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Jahaan jaahan khayaal jaata hai, wahaan wahaan tumhiko paata hain..

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


This song is so fitting for the composer Rhythm King O P Nayyar sahab and our beloved singer Geeta ji (who sang this song with the one and only one great Mohd Rafi sahab).

And now we have more reasons to be happy. Mr Siraj Khan, who has been closely associated with the legendary composer has launched a website dedicated to his idol Nayyar sahab. The website is
Though the site has been launched a few months ago, we came to know about it recently, thanks to a post by Mr Irfan on RMIM. We are truly grateful to Siraj ji for making this website on the great composer Nayyar sahab.

We have now added a link to Nayyar sahab’s website on our blog section
You can see it under the resources section on the right hand side.It is also added on to our main website under the “Links” section here

From our homepage, scroll down all the way to the bottom. On the footer, you will find a link to sections called links, contact, sitemap etc. Once you click on the “Links”, it will take you to the page

Though Geeta ji sang a good number of songs for Nayyar sahab, not many photos featuring the singer and the composer are available on the net. Here is one from our own collection, thanks to our friend Shri Shashank ji.
Rafi OPN Geeta

As it was the case with our own website this website on Nayyar sahab is still work in progress. A lot of features are planned to be added to it in the coming days as Siraj mentioned. He is looking forward to constructive suggestions, comments, feedback on the site to make it more appealing. As with any website on an artist, it is purely a “labor of love”.

We urge all the music lovers to visit this site and appreciate the work done by Siraj Khan and his team. Thanks Siraj for the wonderful work you have done so far! The music lovers all over the world will surely appreciate your sincere efforts in making of this website.

Coming soon…First birthday of our website

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


With help from music lover friends, we launched the website on 23rd November 2008. All these days we have got great responses and feedback from so many persons from all over the world.

We all are committed to keep this site active and updated with fresh content on regular basis. We will be celebrating the first birthday of our website along with the birth anniversary of Geeta ji this year on 23rd November 2009. We have planned to add some more interesting features to our main website as well as many interesting posts on this blog section to celebrate this great occasion.

Any one interested in helping us with the various activities planned for this day, please contact us at geetaduttfans [AT]gmail [dot] com

Looking forward to hear from music lovers.

Best Regards
Geeta Dutt fans team

A few words from the team behind

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


After the success of sites in the memory of legendary artists Asha Bhonsle ji, Kishore Kumar ji and Mohd Rafi ji, this is the fourth presentation from HF board. The Geeta Dutt fans team is involved in the building of the site.

This was the banner we posted on Hamara Forums the day we launched our website.


There are many circumstances when life will deal unfair cards to us. Geeta Ji’s life was one such. She had so much to give and yet, it all was cut short by so many reasons. After a long a time, it is nice to do something to keep her memory alive…and an effort to make others realize the beautiful numbers she sang…in so many different languages and to bring back some memories and reminiscences of those golden times.
Truly a tribute befitting the Girl with the Golden Voice !!

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Truly befitting as She gave so much happiness to millions of people all round the world and definitely deserves immortality. That is just the inspiration.

Hamara Forums has given all of us this “once in a life time” opportunity to do something meaningful in the life. We always live for ourselves and be happy about it. Here we have one of the most talented artist, who passed away at a tender age of 41. This was more than 35 years ago and sadly very few people know about her.

So here is our tribute to showcase her talent to the world. The team does not claim that every thing will be original work or will be the best. This is just the begining of what we want to do. We want more and more people to help us so that we can make this site a great place to know about Geeta Dutt, the one singer who never got her due.

Her voice was with us when we were Happy – when we were Sad – when we wanted some Peace of mind – when we felt Love in our life – we we felt the pain of seperation from our loved one’s…. her songs lifted us from gratest of depressions…. and more than that multiplied our Happiness infintly with her voice….

We know that Rome was not bulit in one day (and neither by one person). We are so lucky to have so many music lovers helping us in various ways in this “Dream project”. We feel that Geetaji’s voice has touched and enthralled millions of music lovers. We hope that this site will help the future generations to know more about Geetaji. The memories of Geetaji and her songs will remain in all music lover’s minds forever.

On the behalf of the Geeta Dutt fans team, we thank Hamara Forums board for giving us the opportunity to pay this small tribute to the legendary singer Geeta ji. Its been a true labour of love for all of us.

Yaad karoge, yaad karoge, ek din hum ko yaad karoge……..

And truly not a single day hass passed in this world of music that someone did not remember Geeta Roy Dutt,the most vibrant of our playback singers!