Chalk and Cheese? (Part-1)

Geeta Dutt with Raj Kapoor and others

Hundreds of articles, several books, probably thousands of webpages must have been written about Raj Kapoor, the first (and truly the last ?) “Showman” of Hindi films. The media has given so much exposure to his popular films that it seems like there existed nothing beyond Raj Kapoor, his hit films and of course “Superhit” music provided by his favorite composer duo Shanker and Jaikishen. The songs aired on Vividh Bharati for last few generations, the songs shown on Doordarshan and other private TV channels and the documentaries made on the legendary actor cum film-maker has proved it over and over again. We are forced to believe that nothing existed before or beyond this as far as Raj Kapoor is considered.

When one confines the so-called popular films of Raj Kapoor till the year 1970, we get a count of 10 films:
01) Aag (1948)
02) Barsaat (1949)
03) Aawara (1951)
04) Aah (1953)
05) Boot Polish (1954)
06) Shri 420 (1955)
07) Jaagte Raho (1956)
08) Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hain (1960)
09) Sangam (1964)
10) Mera Naam Joker (1970)

Except for the first (Ram Ganguly) and the seventh film (Salil Chaudhury), all the films have music by Shanker and Jaikishen. One can take an approximate number of 100 songs being composed for these 10 films. How many songs sung by my beloved singer Geeta Dutt I can count here for the above ten films? Just one song, in which she gets to sing precisely two lines lasting about 10 seconds in a 9:15 minute long song. That too her lines are filmed on the side actress Chanchal (sister of Madhubala) who is literally making faces on the screen.

Hum Bhi Hain Tum Bhi Ho : Film – Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai 1960, MD – Shankar Jaikishan, Lyricist – Shailendra, Singer(s) – Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor & Chorus

Then what is this blog about Raj Kapoor and the music in his films is doing here? Are we talking about two artists whose work is as related to each other as the chalk and the cheese?

The obvious and the popular answer to this question is of course “yes”. When one takes a little extra efforts and tries to have a more realistic look at Raj Kapoor’s career, he/she can find a few interesting things. Firstly, Raj Kapoor did not get it all on the silver platter from his father, Prithiviraj Kapoor, an established star of those times. Raj did go through quite a bit of struggle in his initial years as an actor..Ok, now we are talking..!

Let us try to look at the initial portions of his filmography as an actor for a moment.

Inquilab (1935)
Hamari Baat (1943)
Gauri (1943)
Valmiki (1946)
Jail Yatra (1947)
Dil-Ki-Rani (1947)
Chittor Vijay (1947)
Neel Kamal (1947)
Gopinath (1948)
Amar Prem (1948)
Aag (1948)
Sunehre Din (1949)
Parivartan (1949)
Andaz (1949)
Barsaat (1949)
Sargam (1950)
Pyaar (1950)
Jan Pahchan (1950)
Dastan (1950)
Bawre Nain (1950)
Banwra (1950)

So apart from producing Aag and Barsaat, Raj did act in a bunch of films till 1950, almost 19 of them. Out of these 19 films, young Geeta Roy has sung for as many as 8 films. That is a much bigger and better proportion compared to what we saw earlier. Here are some details of those 8 films and the contribution of Geeta Roy as a playback singer for them:

Dil Ki Rani (1947) : Lead singer for actress Madhubala
Chittor Vijay (1947) : Lead singer for actress Madhubala
Neel Kamal (1947) : Lead singer along with co-singer Rajkumari
Sunhre Din (1949) : Sang two duets with other co-singers
Baawra (1950) : Lead singer for actress Nimmi
Pyaar (1950) : Lead singer for actress Nargis
Jaan Pehchaan (1950) : Lead singer for actress Nargis
Baware Nain (1950) : Sang the most popular song of the film with Mukesh

Unfortunately, no song from the film Chittor Vijay is available, hence our focus henceforth will be on the songs of the rest of the films.

Dil Ki Rani (1947)

This was a musical romantic film with a flimsy story line and a weak plot, only supported by its melodious music composed by S D Burman. His protegee, Geeta Roy, who had sang the chart busters for the film Do Bhaai released the same year, sings all the songs for this film too. One can not decide if he/she is smitten by the sweetness of Geeta’s voice or the charm in young Madhubala’s expressions?

