melodious earth I may leave with peace and satisfaction in heart and Geeta ji’s songs in ears.

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