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A heartfelt tribute

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Geeta Dutt

Dearest Geetaji,
No words can be enough for us, your fans, to thank you!

At best we can only thank God for creating your extraordinary voice and salute to your parents for blessing India with an artist like you!

I have no doubt that you know us : your fans and admirers…. just as we feel that we know you!
The songs that you sang, sadly became quite prophetic…but one song I would request you to re-record: in heaven and send it to us with slightly changed words for all of us: your masterpiece …. as ‘ yaad karoge …har din hum ko yaad karoge!’

I prey today on your 82nd birthday that you are in a land of peace!

Miss you ever so much!

Tushar Bhatia


We are grateful to our dear friend and mentor, composer Shri Tushar Bhatia ji for this tribute to Geeta ji on her birth anniversary. The invitation card in Gujrati is the invite for Tushar ji’s tribute show for Geeta ji in Ahmedabad in the year 2010.