1) Dil Ki Rani – Bigadi Hui Taqdeer – Geeta Dutt
MD – S.D.Burman, Lyricist – Yashodanandan Joshi

2) Dil Ki Rani – Kyon Baalam Humse Rooth Gaye – Geeta Dutt
MD – S.D.Burman, Lyricist – Yashodanandan Joshi

3) Dil Ki Rani – O Duniya Ke Rehne Waalo – Geeta Dutt & male voices
MD – S.D.Burman, Lyricist – Yashodanandan Joshi

4) Dil Ki Rani – Aha More Mohan Ne Mujhko Bulaaya – Geeta Dutt
MD – S.D.Burman, Lyricist – Yashodanandan Joshi

5)Dil Ki Rani – Aayenge aayenge aayenge re – Geeta Dutt
MD – S.D.Burman, Lyricist – Yashodanandan Joshi

Neel Kamal (1947)

This film was literally a one-man show by the producer, director, writer and lyricist Kedar Sharma. The film starred young Raj Kapoor, Begum Para and Madhubala among others. The music was composed by Snehal Bhatkar (original name : V. G. Bhatkar – Vasudev G Bhatkar). The music of the film goes with its mood and it has got some lovely female duet songs sung by Rajkumari Dubey and young Geeta Roy.

1) Neel Kamal (1947) – Brij Mein Dhoom Machaata – Geeta Dutt & Rajkumari
MD – B. Vasudev/Snehal Bhatkar, Lyricist – Kedar Sharma

2) Neel Kamal (1947) – Aankh Jo Dekhe Hai Dhokha Khaaye Hai – Geeta Dutt & Mukesh
MD – B. Vasudev/Snehal Bhatkar, Lyricist – Kedar Sharma

3) Neel Kamal (1947) – Ab Kya Teri Marzi Re – Geeta Dutt & Rajkumari
MD – B. Vasudev/Snehal Bhatkar, Lyricist – Kedar Sharma

4) Neel Kamal (1947) – Jawaani Agar Hai – Geeta Dutt & Rajkumari
MD – B. Vasudev/Snehal Bhatkar, Lyricist – Kedar Sharma

5) Neel Kamal (1947) – Maa Ne Bheja Dhor Charaane – Geeta Dutt & Rajkumari
MD – B. Vasudev/Snehal Bhatkar, Lyricist – Kedar Sharma

Sunhre Din (1949)

This film had Raj Kapoor acting opposite Rehana , Roopkamal and Nigar Sultana. The story was the usual love triangle and had as many 13 songs composed by veteran composer Gyan Dutt. Raj Kapoor was in the early days of his film career but yet acted very well. Rehana was a popular actress of those days although her acting and behavior was considered to be not so sober for those days,, a far cry from what is seen nowadays ! Young Geeta Roy sang a couple of duets with other singers for this film.

1) Sunehre Din – Jiya Ka Diya Piya Tim-Tim hove – Geeta Dutt & Shamshad Begum
MD – Gyan Dutt, Lyricist – ?

2) Sunehre Din – Umangon Ke Din Beete Jaayein – Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begum & Sulochana Kadam
MD – Gyan Dutt, Lyricist – ?

Baawra (1950)

The film, starring Raj Kapoor and Nimmi had music by Krishna Dayal, B Sc., another name forgotten in the passage of time. It has a lovely duet of Geeta Roy and Mohammed Rafi possibly filmed on the lead pair. Geeta also sings a natkhat song “Is dil ka bangla khaali hain” and a melancholy ” Meri duniya ki shayad har khushi kam hoti jaati hain” for this film.

(1) Meri duniya ki shayad : Geeta Dutt : Film – Bawraa (1950)
MD : Krishna Dayal, Lyrics : Ghafil Harnalwi

(2) Is dil ka bangla khaali hain : Geeta Dutt and others : Film – Bawraa (1950)
MD : Krishna Dayal, Lyrics : Ghafil Harnalwi

(3) Shama jalti hain toh parwaane : Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Film – Bawraa (1950)
MD : Krishna Dayal, Lyrics : Ghafil Harnalwi

Jaan Pehchaan (1950)

This one is a truly the top of the line singing by Geeta Roy for any Raj Kapoor film. She sings as many as five solos and a duet with Talat Mahmood (all for the leading lady Nargis). The score is composed by the legendary Khemchand Prakash who passed away at a very young age. Manna Dey seems to have assisted in the recordings of the songs after the demise of Khemji (as he is fondly called by music lovers). All the songs are classic and melodious. Truly, an album to cherish!

1) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Armaan Bhare Dil Ki Lagan Tere Liye Hai – Geeta Roy/Dutt & Talat Mahmood
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

2) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Aaoge Na Saajan Aaoge Na – Geeta Roy/Dutt
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

3) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Pardesi Se Lag Gayi Preet Re – Geeta Roy/Dutt
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

4) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Bhoolne Waale Tujhe ..Dil Mein Ek Hasrat – Geeta Roy/Dutt
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

5) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Naina Mila Ke Dil Chheena Sajan – Geeta Roy/Dutt
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

6) Jaan Pehchaan (1950) – Duniya Mohabbat Karne Na Degi – Geeta Roy/Dutt
MD(s) – Khemchand Prakash & Manna Dey, Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni

Baware Nain (1950)

Another all-in-one act by Kedar Sharma with Raj Kapoor and Geeta Bali (her only film with Raj) in the leading roles and Vijayalakshmi playing the third angle but bagging the most popular song of the film, sung by Mukesh and who else but Geeta Roy!
Rajkumari sang some of her most popular songs (all filmed on Geeta Bali) for this film. Yet, the song that gave composer Roshan his first genuine hit was the evergreen “Khayalon mein kisi ke issi tarhe aaya nahin karate” soulfully sung by Geeta and Mukesh.

Baawre Nain – Khyaalon Mein Kisi Ke – Geeta Dutt (Roy) & Mukesh
MD – Roshan, Lyricist – Kidar Sharma

Pyaar (1950)

This is truly the creme de la Creme album from the baton of S D Burman for a film starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis. It was S D Burman who had Kishore Kumar singing for Raj Kapoor , an opportunity which he never got again. Young Geeta was by far “the voice” of Nargis (with success of films like Darogaji, Jogan, Jaan Pehchaan etc) and sang three solos and two duets with Kishore Kumar for this film. All the songs are once again melodious and hummable!

1) Aa gayi re aa gayi : Geeta Dutt : Film – Pyaar (1950) MD : S D Burman, Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan

2) Do din hansaaya pyar ne : Geeta Dutt : Film – Pyaar (1950) MD : S D Burman, Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan

3) Woh sapnewaali raat : Geeta Dutt : Film – Pyaar (1950) MD : S D Burman, Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan

4) Oh bewafaa yeh to bataa : Geeta Dutt , Kishore Kumar : Film – Pyaar (1950) MD : S D Burman, Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan

5) Ek hum aur doosre tum : Geeta Dutt , Kishore Kumar : Film – Pyaar (1950) MD : S D Burman, Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan

Coming back to the beginning of the article, it is true that Raj Kapoor as a film maker and his favorite composer duo did not have any trust on Geeta Dutt as a singer, yet we are glad to listen to as many as 30 odd songs of hers in early Raj Kapoor films.

Note : Thanks to SHyd1967 for making the video of the song “Aayenge aayenge re” available to us to be embedded in this article.

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36 Responses to “Chalk and Cheese? (Part-1)”

  1. Rajan Sareen says:

    Excellent !

  2. Nick Kohri says:

    It is quite possible that RK instructed S-J not to give songs to Geeta Dutt. Remember, the movie producer holds the commercial rights (royalties, sales) which are split with the singers. The movie producer can dictate the choice of singers. However, outside the RK Banner, S-J composed some excellent numbers for Geeta, especially in Parbat. It is difficult to distinguish between Lata and Geeta in “Pyar bhari in ankhon nein”, “Kya bataaun mohabbat hai kya” and “Bechain dil khoi si nazar”!

  3. tushar bhatia says:

    great article! But why should we care so much about Mr. Kapoor?
    We have the great Bimal roy, Dev Anand who film after film had Ms Roy’s songs.
    In any case Geeta ji did not need any props. Her songs stand on her own merit and all these heroines and banners should feel honored to have her voice in their work!

