Sharing gadgets added on our website..

Sharing Gadgets

We have added a “Share” feature to the homepage of our website

With this feature, the site visitor can easily add a bookmark for our website, share it on community websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. with a single click. We hope the music lovers will find this feature useful to share the link to our website with your friends.

Thanks Hildebrand for adding this feature in such a short time. You rock!

Best Regards

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2 Responses to “Sharing gadgets added on our website..”

  1. Dr Mohan Dev Saini (Saudi Arabia) says:

    Parag ji,

    Good start. Thanks.

  2. Tech Savy Music lover says:

    This is what I wanted! I was searching on Google since 1 hour and was really depressed as I got nothing but this post really made me happy. I just bookmarked your blog as I will not like to waste my time again on Google.

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