Discovery of two rare and melodious songs ..

Geeta Dutt

We have been working on the database of Hindi film songs of Geeta ji taking Hindi Film Geet Kosh (HFGK) as a reference. Very recently we compiled the database of songs so far known to us on our main website here. We did realize that it is still a work in progress and it is very likely that we might discover some more songs of our beloved singer.

A few hours back, dear friend Aditya (who has already written a wonderful article for our website) pinged me and asked me if I knew about any song of Geeta ji from a film named Khuda Ka Bandaa (1957). “Nope” came my prompt reply. Aditya advised me to listen to 2 songs posted by great music lover and contributor Shri Surjit Singh ji on his site here. I listened to both the songs and felt that they indeed feature voice of Geeta ji. Our friend Romesh ji who helped us with the database of Hindi film songs of Geeta ji checked the HFGk for us. He mentioned that the HFGK does not mention singer names for this film. The composer is Shri S N Tripathi ji. The lyricist as per the HFGK is Shevan Rizvi sahab.

It is a great discovery of two rare and extremely melodious songs of Geeta ji, first a solo and a duet with Manna Dey ji. We are extremely thankful to the original contributor Dr M L Kapur and Shri Surjit Singh ji for sharing these wonderful songs with all of us.

For the convenience of readers of our blog section, we have hosted them on Youtube and provided links below to listen to them online.

Enjoy these sweet and melodious songs of Geeta ji, most likely never heard before.

Thanks Dr M L Kapur, Shri Surjit Singh ji, Aditya and Romesh ji.

Na jaane kahan kadam le chale hain : Geeta Dutt : Film – Khuda Ka Banda (1957) MD : S N Tripathi

Naya naya chand hain ji nayi nayi raat hai : Geeta Dutt, Manna Dey : Film – Khuda Ka Banda (1957)
MD : S N Tripathi

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9 Responses to “Discovery of two rare and melodious songs ..”

  1. hildebrand says:

    both songs are very beautiful. A great find.



  3. parag says:

    Truly, this is a great discovery. Thanks to Surjit Singh ji for making these available to all of us. I can not decide whether I like the solo more or the duet.


  4. parag says:

    The earlier clips had got truncated for some reason. Now the issue has been fixed and the post has been updated with the new video links.

  5. jhanak says:


  6. Blueflower says:

    A great & valuable discovery. both songs are antique gems for
    for vintage music lovers. I thankful to Dr M L Kapur & Shri Surjit Singh ji for sharing these beautiful songs with the lovers of great
    Geeta Dutt Ji’s voice and a lot of thanks for Mr. Parag Ji for intoduction of this great website.

  7. parag says:


    It is my pleasure to let more and more people know about our website and this blog section dedicated to Geeta ji. Please pass on the information to as many as possible. Keep visiting this site and we are sure that you will keep loving it. I am just a small part of a group who has been working on this website dedicated to Geeta ji.

  8. ruby says:

    Truely enchanting songs…love the 1st one….thank you so much….!!!

  9. parag says:

    Ruby ji

    Its nice to see your encouraging comments on this blog. Truly, these 2 songs are a great discovery and we are so thankful to Dr Surjit SIngh ji for sharing these with us. Keep visiting this blog for more of such articles on a regular basis.

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