  4. rashmi says:

    I think Rajkapoor is not d only one in film industry so his trust is not at all important for our fav legend sir!!!

    you all young if r so devoted in her art i think is proved only her – Geetaji’s talent.

    so u all r grt more than Rajkapoor’s trust for our d grt legend!!!

  5. V.C.Mago says:

    Apart from some songs of Neel Kamal, Dil Ki Rani and Jaan Pehchaan ,and Roshan’s melody sung for Vijaylakshmi, I didn’t know most of the GD songs shown here. Coming upon them is like going to a dark attic with a flashlight after a long time and finding amidst the cobwebs a dust-laden wooden box containing parts of the precious family heirloom. Your excellent research is that flashlight, Paragji. Delighted to get re-acquainted with yet another component of our national heirloom.

  6. shishir krishna sharma says:

    GREAT write up!…and a very good collection of rarest of rare Geeta songs…it’s amazing…

  7. Swarapriya says:

    You have an amazing talent for digging gold nuggets from apparently seem to be from nowhere but they are there for those who are looking for them and on the top of it taking pains of sharing those treasures with rest of us. It was a very interesting and an absorbing article. Thank you very very much for enlightening our know-how and enriching our experience of Geetaji’s involvement with early Raj Kapoor movies.

  8. b.venkatadri says:

    Hi Parag,

    The essence of your article, namely that Geeta Dutt did not get her due in HFM, is true. It is true in two ways: 1. She did not obviously get enough opportunities from the likes of SJ to prove her mettle. 2. Even what quantum she had sung for various composers (except probably SDB and OPN) did not get enough recognition and publicity!

    Well, I myself did not know the majority of the songs you uploaded above! Actually, it is quite difficult to listen and appreciate a song on Youtube as the streaming is not fast enough! Let me see whether I can get the audio versions of these!


  9. parag says:

    @ Rajan ji

    Many thanks for reading this small tribute from this music lover to Geeta ji, one of the most talented artists of HFM

  10. parag says:

    @ Narendra ji

    We do not know now who was responsible for what happened with Geeta ji’s career. The main idea behind this small post is to bring out those hidden gems sung by her for early films starring Raj Kapoor.

    Yes, it is true that SJ did give her a few songs outside the RK films. Most of them were duets/trio/group songs.

  11. Kamala Mohanty says:

    Dear Parag,

    Good Article. But why are you so unhappy(seemingly) with Raj Kapoor?. No body knows the reason(s) of such departure. But whatever songs Geetaji has sung are excellant. No doubt about this. Those songs have come from her heart not her throat. We shouild be more than happy for this.


    Kamala Mohanty

  12. Vinayak says:

    Hi Parag,

    What a reward. Has been listening to ArmanBhare …for many years but had never seen the film.

    Many thanks.

    Excellent article. Film personalities had their favourites but we the fans love every one UNIVERSALLY even if Raj Kapoor does not want Geeta or Guru Dutt, the Rationing Officer, allows her to sing only a dozen a year.

    I had asked on another forum if some one would like to write on Geeta and Geeta (Roy and Bali resp.).

    Has some one written an article on this.


  13. Nasir says:

    What an appropriate title! It wasn’t easy to find similarity between the chalk (Raj Kapoor movies) and the cheese (Geeta Roy). Was it Mr. Parag? But then your excellent efforts and research did give us some new perspective on Geeta Roy and her early singing career.

    Best Regards,

  14. ruby says:

    Gosh…this lady seems to be like an endless treasure trove ….what amazing talent from a great legend.
    Khyalon Mein Kisi Ke…’ for example is just such a memorable song just because it was sung by Geeta Ji… RK’s acting is also so mesmerising…and yes you are quite right…probably one of the best actors in Indian cinema….!

    Thank you Mr Parag for researching and compiling such a delightful article and song footage.

  15. Girish Modi says:

    Geeta Dutt was on the top of her career in 40’s and Lata Mangeshkar had not yet entered the playbacking singing. Hence, Geetaji got the chance to sing many songs starring Raj Kapoor.

    After the film Aar Paar Geeta ji sang exclusively for Guru Dutt, so no other composers gave her singing.

    After Guru Dutt’s death, Geeta ji herself lost interest in music and her own life so much that she gave up singing.

