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Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks : Vol.11

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Geeta ji was the favorite singer of maestro composer Avinash Vyas ji. She sang more than a hundred songs for him for Hindi and Gujrati films, the most for all the composers she sang for. Here is another album for the mythological film Bhimsen (1950). She sang three solos and a duet for this film. Each and every song is a gem to be cherished.

1) Aaj bhavar mein nayya kanhaiya : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

2) Aaj mori bagiyaan mein bole bulbul : Lyrics – B. P. Bhargav

3) Raakho laaj hamaari : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

4) Sabse bada vidhaata (with Badrinath Vyas) : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks (New series starting….)

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Riyaasat poster

The 40s and 50s had some big budget films and several smaller budget films. Many mythological,costume drama, fantasy films, social films and crime thrillers fell in this second category. These films had their own charm. Their music mostly served the masses. Several composers like Chitragupta, Avinash Vyas, Vinod, Hansraj Behl, Shyam Babu Pathak, S N Tripathi etc continued to compose excellent music for these films. Occasionally mainstream composers like O P Nayyar gave music to films like Shrimati 420 but this genre was mostly avoided by the more famous composers. Many of these films are now forgotten in the passage of time.


A wide range of singers sang for these low budget films. A fact not known to many that many of such films (especially in the fifties) had some lovely songs of Geeta ji. This is more so because of too much focus on her songs sung for Guru Dutt films.


We are starting a new series to introduce the music lovers to such songs of Geeta ji from these forgotten films. We have selected those films which have at least 2 or more songs of her per film. We will continue this series throughout the months of November and December this year.
Captain Kishore

We hope you will enjoy listening to (and in some cases watching as well) these melodious songs from lesser known films.