Geeta songs that took a “hit” : Deleted, unreleased etc.

Geeta Dutt

In the film industry, the songs are recorded but not included in the film. Some times they are in the film, but not released on the records. Some films do not see the light of the day and never get released. Some songs are deleted from films due to censor problems. Some songs are first recorded in a particular singer(s) voice(s) and then they are re-recorded in some other singer(s) voices. Some times the song from an unreleased film is later used in another film after many years. Geeta Dutt’s several songs are in many such categories. We , fans of this fabulous singer, made a collective effort in finding such songs. Here is an attempt to elaborate on this interesting and rarely discussed topic.

Songs deleted from the film:

(1) Rut phire par din hamare – Pyaasa (1957) (deleted) – MD : S D Burman

This beautiful and melodious song was probably filmed on the actress Waheeda Rehman (who played Gulabo in the film). We are not sure as to why this song was deleted from the film Pyaasa. The most likely reason is that director Guru Dutt felt that it was affecting the flow of the film or just because of the length of the film issue.

(2) Chaand hain wohi – Parineeta (1953) (deleted) – MD : Arunkumar Mukherjee

This is a breath-takingly beautiful soft and sweet song filmed on Meena Kumari. Those who saw the film in the theaters in the first few weeks have mentioned that this song was very much in the film. Later on it was deleted from the film. The lyricist Bharat Vyas has used very poetic and gentle feelings in this song. Pity we can not see this song any more!

We recently found the video of this song on the VHS tape.

(3) Gaaye Ghabra Ke – Paying Guest (1957) (Was in initial records then deleted) – MD : S D Burman

This song was filmed on Shubha Khote and was released on 78 RPM records. Later on it was deleted from the film. The LP of this film still does not have this song. Here is this song.

(4) Theharo zara si der toh – Savera (1958) (deleted) – MD : Shailesh Mukherjee

Another beauty of a song which was deleted from the film. The Queen of Bhaav Gayaki at her best.

Tum hee kaho karenge kya
yaad joh humko aaoge

(5) Darshan kab doge bolo na manahar sawariyaa – Bhagam Bhaag (1956) (with Mohd Rafi) Released but deleted from the film – MD : O P Nayyar

This song is now only available as the solo song sung by Mohd Rafi. The duet version was released on 78 RPM records, but was deleted from the film and was not available any more. We recently found the audio of this rare song.

(6) Nazron Mein Hain Sau Afsaane – Kya Yeh Bambai Hai (1959) – Deleted from the film – MD: Bipin Dutta

The MD for this film is Bipin Dutta (of the pair Bipin – Babul). This song, a nice soft club song was also deleted from the film.

Songs not released on the records:

Here is another category of songs of Geeta Dutt, which were in the film, but were never released on records. Only those who saw these films in the theaters (or on VCD/DVD/VHS in some cases) could listen to these songs. Since they were not released on records, not many music lovers even know about these songs.

(1) Aye hai dilruba – Dr. Vidya (1962) (with Asha) ( only in the film. Not released in the records) – MD : S D Burman

This must be one of the longest song sung by Geeta Dutt for Helen (with Asha Bhonsle singing for the heroine Vyjayntimala). Since it is more than 8 minutes long (being a competition between the two dancing sensations), its length could have played a role in it not getting released on the records.

(2) Teena tan taa teena – Tangewali (1955) (with Manna Dey) (only in the film. Not released on the records) – MD : Salil Chaudhuri

Salil da’s website mentions this song, but this was never released on the records. It is said that four records were released for this film with seven songs and one song repeated on two records and one song did not find place on the records. So most likely this song became the victim and was not released on the records. No VCD/DVD/VHS of this film is available so far.

(3) Ho lakh museebat raste mein – Pyaasa (1957) (with Rafi) (only in the film. Not released on the records) – MD : S D Burman

This short song from Pyaasa was not released on the records, only can be seen in the film. It is filmed on Guru Dutt and Mala Sinha showing the romance growing between Vijay and Meena.