    No Fault of Raj Kapoor that she did not sing in films produced by him. Also no credit goes to Raj Kapoor for Geeta’s many songs in his earlier films. Whatever credit or blame, go to the music directors and film producers.

  16. Girish Modi says:

    Songs from Film Pyaar are monophonic. Please convert in stereo

  17. hildebrand says:

    @Vinayak ji
    Rationing officer! I don’t agree with that or to the dozen theory. She has sung songs in those kind of few numbers a year post 1962 only. She was still singing many songs as seeing the Geeta Database will reveal.

  18. hildebrand says:

    @Modi ji
    I agree with the spirit of what you say, but would like to point out two factual errors in what you say. Geeta ji DID NOT sing exclusively for Guru Dutt post Aar Paar. Infact, she sang 800+ songs since 1954 when Aar Paar was released. I don’t need to tell that only maybe around 40 songs were for Guru Dutt films.
    As for post death of Guru Dutt Geeta ji DID NOT lose interest in singing. She was under depression for around a year but even in that year 1965 we hear her singing a lovely song for Asmaan Mahal, Aye Raat Zara Aahista Chal. Infact, she was struggling to get work but enough songs were not coming to her. The blame for this goes to the music directors and film producers. She did many stage shows and even sang jingles to feed her kids. She had little financial support from anyone in those days (not even from Guru Dutt films which was taken over by his brothers) and her life was full of misery which led to lots of health issues.

  19. parag says:

    @Tushar ji

    Whether one likes it or not, the fact remains that Raj, Dev and Dilip were the 3 icons that ruled the Hindi films in the late 40s, 50s and 60s. Generally one tends to only associate Mukesh, SJ, Shailendra, Hasrat and Lata Mangeshkar with Raj Kapoor. This is the reason why I decided to come up with this article. As you rightly mentioned, there are other successful film-makers and actors whose films had many of Geeta ji’s songs.

    Any takers for an article on her songs from Dilip Kumar’s films?

  20. Lata says:

    Nice article, did not know most of these songs.

  21. parag says:

    @ Rashmi ji

    It is true that Raj Kapoor and his movies is not everything, but I wanted to bring out some facts related to early films of RK and some melodious songs of Geeta ji.

  22. Harish says:

    Thanks for a nice in depth article on a great singer geeta dutt. You have done an excellent job with painstaking efforts.It must have taken days or months to research on such a subject .Thanks
    Harish ( Amrutvani2)

  23. parag says:

    @ Vipin ji

    It was simply superb coming from the connoisseur of good music like you. Many thanks for your kind words. I was planning for a long time to write this piece of article, my ill health gave me some free time to do the research required for the same. Your words are very perfect, the songs from Pyaar, Jaan Pehchaan, Neel Kamal and Baawra are like hidden treasures.

  24. parag says:

    @ Shishir ji

    Many thanks for your appreciation. Coming from a distinguished music lover like you, they mean a lot to all of us. Please do keep visiting this blog section. We keep updating it on a regular basis.

  25. Pratul says:

    Parag, Awesome bit of work!

    Really great that you could think of such a topic, especially when Raj Kapoor is most famous for his work in and post 50s. Thanks for sharing these gems and enjoyed the songs from Baawre Nain especially.

  26. parag says:

    @ Swara Priya

    We are all very glad that you enjoyed this research based post, laced with some truly melodious songs of Geeta ji from the early films of Raj Kapoor.

  27. venkat says:

    Dear Parag
    A pleasure reading this article…but to be honest, i just couldnt help concurring with Tushar Ji…i am no big fan of Raj kapoor and i always believed that there is much more hype than reality there…just my personal opinion.
    Take away the music and his films will fall flat any given day…
    As for Geeta Ji’s participation in his films…everyone knows how close Lata is to Jaikishan so there is no question of anyone stepping into female leads ..
    When i listen to Geeta Ji’s songs, i dont even feel like watching videos.. there is so much feel in Her songs, just listening it self is such a bliss !! 🙂

  28. sharad Tailang says:

    पराग जी
    आपका गीता द्त्त जी के प्रति एक और महत्वपूर्ण कदम । हमारे जैसे हज़ारों संगीत प्रेमी आपको दिली मुबारकबाद प्रेषित करते हैं ।

  29. SATISH CHOPRA says:

    Certainly, Geeta Dutt (nee Geeta Roy) was one the finest singers of Indian sub-continent of the previous century. She had a bewitching voice quality. Her magic can be visualised from her most of the melodies. Memories of’ Mera sunder sapna beet gaya’ sung by her for film ‘Do Bhai’ and hundreds of other melodies will remain alive till there is some music in the air. And then- ‘Waqt ne kiya, kya haseen sitam’ for film ‘Kagaz ke Phool’ and bhajans sung by her for ‘Jogan’ are immortal. May the Almighty bless her soul in peace.


