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Exclusive: Rare songs from the archives

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Many times, several songs from lesser heard films go into oblivion. Over the period of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to listen to them. Many songs of Geeta ji from the 40s and 50s are very rare. We have found seven rare songs as a tribute to her and to her fans on this special day.

Please click on the triangle next to the song name below to listen to these extremely rare and melodious songs.

Geeta Dutt

A deeply emotional and patriotic song describing the plight of our motherland (during the British rule). Listen to the way she modulates her voice to travel through various emotions through the song.

Geeta Dutt : Bhaarat maata zanjeeron mein : Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – G S Nepali

Lovely patriotic song describing the feelings of freedom.
Geeta Dutt : Toote bandhan aaj re: Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

This is a duet with Mohd Rafi sahab which was recorded for a drama in the fifties.

Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Tore bin raja mohe chain kahaan: Drama – Poojya Gandhiji (1950s), MD – S N Nandi, Lyrics – ?

A melancholy song which perfects showcases her deep emotional side.

Geeta Dutt : Bhool jaao mere meet: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A traditional styled romantic song describing the feelings of a newly married girl.

Geeta Dutt : Main hoon naar naveli: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A light hearted dance based and fast paced song.

Geeta Dutt : Akka Bakka tin tila : Film – Pehla Pehla Pyaar (1958), MD – B N Bali, Lyrics – ?

Looks like a song being sung for a lady selling maska (butter). It could be the heroine disguising to get some information from villian’s place.

Geeta Dutt : Ajab hain is duniya ke raaz: Film – Dark Street (1961), MD – N Dutta, Lyrics – Gulshan Bawra


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

Exclusive: Tribute by Madan Mohan ji’s daughter

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Madan Mohan films

We are highly grateful to Sangeeta Gupta ji, eldest daughter of the maestro composer Madan Mohan sahab for writing this tribute to Geeta ji on our special request.

….”I have always loved Geeta Dutt – the singer and the person (from what I heard from my mother) My obvious first like for her was “Aye Dil Mujhe Bata De” from the film Bhai Bhai as I was more familiar with that song. The earthy quality of her voice drew me to her songs, especially the beautiful ones she sang for the great S.D.Burman and Hemant Kumar – my most favourite being the ones from Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam and of course the sensational “Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam” – just pierces your heart. Even her later songs like the ones from Anubhav – “Meri Jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho” never failed to raise such romance in the air. Amazing range from romantic songs, to bhajans, naughty ones and cabarets – Geetaji was a rage all over. She remains etched in the memories, and hearts like “aiso jiya mein samaye gayo re ke main tan man ki sudh budh ganva baithi”.

Madan Mohan Geeta Dutt


I believe that it must possibly mean the aye dil mujhe bata de song…”One of Madanji’s biggest hits came from Geeta Duttji. A chart buster from the film Bhai Bhai – released in 1956 from the AVM studios. Lyrics and dialogues by Rajinder Krishan and music by Madan Mohan. Looking at the photograph carefully – the one of Madanji conducting Geeta Duttji, I see a familiar face, and can now guess where this photograph was taken. The photograph was taken at the wedding of the daughter of Mr. Lakhanpal, owner of Murphy Radio, who was a very, very dear family friend and Dad used to arrange all the music programmes at the weddings of their daughters. At a later occasion I remember they had Talat Mahmood also sing for one of the evenings

In this film Rajinder Krishanji named the heroine as Sangeeta and my mother was not too happy about this….. they kept the name, I am told.I have not seen the movie, but these are memories I have….”

Madan Mohan and Geeta Dutt

With Madan Mohan and Lata Mangeshkar during the recording of the song Oonchee Neeche Raahein from the film Baap Bete

What a lovely smile all three of them are sharing during the recording!

Samundar recording

Listen to this song here:

One can see Geeta ji and Madan ji during the recording of a song for the film Samundar (1957)

Geeta Dutt and Madan Mohan at a musical evening along with the organisers….
Madan Mohan and Geeta Dutt

In the mid-sixties a musical event was organised in Delhi on a very large scale by the government after the war to raise funds. Seen here are Hasrat Jaipuri, Achala Sachdev, Sadhana, Madan Mohan and Geeta Dutt.

Madan Mohan and Geeta Dutt

I love all geeta dutt songs, especially the ones she sang for the great S. D. Burman. The song Waqt ne kiya is such a favourite and have been singing this over the years, can never tire of it. Even love the song Meri Jaan, mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan from the film Anubhav is a hot favourite of mine……HER VOICE JUST PIERCES THE HEART.