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Epitome of Radha Krishna love through a timeless classic

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Nikhil Ghosh Bharat Vyas Geeta Dutt

The Radha-Krishna amour is a love legend of all times. It’s indeed hard to miss the many legends and paintings illustrating Krishna’s love affairs, of which the Radha-Krishna affair is the most memorable. Krishna’s relationship with Radha, his favorite among the ‘gopis’ (cow-herding maidens), has served as a model for male and female love in a variety of art forms, and since the sixteenth century appears prominently as a motif in North Indian paintings. The allegorical love of Radha has found expression in some great Bengali poetical works of Govinda Das, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Jayadeva the author of Geet Govinda.

Krishna’s youthful dalliances with the ‘gopis’ are interpreted as symbolic of the loving interplay between God and the human soul. Radha’s utterly rapturous love for Krishna and their relationship is often interpreted as the quest for union with the divine. This kind of love is of the highest form of devotion in Vaishnavism, and is symbolically represented as the bond between the wife and husband or beloved and lover.

Radha, daughter of Vrishabhanu, was the mistress of Krishna during that period of his life when he lived among the cowherds of Vrindavan. Since childhood they were close to each other – they played, they danced, they fought, they grew up together and wanted to be together forever, but the world pulled them apart. He departed to safeguard the virtues of truth, and she waited for him. He vanquished his enemies, became the king, and came to be worshipped as a lord of the universe. She waited for him. He married Rukmini and Satyabhama, raised a family, fought the great war of Ayodhya, and she still waited. So great was Radha’s love for Krishna that even today her name is uttered whenever Krishna is refered to, and Krishna worship is though to be incomplete without the deification of Radha.

One day the two most talked about lovers come together for a final single meeting. Suradasa in his Radha-Krishna lyrics relates the various amorous delights of the union of Radha and Krishna in this ceremonious ‘Gandharva’ form of their wedding in front of five hundred and sixty million people of Vraj and all the gods and goddesses of heaven. The sage Vyasa refers to this as the ‘Rasa’. Age after age, this evergreen love theme has engrossed poets, painters, musicians and all Krishna devotees alike.

More than fifty years ago, veteran musician composer Pandit Nikhil Ghosh, lyricist Pandit Bharat Vyas and young singer Geeta Roy came together to weave the magic of Radha – Krishna bhakti through a wonderful non-film Hindi song. The song is “Jamuna ke teer kaanhaa aao, ro ro pukaare Raadha, meethi meethi bansiyaa bajaao..”

The song was released on the HMV label number N88024. Here is the scanned image of the same

Scanned image


Jamuna ke teer kanha aao
ro ro pukare radha
mithi mithi bansiya bajao

Gaiya pukare tohen gwal pukare
bhul gayen kyun hume nand dulare
yasoda ke laal hume pyara pyara mukhada dikhao

Kadam ki chhaiyan gale mein baiyan
dale hum dolte thein
Lapak jhapak kar laaj bhara mera
ghunghat tum kholte the
Maakhan churaane wale
chori chori man ko na churaao

Jamuna ke teer kanha aao..

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Exclusive: Rare songs from the archives

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Many times, several songs from lesser heard films go into oblivion. Over the period of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to listen to them. Many songs of Geeta ji from the 40s and 50s are very rare. We have found seven rare songs as a tribute to her and to her fans on this special day.

Please click on the triangle next to the song name below to listen to these extremely rare and melodious songs.

Geeta Dutt

A deeply emotional and patriotic song describing the plight of our motherland (during the British rule). Listen to the way she modulates her voice to travel through various emotions through the song.

Geeta Dutt : Bhaarat maata zanjeeron mein : Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – G S Nepali

Lovely patriotic song describing the feelings of freedom.
Geeta Dutt : Toote bandhan aaj re: Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

This is a duet with Mohd Rafi sahab which was recorded for a drama in the fifties.

Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Tore bin raja mohe chain kahaan: Drama – Poojya Gandhiji (1950s), MD – S N Nandi, Lyrics – ?

A melancholy song which perfects showcases her deep emotional side.

Geeta Dutt : Bhool jaao mere meet: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A traditional styled romantic song describing the feelings of a newly married girl.

Geeta Dutt : Main hoon naar naveli: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A light hearted dance based and fast paced song.

Geeta Dutt : Akka Bakka tin tila : Film – Pehla Pehla Pyaar (1958), MD – B N Bali, Lyrics – ?

Looks like a song being sung for a lady selling maska (butter). It could be the heroine disguising to get some information from villian’s place.

Geeta Dutt : Ajab hain is duniya ke raaz: Film – Dark Street (1961), MD – N Dutta, Lyrics – Gulshan Bawra


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

A fan’s tribute: Vol.7

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

OPN GD cassette
OP Nayyar-Geeta Dutt:-

The lady who graced the earth with her sweet voice and the king of melody when both of them met together, there were subtle songs that touched the inner soul through these soft melodies.

