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Exquisite song on the Shringar Rasa..

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Radha Krishna

Being personally from the old school of thoughts which consider that “Lajja naari ka sarvottam gehna”, we have selected a Hindi non-film song which has perfect mix of love and lajja. The song is about arguably the most cherished and popular lover pair of Lord Krishna ji and Radha ji. In the song, Radha ji is describing her dream to her sakhi (female friend).

Song : Nandlaal ke dhyaan mein.. Sakhi sapne ki baat bataaoon
Lyrics: Chandrashekhar Pande ,
MD: G N Joshi
Singer : Geeta Dutt

Nandlaal ke dhyaan mein
raat gayi main soy
bhor bhayi to mann kahe
phir kab rajni hoy

Sakhi sapne ki baat bataaoon
aisa thaa kuchh swapn rangeela
jo kehte sharmaaoon..

Darpan aage rakhke sajni
karti thi singaar
roop dekhke apne par hi
hoti thi balihaar
nain band ho gaye
hriday mein uthi preet jhankaar
phir dekhaa to darpan mein
muskaaye nandkumaar
waamukh thi chhabi
dekhke aali apna mukh main chhipaaoon

sapne ki baat bataaoon

wikal dekh ke bole kaanha
kyun gori sharmaaye
jaate hain tu kar singaar
bum wyarth bich mein aaye
jaane ki sun baat sakhi ri
praan mere ghabraaye
charan pakad boli mat jaao
par gaye haath naa aaye

neend nigodi khuli achaanak
main baithi pachhataoon..

sapne ki baat bataaoon

English transliteration

Here is the English transliteration of the song, to the best of my limited knowledge of Hindi and English. Hope it will give an idea about the central theme of the song and its beauty.

Thinking of Nandlaal (Lord Krishna ji) I slept last night. When I woke up in the morning, the heart was again waiting for the night.

Radha ji is now telling the story of her dream to her Sakhi/female friend. The dream was so colorful that she is becoming shy talking about it

I was doing my Sringaar in front of the mirror. I was adoring myself looking at the mirror and admiring my own beauty. My eyes were closed and my heart was singing with love. When I opened the eyes, I saw Nandkumar (Lord Krishna ji) in the mirror. He was smiling at me. His face was so charming and mesmerizing that I covered my eyes with lajja.

When Kaanha (Lord Krishna ji) saw me hiding my face in the palm, he asked me why am I getting so shy? I will go and you can continue with your singaar. I un-necessarily interrupted you. When I heard of him thinking of going away from me, I got scared. I hold Lord’s feet and requested him not to leave. In spite of all of my requests, he went away from me.

When I woke from the dream, I kept on repenting (that I could not meet my Kaanha).