Hidden gem from Gauri… An unfulfilled dream

Geeta Dutt

Geeta ji was supposed to make her acting debut with the Bengali film which was titled as Gauri in the year 1957. We have already put together all the details about this film on our website here “Geeta Dutt as an actress”

We had been searching the audios/videos of any song recorded by Geeta ji for this film for a very long time. Finally, thanks to Shri Suresh Chandvankar ji and SIRC (Society of Indian Record Collectors), we are able to listen to one song “Jaani Bhromora Keno” recorded on the 13th Nov 1957.

Lyrics :-

Jaani, Bhromora Keno – KothaKoyna!

Jaani, Mahua Keno – Matal Hoyna!

Padma-Phota Jheel – Rodey,

Sudhu Jhilimili-Jhilimili Kore.

Tobu Keno Aankhi Jhore,

Sudhu Jhor-Jhor-Jhor-Jhor Jhore?

Amie Sudhu Jaani,

E Mon Keno – Ghore Royna!

Krishnachura, Haoar Sure,

Sudhu Jhiri-Jhiri-Jhiri-JhiriDole.

Ki Ek Pakhi, Sune Daake,

Sudhu ‘Chokh-Gelo!’ ‘Chokh Gelo!’Bole.

Amie Sudhu Jaani,

E Jwala Keno, Prane Shoyna!

Translation :-

I know, Why The Bee, Speaks Not!

I Know, Why The Mahua PlantDoesn’t Get Sot!

The Lotus-Adorned Lake, Shines InThe Sunlight.

Yet, Why Do Tears Flow Down FromMy Eyes?

Only I Know, Why The Mind WishesTo Be Free!

In Tune With The Wind, TheKrishnachura Plant Swings.

Hearing The Tune, A Bird SingsOut, ‘Chokh Gelo! Chokh Gelo!’

Only I know, Why I Can’t TolerateThis Pain Any More!

Note :-

‘Chokh-Gelo’ is the name of a bird (Hierococcyx varius), derived from the seemingly ‘Chokh-Gelo! Chokh-Gelo!’ (My EyesAre Gone! My Eyes Are Gone!) sound that it makes. The name of this bird hasoften been used in romantic songs. ‘Pee Kahan’, a similar onomatopoeicexpression, used in various songs, relates to the same bird.

The same song was later on recorded by Burmanda in his own voice.

He also used the same tune for the song “Jaani tum toh dole dagaa daike” sung by Lata ji for the film Dr Vidya the same year.

It is interesting to note that even though Geeta ji had sung the original song for Gauri, she was no longer the singer of choice for the same tune for Dr Vidya. Even when she did sing another song for the same film, a duet with Asha ji.

This was a nine minute long song which never got released on the records, and hence not known to many music lovers. One wonders why Burmanda chose not to give the song “Jaani tum toh dole” to Geeta ji ?


We are indebted to Suresh Chandvankar ji (Secretary – Society of Indian Record Collectors) for the rest of our lives for sharing this rarest of the rare gem with us. Many thanks to our dear friend Gajendra Khanna for making it available within hours after getting it.

We are grateful to our dear friend Sounak Gupta for helping us with the lyrics and translation of the song.

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