Yes, I am talking about Geeta Dutt and OP Nayyar. Both were closely associated with each other right from the start of OP Nayyar’s career. I am sharing few of my favorite songs of this immortal combination:-

1) Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana
The 1st song which is my evergreen favorite is the fantabulous number from Aasmaan(1952), which was Nayyar Saheb’s first movie as an independent composer. Nayyar Saheb has indulged himself in light orchestration for this great number and the gentle use of harmonium and accordian pieces makes it an enlightening and sweet melody. The Sarangi played in the antras makes it a divine melody Geeta ji was very well equipped with Nayyar Saheb and understood his compositions very well and sung this song very well.

She has sung the antras in a low tone and the alaaps, that she has added in it makes it more fascinating. Also, great lyrics written by Prem Dhavan, making the song an immortal one. The song is “Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana” and only Geeta ji could have sung it so well.

Here is the link for this song:-

2) Kaisa jaadu balam tune

My 2nd most favorite song is one of those gems from 12’O Clock(1958) that they created together, A song gives a smile on our face when we listen it..Geeta Dutt ji has excelled herself in this number and establishes a kind of “Nasha” in this song that indebts our mind..I don’t think any other singer could have done justice for this song other than Geeta Dutt, her voice modulation for Waheeda is also great, I am completely sunk in it, and its impossible to come out when We start listening it..The way Geeta Dutt sings “Nanha Sa Dil Hamara..”, is simply marvelous..

Guru Geeta OPN

Nayyar Saheb’s composition is just out of the world…Starting with a light sound of Sitar and flute, with the effective use of Dholaks and flute in the antras, He has incredibly used a brilliant orchestration for this song…
Great lyrics by Majrooh Saheb..Nayyar Saheb and Majrooh worked together for many movies and gifted us some of the best numbers, that are popular and effective even today…Overall, an immortal classic…

Here is the link for this song:-

3) Aye watan ke naujawaan

Baaz(1953), was not very successful in the Box-Office, but each and every song was classic and had its own class…This song can fall under the category of a patriotic song. We are facing so much injustice in our country, no water for the poor people still in many villages, there is limited supply of electricity, people are facing unbearable difficulties..Its time for all of us to unite and fight together for what is happening towards our motherland…

This song gives us the message that Its We who are not coming together, arrange social meetings and private gatherings and do not allow any external elements to enter our country and be faithful towards the motherland and work together to achieve the goal….Hats off to Majrooh…

Nayyar Saheb has composed this patriotic song so well, with the use of violins showing us to go forward and speak against the injustice, with the help of flute he has explained us we are so sad…With the light sitar tunes, he has taken us to the path where many people are beaten, They are not allowed to raise their voice…An excellent composition with the help of heavy orchestration composed beautifully by Nayyar Saheb from which we can take it as an inspiration..

Geeta Dutt ji has sung the song absolutely brilliantly for Geeta Bali, starting with the alaap, taking it furthur and singing the Mukhda in the high notes, singing some part of the antra in lower notes, but in a fast pace and the Mukhda again in lower notes..At the end, The way She sings the high pitch, The song enters straight in our heart and takes us to another world…She has done perfect justice to this incredible number..

The chorus of this song is also marvelous, also the humming and the alaap part of the chorus is simply exquisite…A perfect ending for the song by the chorus and Geeta Dutt ji….Superbly penned by Majrooh Saheb, gifting us one of the best melody from Baaz(1953).

Here is the link for this song:-

4) Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili

My next favorite song is “Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili” from Choomantar(1956). Geeta ji has taken this song to a completely different level. I always say this song can be considered as a duet of Geeta ji and the Sarangi which is played in the background. Both of them are in a perfect collaboration.

Especially in the antras, where Geeta ji has sung “Man Mein Nache Rhimjim Saare” and the sarangi is played. Really, “Man Naach Uththa Hai Aise Gaano Ko Sunkar”..
Here is the link for this song..

5) Pom pom pom , baaja bole

From the last many years, when somebody’s birthday arrives and on my each birthday, I never fail to listen this song, This is a kind of celebration song from Aasmaan sung by Geeta ji, She could sing any genre of songs.

Geeta Dutt and OPN

This is the one of the finest example of her versatility. I am assuming this song to be picturized on Asha Parekh as it was her first movie and she must have been a child artist at that time, but no confirmation as video is not avaiable. But, this song is one of the finest melody of the combination of Nayyar Saheb, Pren Dhavan ji and Geeta ji..

Here is the link for the song…

There are many more favorites of the immortal combination of Nayyar Saheb and Geeta ji, but these 5 solos hold a special place for me.


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for writing this special tribute.