(4) Phir na kije meri gustakh nigahi ka gila (Verse) – Pyaasa (1957) (only in the film. Not released on the records) – MD : S D Burman

This verse which is the prelude to the song “Jaane kya tune kahi” is not included on the records. It is again only seen in the film. Later these lines formed the Mukesh-Asha duet for the film “Phir subah hogi” starring Raj Kapoor, Mala Sinha and Rehman. Its music was composed by Khayyam.

(5) Jiya hain udaas – Ek Do Teen (1953) – Song never released on records – MD : Vinod

Another song never released on records.

(6) Tu mera chaand main teri chandani – Dillagi (1949) (With Shyam Kumar) – ( In the film, but not released in the records) – MD : Naushad

Geeta Dutt sang for maestro Naushad sahab only twice during her career spanning 26 years (1946-1971). For the first time she sang a duet with Shyam (and also a solo version of the same ??) in the 1949 film Dillagi. This song is the tandem version of the famous song “Tu meraa chand main teri chandni” sung by Suraiya and Shyam for the same film. The singing of Geeta in this was quite soulful. One wonders why it was such a short song and why they didn’t work together more often!

(7) Aa jane wafa aa – Anarkali (1953) (In the film, but not included in the LP/EP records of the film) – MD : Basant Prakash

This song was composed by Basant Prakash before C Ramchandra took over the baton. This was retained in the film, but was never released on the LP/EP records of the film. The lyrics are by Jaan Nisar Akhtar sahab.

(8) Jee bhar ke pyar kar lo (Sad version) – Farar (1955) – Not released on records – MD : Anil Biswas

This is like a short snippet of a song and not released on records due to some reasons.

Film not released but songs released on the records in some cases :

These are songs from those unfortunate films which never saw the light of the day. Many of them are low budget films. We do not know why these films and their songs never got released.

(1) Tum tana tum tana…balam koi karke bahana,chupke se chod na jana. – Jwalamukhi (with G M Durrani) 50’s Unreleased Film

(2) Tore bina raja mohe chain kahan – Poojya Gandhiji (with Mohd Rafi) 50’s Unreleased Film – MD : S.N.Nandi

(3) In kaali kaali ankhon mein (with Mohd Rafi) – Black Prince – 60’s Unreleased Film – MD : Dulal Sen

(4) Gul khile ya na khile – Raat ki uljhan (with Mohd Rafi) – 60’s Unreleased Film – MD : Salil Chaudhari

In this song, there has been a debate if it is sung by Geeta Dutt or Sabita Chaudhuri (wife of composer Salil Chaudhari)

(5) Tujhe doon mein kya – Insaaf kahan hai (with Hemant Kumar) 50’s Unreleased Film – MD : Robin Bannerji

An exquisite melodious number..There is so much of harmony in singing of Geeta ji and Hemantda. What a pity that this film never released and very few music lovers know about this masterpiece of a song!

(6) Hey baabu hey bandhu – Insaaf kahan hai – 50’s Unreleased Film – MD : Robin Bannerji

A rare duet with Hemantda.

(7) Chunnilal tera bura haal (with Pandit S D Batish) Shahzadi – Unreleased – MD : Pandit S D Batish

(8) Ja Chhup Nazron Se Kya – Insaaf kahan hai – 50’s Unreleased Film – MD : Robin Bannerji

(9) Ek Jahan Aur Bhi Hai – Jwalamukhi – 50’s Unreleased Film

(10) Angaare Hain Mat Choo – Jasoos (Film unreleased but records were released in 1957) – MD : Anil Biswas

(11) Aa Dil Ki Baazi Laga – Jasoos (Film unreleased but records were released in 1957) – MD : Anil Biswas

(12) Tumhari Mohabbat – Bahadur Shah Zafar (with Talat) – 60’s Unreleased Film – MD : Daan Singh

(13) Mere humnasheen mere humnawaa – Bhool Na Jana – 60’s Unreleased Film – MD : Daan Singh

A pathos filled song sung from the bottom of the heart.

(14) Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai (with Sudha Malhotra) – Kafir (Unreleased Film ) – MD : Khayyam

Listen to Sudha Malhotra ji speaking about singing the song “Kabhie kabhie mere dil mein” with Geeta ji.

