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Kobe Kon Tara Jwola Raater Chhayay…

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Pulak and Geeta

Lyricist Pulak Bannerji and Geeta Dutt

The majority of Geeta Dutt’s songs for Bengali films were with Hemanta Mukherjee. She also has a significant repertoire of non-film songs in Bangla, many of which were with composers Kanu Ghosh and Sudhin Chakraborty. Among her non-film Bengali songs, her most songs are with Kanu Ghosh, about a dozen in total. She explored a variety of themes and styles in the songs that she recorded with him. The song kobe kon taara jwala raater chhayaay is a melodious romantic piece, because of the westernized score and Geeta Dutt’s treatment of it, sounds absolutely different and fresh.

Song Name – Kobe Kon Tara Jwola Raater Chhayay
Film – Private Song 1964
Composer – Kanu Ghosh
Lyricist – Pulak Banerjee
Singer(s) – Geeta Dutt


Kobe Kon Tara-Jwola Raater Chhayay,
Ghum-Bhanga Naam-Hara Phuler Mayay,
Aamra Dujane Eshechhi, Dujanare Bhalobeshechhi.
Aadh-Phonta Mallika-Lata Shune Gechhe Dujanar Kotha.
Pallabe Moushumi Jemon Hashe Taari Anuraage Heshechhi.
Paakhira Jemon Kore Palok Jhoray,
Dinguli Taari Mato Jhorechhe Haoway.
Kul-Bhanga Sagarer Gaane,
Ajanare Chhunye Gechhi Prane.
Paal-Tola Dheugulo Nadir Mato,
Taari Kalotaane Bheshechhi.

Transliteration :

Sometime, in the shadows of a star-filled night,

In the thought of some nameless flower, that keeps one from sleeping,

We two have come, and loved each other.

The half-blossomed mallika plant has heard our conversation.

In the warmth of jovial reaction of seasons on the leaves, we have smiled.

The way birds shed feathers,

Our days have shed in the breeze of time.

In the song of the ocean,

We have reached the unknown in our hearts.

We have floated away in the melody of the waves in the river.

Geeta Dutt’s Bengali non-film output is not very massive, but again, it is characterized by variety and amazingly versatility of treatment.


We are grateful to our dear friend Sounak Gupta for help with the lyrics and its transliteration for enjoying the song.