Shankar Jaikishan-Geeta Dutt : Tribute by Nikhil Iyer

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

SJ with Geeta ji

When we talk of Shankar Jaikishan, then we only think of singers like Rafi, Mukesh, Lata, Asha, etc. Geeta Dutt too has sung for Shankar Jaikishan, but only few songs. but those songs too hold a special place in our heart.

Lets see those songs.
1) The very first song that Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan, was in Parbat(1952). when SJ were at the peak of their career.

This song is a trio of Geeta ji, Rafi Saheb and Lata ji.Some people call it a rare song,but this is not a very rare song as its frquently played in the radio ceylon.
All the 3 singers have sung it beautifully. Great lyrics penned by Shailendra.

“Kya Batoon Mohabbat Hai Kya”..

2) Geeta Dutt sang only 2 songs in Parbat. The second song is a duet with Lata ji. The flute played in the song is excellent.
I loved the way Geeta Dutt sang “O Suhani Kehte Hain” in the 1st antra. We all feel something abt the voice of Geeta ji, the way its so soothing and touching.
Finely composed by Shankar Jaikishan and written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

“Pyaar Bhari In Aankhon Mein”..

3) The next song is from Yahudi(1958). Everything is so precious about this song. There is no words to praise this fabulous number.
Lata Mangeshkar and Geeta Dutt’s wonderful rendition, Helen and Cuckoo’s great dance, Shankar Jaikishan’s excellent composition with the use of mandolin, violins, accordian and flute to blend the melody and last but not the least classic
lyrics written by Shailendra.

“Bechain Dil Khoyi Si Nazar”..

4) The next song is a duet that Geeta ji and Kishore Da sang together in Shararat, a fantastic romantic beauty sang very well by both of them. Fantastic composition by Shankar Jaikishan and nicely written by Hasrat Jaipuri. This was the rare example where Geeta ji sang both the songs for the main heroine (Meena Kumari) for a film which had music by Shankar Jaikishen.

“Dekh Aasmaan Mein Chand Muskuraaye”..

5) Geeta ji sang 2 classic duets in Shararat(1959). Again with Kishore, a fantastic melody. Loved the mandolin and accordian that is played in the song. One of the finest melodies. Hats off to Kishore Da, Geeta ji, Shankar Jaikishan and Hasrat Saheb.
“Tune Mera Dil Liya”..

6) Love Marriage(1959), had 2 Geeta Dutt beauties, First one is a duet with Rafi Saheb “Dil Se Dil Takraye” By hearing this song by Geeta ji, I always feel she should
have sung more songs for Shankar Jaikishan. Geeta ji has an amazing breadth control,
this aspect of Geeta ji we can see in the antras, the way she has sung this
classic. The chorus singers have also made a nice contribution in this song.
Fine lyrics by Shailendra..

7) Another classic from Love Marriage by Geeta ji. She has taken this song, to a different level, also the mandolin played is superb.
Written by Shailendra.
“Kareeb Aao Na Tadpao”

8 ) The next song is a fantastic duet with Kishore Kumar from Krorepati(1961). A very peppy duet nicely rendered, composed and written.
“Kabul Ki Mein Naar”..

9) This one is the most popular song in my view which Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan.
Its a 7 minute song and each second is worth of it.
An important aspect of this song is it had 5 singers, Manna Dey, Lata, Geeta, Mukesh
and Mahendra Kapoor. All of them sang it very well.
Also, this song is the first song which does not start with the actual line.
It starts with “Hai Aag Hamare Seene Mein” instead of “Hum Bhi Hain”.
the same trend was continued by Op Nayyar in “Deewana Hua Badal” which was started “Ye Dekh Ke Dil Jhooma”
and later by SD Burman in Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamnna Hai” which started with “Kaanton Se Khichke”
Overall a fantastic melody where everybdy’s contribution makes it an all time classic..

10) The next song is from Film Hi Film(1983).
This song was recorded for an unreleased movie Saajan Ki Galiyan, which had Dev Anand in the leading role. Nicely rendered by Rafi, Geeta Dutt and Suman Kalyanpur.
Lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri..
“Hum Khoob Jaante Hain”.

11) The last song that Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan was in Jwala(1970).
This was a trio sung by Lata, Geeta and Sudha Malhotra and this was the last
released movie of Madhubala. Songs of this movie were recorded earlier and the movie relased
Lyrics by Rajinder Krishan..
Haule haule ek bhi na ghunghroo bole

Geeta ji sang 1 to 2 songs in an unreleased movie Ek Tha Ek Thi Rani too
in the late 50’s, but there is no confirmation abt this information
I have just merged all the songs of Geeta ji and Shankar Jaikishan together.
Today looking back, I do feel that Geeta ji should have sung more songs for Shankar Jaikishan,but now that’s history.