The impact of “Geeta Roy” in the forties

Geeta Roy with other singers

Among the discussion on the internet, very little information is available on the contribution of Geeta Roy in the nineteen forties. The fact is that very little information is available about her songs in the forties. Hence we requested our friend and a veteran music lover Nasir Ali sahab to take up this interesting and challenging topic.

Nasir Ali is a veteran music lover and huge fan of Mohd Rafi sahab. He is based in India. He has been a great contributor to discussion associated with the golden era of Hindi film music through innovative, interesting and informative posts on his blog page here.We are grateful to Nasir ji for coming up with this detailed write up on the contribution of Geeta Roy in the forties on our special request.

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Many thanks Nasir ji for this great article.

About the photo above:

Group photo of playback singers in 50’s

A rare photo of all the singers together in the early years of their singing careers !

( front row) Zohra Jan, Rajkumari, Amirbai Karnatki, Hamida Banu, Geeta Dutt, Lata Mangeshkar, Meena Kapoor,

(and standing behind) Sailesh Mukherjee, Talat Mahmood, Dilip Dholakia, Mohd. Rafi, Shiv Dayal Batish, G.M. Durrani, Kishore Kumar , and Mukesh.

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2 Responses to “The impact of “Geeta Roy” in the forties”

  1. Sounak says:

    What was the great occassion for which almost all the musical geniuses had assembled? Any idea?

  2. hildebrand says:

    Sounak ji,
    They got together for an event of the Playback Singer’s Association in early 50s (probably 1951). It was probably for a charitable cause. All stalwarts have probably not got together again.

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