The debut..which one is it?

Geeta Roy with her father

As per the available information, young Geeta Roy sang her first song for the film Bhakt Prahlad(1946).
The composer was Pandit Hanuman Prasad. Not much is known about the composer Pandit Hanuman Prasad except that he was married to the famous actress Lalita Pawar and the fact that he discovered the singing talent of young Geeta Roy (who later on became Geeta Dutt after marrying Guru Dutt). If any one has more info on him do post it.

Geeta’s family had moved to Bombay (now Mumbai). In the building she lived in, the famous Pandit Gowri Shankar had his Kathak dancing school. Pandit Hanuman Prasad was a regular visitor to this dancing
class. One day while on a visit he heard Geeta practicing. He traced the voice and thus the composer went to her flat. After discussing with her father, he gave her a song (actually a couple of lines in a
song) in his film Bhakta Prahlad (1946).That is how Geeta Roy was discovered at the age of 16.

Pandit Hanuman Prasad gave her few lines in as many as four songs in the film Bhakta Prahlad. The songs were –

1) Suno suno binti hamari prabhuji bhool hui mujhse bhari
2) Ab jani re,pehchani re mana.
3) Suno suno hari ki leela sunayein,
4) Jaag uthe hum jaag uthe

Two of these have been shared on youtube thanks to music lovers.


Some individuals have claimed that she sung before this as well (including on radio according to one claim and a line or two for Gaali (1944) for the same composer according to another claim), but it has not been substantiated with presentation of actual songs or other evidence. The Geet Kosh doesn’t formally attribute singers for the songs for the film Bhakt Prahlad(1946) but Geeta ji’s voice can be clearly heard.


This post has been compiled by our dear Gajendra N. K. (aka “Hildebrand”). Thanks buddy.


The pic:

Young Geeta Roy with her father. Thanks to Haimanti Banerjee ji , author of the book “Geeta Dutt : The Skylark” for sharing this rare pic with us.

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