  30. parag says:

    @ Venkat ji

    Thanks for reading this article and expressing your views. Our intent through our main website and this blog section is to bring out hidden gems of Geeta ji.

    I will try to share the audios of these songs in mp3 with you. That way you can easily listen to them offline.

    Best Regards

  31. Dilip kawathekar says:

    Parag ji,

    A great reading indeed!!!

    It was definitely a nostalgic trip you offered us by showering upon so many unheard songs of Geeta Dutt. I would ask for your pardon that I will certainly take time to listen to all of them. But indeed, I am dying to express my feelings of gratitude towards Geeta Dutt, who filled so many voids in my life with songs of her vibrant , lively voice, when ever, I yearned for solace in Musical notes.

    I beg to differ from Mr Venkat’s premature observations, that you take his music from his films and his films will fall flat. I wish he understands the fact that barring very few films which had no songs,or unheard songs, did fell flat, as in 40s to 60s, music & songs form an integral , inseparable part in Hindi films. Apart, Raj was a creator to have blended all faculties of Film Making in a package nobody else could do.

  32. parag says:

    @ Kamala ji

    The idea behind this article is to talk about some lovely songs Geeta ji from the early films of Raj Kapoor. These are not much talked about and that is why I came up with this concept.






  34. Abhay Jain says:


    Very astute observation. Let me relate something from Raju Baharatans’ book on Lata Mangeshkar and also my personal conversation with him in Feb 2008.

    Raj Kapoor was very superstitious and had this feeling that Lata, SJ, Hasrat and Shailendra were good omen as they all started together with Barsat and stayed with them. Nothing to do with Geeta Dutt. In fact even Asha does not fare much in RK productions. When RK was making, Mera Naam Joker, Lata demanded royalty from Sangam days and RK said that is so old now. Lata refused to sing till she got paid. RK took Asha, film flopped, many lost money on it. Raj Kapoor being supersticious was convinced that not talking Lata was the reason. Next came Bobby and Lata was back.

    Another story as told to us by Ravindra Jain when he was at my house in 2003 for the RMIM meet. We asked him about his working with RK in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. RK Ravindra Jain had a falling out with Lata. When RK signed Ravindra Jain, he insisted Lata had to sing. Ravinda Jain said, “Jaisa Bhi Aap Kahen Raj Saheb”.

    Back to my original statement that RK had nothing against Geeta Dutt. Otherwise he could insisted on not having her in his other films. Agreed that producers and MDs had most to say about singers but big name actors/actresses also used to influence. One case in point is Manoj Kumar insisting on Mahendra kapoor for Aadmi duet with Rafi which was originally recorded in the voice of Rafi and Talat. Only person to hurt Geeta professionally was Asha who forbade OPN from taking Geeta otherwise she would not sing for him. I woudl not get into more details for the sake of people who shared them.

  35. Balan V.Iyer says:

    Hi Parag….

    True…RK could not think beyond the combination of Lata/Mukesh/Shailendra/Hasrat/Shankar Jaikishan. Though he had an ear for good music, he could have achieved wonders if only he had looked beyond this accepted combo. Surely Geeta ji could have done lot of justice to his choice.

  36. shahbaaz says:

    Dear Brothers,
    The collapse of career of geetaji it is because of the dominating natures of the other lead female singers in the industry. it is a fact that lata mangeshkar has prevented the south indian singers to dominate hindi film industry. and it is also known and accepted fact that Geeta ji is the one who was most terryfing factor for lata ji.
    i am sure she had played enough in her life. Geeta ji lost her husband , it is not that she is not interested in the music later. it is a fact that some kind of politics played against her.

    the people who did this for this world and fame, they too have their days.


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