This is the same song which was later used in the film Kabhi Kabhi and became a superhit song reviving composer Khayyam’s career.

(15) Chale Aa Rahe Hain – Ladaki(1950s) – Film Unreleased – MD : Vinod

This is another breezy and melodious number which went into oblivion since the film was never released.

(16) Tere bin sajna dil mera – Naagan (1948) – Film unreleased – MD : Harbanslal and Pandit Amarnath

(17) Zindagi naam hain thokar ka – Naagan (1948) – Film unreleased – MD : Harbanslal and Pandit Amarnath

There has been a debate in online communities if the above two songs from the un-released film Naagan (1948) were composed by Pandit Amarnath, Harbanslal or Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish.

(18) Matrubhumi ka aaya bulawaa – Veer Balak – 60’s Unreleased Film

(19) Sona sona kya karte ho – Veer Balak – 60’s Unreleased Film

Songs deleted due to censor problems:

This is an interesting section. In those days, it seems that the censor was very strict with the words of songs. Most of these songs were already released on the records but they were deleted from the film.

(1) Jaata Kahan hai Deewane – C.I.D. (1956) (Deleted due to censor problems) – MD : O P Nayyar

This must be very unique case where the song was deleted since it had a word “Fiffi”. The line the censors took objection was:

Kuchh tere dil mein fiffi
Kuchh mere dil mein fiffi
Zamana hain burra

(2) Mose chanchal jawani sambahli nahin jaaye – Bahu Beti (1952) (Deleted due to censor problems) – MD : S D Batish

A lovely natkhat song penned by Kaifi Azmi fell prey to censor troubles.

(3) Jab jab tujhko chhua – Jaalsaaz (1969) (with Kishore Kumar) (Deleted due to censor problems. Re-recorded as kishore-asha duet Hip Hip Hurray) – MD : N Dutta

The wordings of this song were:

Jab jab tujhko chhua
dhak dhak dhak dil huaa

This seemed like too hot a song for the censors and they asked to remove this song from the film. On the same tune “Hip hip hurray” was recorded in the voices of Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle.

Song recorded in her voice but later released in other singer’s voice(s):

Another strange category of her songs that took a hit.

(1) Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal – Sujata (1959) (Not used, not released. Re-recorded by Asha) – MD : S D Burman

This would be the most “controversial” song of Geeta Dutt. The birthday song “Tum Jio Hazaron saal” from the film Sujata was supposedly first recorded in Geetaji’s voice. It was said to be released on the records as well (but we do not know if such records exist or not). Later the same song was recorded in Ashaji’s voice. This was the version which was used in the movie. All these years, the song sung by Asha Bhosle was credited to Geetaji. The song what we see in the movie and on all the available records/cassette compliations etc is the version recorded in Ashaji’s voice. It continued to be wrongly credited to Geeta Dutt. Asha Bhonsle and R D Burman had to literally convince HMV and get the credits corrected.

(2) Us chand se pyare chand ho tum – Raat ki rani (1949) – (with Mukesh) MD : Hansraj Behl

This song was deleted from the film and the same then was re-recorded as Lata- Rafi duet. We are not sure if the records of the original Mukesh Geeta Dutt duet were released or not.

Songs from unreleased film used in another film:

The song “Hum khoob janate hain” was sung by Mohd.Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur & Geeta Dutt for a film “Saajan ki Galiya”. This was recorded sometime in the sixties, but the film never got released. Later on this song was used in the film “Film Hi Film” (1983) which was made using such portions/songs from un-released films.

Concept : Hildebrand, Research: Dr. Mahesh, Hildebrand, Compilation : Parag

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    Geeta had an unique appeal in her voice – not only peppy numbers like Mera Naam Chin chin choo but bhajans like Aan milo aan milo shyam saware, Tora manwa kyun ghabarare et all are gems. In her tribute to Geeeta, Lata sang her songs Woqt ne Kiya and Koi door se awaaz de, but she could not create the deserted melancholy of Geeta.


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