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Family Tree of Geeta Dutt (nee Roy) and Guru Dutt

Monday, September 21st, 2009


With help from Haimanti Banerjee ji (the author of Geeta Dutt: The Skylark) who on our request got in touch with Geeta ji’s youngest sister Amrita, has helped us complete the family tree.

Geeta Dutt and Guru Dutt family tree

The siblings are placed in order of their birth and their nick names if any are placed in brackets. In all they were eight siblings, five brothers and three sisters.

The sister Lokkhi was attributed as Laxmi Roy in her song in Sailaab which we are looking for and was married to film maker Pramod Chakravarthy. She is alive and is based in Mumbai.

Haimanti ji also told that the eldest surviving sibling Mukul Roy is ill. We wish Mukulda a speedy recovery.

She also told that Geeta ji’s brother Pavitra (Bishu) was a tabla player and was the one who used to normally accompany Geeta ji in functions. He worked for Air India. He was the first of the siblings to pass away. The two eldermost brothers are also no more.

She also told that Milan Roy Chaudhary the youngest brother lives in USA (Kansas) and was sent to the USA by Geeta ji only.

The youngest sister Amrita lives in Nasik like Mukulda.

Heartiest thanks to Amrita ji for all the information and Haimanti ji for conveying it to us!


Thanks to Tapati Dutta and Sounak Gupta, we now have a version of the family tree with photos for your viewing pleasure:-

Family Tree of Geeta ji