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Tribute by Bela Mukherjee, wife of Hemant Kumar sahab

Monday, November 19th, 2012

This is the small write-up (translated). Remembrances of Geetaji from Bela Mukherjee’s writing. Bela Mukherjee and Hemant Kumar were close family friends of Geetaji-Guru Dutt.

Geeta ji Bela Mukherjee, Hemantda

(Bela Mukherjee-Geeta Dutt-Hemanta Mukherjee-Sri Arup-Saroj Sengupta)

Neer Chhoto Kshoti Nei, Aakaash To Baro – Who knows, how much of hope, this song may have established in Love! Geeta indeed possessed a beautiful voice, but her nature was even more beautiful. Prior to Lata’s arrival, Geeta was almost a monopolistic institution in the Industry, as far as music was concerned. Especially in romantic songs, she still has no peer.
The intimacy of Hemanta with Geeta and Lata, which began from the time of ‘Anandmath’, had ever increased. While he went on and on singing with Lata in ‘Shart’, ‘Jaal’, ‘Nagin’, ‘Anarkali’, Hemanta continued to sing marvellous duets with Geeta in ‘Shrimatiji’, ‘Munimji’, ‘Bahu’, ‘Bandini’, ‘Police’, ‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hai’ and other films.
Bengali films have been no exception here. Whenever he got an opportunity, Hemanta wonderfully used either of their songs in his films. In the earlier phase, it was Geeta who got more priority. Right from ‘Harano Sur’ to ‘Joutuk’ or ‘Indrani’ – every romantic situation demanded Geeta’s songs! Her songs for Suchitra Sen would madden lovers of film and music in those days!
Gradually Geeta turned out to become a close family friend. Lata would still have certain hesitations at times, but Geeta never cared for anything – she seemed to be no less than a member of our family. Earlier Geeta would come to meet us alone but after her marriage to the eminent actor and filmmaker Guru Dutt, both began coming to our place now and then.
Both Geeta and Guru were extremely moody, and on top of that, Geeta, very touchy. It is impossible for me to accurately say, how many times we have had to be confidantes in their trifling fights! Such has also happened that when on some winter night, having completed our dinner, lying on the bed we are speaking to each other under our blankets, Geeta has suddenly arrived! Knowing her through and through, we never asked how and why she came at such unexpected times – even Geeta would never give any reason. She would just get herself under the blanket and soon a chat session would begin! In an hour’s time the doorbell would ring again and we would get another guest in – Guru. Again, there was no question of asking. We would understand that they have had some petty fight, after which, Geeta, being more sentimental has come up earlier and later, her husband. Guru too, was always aware where his other half might be. So in search, he would always come up to our bungalow – Geetanjali. Our chat session would only get livelier!
As the night would go deeper and deeper, one of the two would suddenly think of returning, and breaking the chat session midway, they would leave for home smiling! No, it was not only that they came to our place only after some quarrel. Geetanjali was actually the heart of our lively chats! Besides going on and on chatting, would often play cards together! Again at times, when we would go for outings for a day or two, our team never seemed complete without Geeta and Guru.
We had felt the loss of a soul’s mate when Guru passed away. Some people are very sensitive. Just as there is no limit of their joy in each wonderful moment of life, each strike of pain and sorrow breaks them up to pieces. The danger happens at that point. When in certain circumstances, situations shake the very foundation of the hearts of these people; they lose the rhythm of life.
As far as my memory goes, a match between India and England was going on in Bombay at that time. Cricket has always been a favourite game of mine and we are there, in the gallery. Our driver, Sanat, came panting and said, ‘An accident has taken place.’ Thinking that someone at home must have faced some accident, I was anxious, but we were utterly shocked when he said next, ‘Guru Saab has committed suicide.’
Guru and Geeta’s house was close to the stadium. We immediately rushed to the place. Men from the Police in every corner of the bungalow… The very house where we had spent many colourful hours of our lives had been submerged into a veil of darkness and sorrow… Entering the bedroom we saw the hero in eternal sleep. The very person, whose laughter made us feel as if the entire world was submerged in the waves of joy, the one whose personality rightly carved for him the throne of a king in the Industry, seemed so helpless… His hand hanging out from the bed… A glass of liquor lying down… It was as if he had great hurry to leave… Even his drink was lying half consumed.
Searching for Geeta, we found that she had still not gained her senses. Two sons, a daughter… How old were the three! How would Geeta be able to manage her household with those three little children?
At the initial stage, after the departure of Guru, Geeta had lost the rhythm of her own life. She would keep indoors, refusing to leave, whatever the cause be outside. But soon she found herself without a single penny. Geeta then began to at times appear in the recording studio, she was often seen performing on stage. Situations forced her to jump back to life. Was there any other way? An artiste she was – how could she have survived without her Art? Over that she had her little children to grow.


This has been compiled from the writing of Bela ji. She had recalled Geetaji in various parts of the writing. We have put those scattered bits together. We are grateful to our dear friend Sounak Gupta for this exclusive article on the occasion of Geeta ji’s birth anniversary on 23rd November.