Jahaan jaahan khayaal jaata hai, wahaan wahaan tumhiko paata hain..


This song is so fitting for the composer Rhythm King O P Nayyar sahab and our beloved singer Geeta ji (who sang this song with the one and only one great Mohd Rafi sahab).

And now we have more reasons to be happy. Mr Siraj Khan, who has been closely associated with the legendary composer has launched a website dedicated to his idol Nayyar sahab. The website is http://opnayyar.org/
Though the site has been launched a few months ago, we came to know about it recently, thanks to a post by Mr Irfan on RMIM. We are truly grateful to Siraj ji for making this website on the great composer Nayyar sahab.

We have now added a link to Nayyar sahab’s website on our blog section http://www.geetadutt.com/blog/
You can see it under the resources section on the right hand side.It is also added on to our main website under the “Links” section here

From our homepage, scroll down all the way to the bottom. On the footer, you will find a link to sections called links, contact, sitemap etc. Once you click on the “Links”, it will take you to the page http://www.geetadutt.com/links.html

Though Geeta ji sang a good number of songs for Nayyar sahab, not many photos featuring the singer and the composer are available on the net. Here is one from our own collection, thanks to our friend Shri Shashank ji.
Rafi OPN Geeta

As it was the case with our own website http://www.geetadutt.com/ this website on Nayyar sahab is still work in progress. A lot of features are planned to be added to it in the coming days as Siraj mentioned. He is looking forward to constructive suggestions, comments, feedback on the site to make it more appealing. As with any website on an artist, it is purely a “labor of love”.

We urge all the music lovers to visit this site and appreciate the work done by Siraj Khan and his team. Thanks Siraj for the wonderful work you have done so far! The music lovers all over the world will surely appreciate your sincere efforts in making of this website.

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2 Responses to “Jahaan jaahan khayaal jaata hai, wahaan wahaan tumhiko paata hain..”

  1. Siraj Khan says:

    Hello OPiums (pyar ka naam for OP fans)

    Thank you indeed for the kind and inspirational words.

    Just a small correction. The Official Website for OP Nayyar was officially launched on January 28, 2010, on his third death anniversary.

    It so happens that the great man was also born in January, so te month is significant, apart from being the first month of the year.

    Yes, please let us have your input and support. Unfortunately, I do not have a big team and only scanty resources (I work for a non-profit). Its just me and Khurram in Karachi, who is the webmaster and continues to put in a lot of application.

    I there is anyone who wants to help me to keep this torch of melody burning, please contact me.

    Siraj Khan
    10 Atherton Road
    Hudson MA 01749 USA

    And here is something or you to read – another of my projects


    Happy reading!


    Dear Siraj Sahab,
    I am a die hard Geeta dutt fan.
    Your project is Indeed a good & novel project.
    Keep it up.
    Our heartiest good wishes r with u .
    God bless u .

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