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(1930 - 1972)

Music maestro Naushad (Naushad Ali) does not need any introduction. He is one of the most respected, celebrated and famous name of Hindi film industry. His name is synonymous with classical Indian music and melody at its best. The team of composer Naushad, lyricist Shakeel Badayuni and legendary singer Mohd. Rafi gave us innumerable memorable songs which are timeless classics and will remain a favorite with music lovers till Hindi Film Music will be alive. Lata ji also sang some of her most melodious songs for Naushad sahab. Naushad was "the" perfectionist and many music lovers consider him the best composer ever!

Geeta Dutt sang for maestro Naushad sahab only twice during her career spanning 26 years (1946-1971). For the first time she sang a duet with Shyam (and also a solo version of the same ??) in the 1949 film Dillagi. This song is the tandem version of the famous song "Tu meraa chand main teri chandni" sung by Suraiya and Shyam for the same film. The singing of Geeta in this was quite soulful. One wonders why it was such a short song and why they didn't work together more often! A detailed discussion of "Tandem songs" sung by Geeta Dutt can be found here.

Another clarification, the singer Shyam (who sang this famous song and some other songs) is a different person than the actor Shyam who acted in the film. The songs of this film were not sung by the hero Shyam but by a junior artist whose screen name was changed by A R Kardar to Sham (aka: Shaam), to deceive the public in to thinking that heroine and hero both were singing stars (like: Anmol Ghadi). To mend this misinformation, some people have added the word Kumar, so as to avoid confusion. The Singer Shaam Kumar played junior artists roles in quite a number of films, including Dillagi. There may be few other songs sung by him a nd if so, the MD would have been Naushad.

The hero Shyam died at a very young age falling from a horse on the sets of another film Shabistan (1951). Incidentally Geeta ji sang several songs for this film for composer duo Madan Mohan and C Ramchandra.

Some websites wrongly mention this Geeta - Shyam duet ("Tu meraa chand main teri chandni") as a ''Version song'' but this was in the film and is not a version song. The song is only 1:57 min long (compared to the Suraiya version which is more than 3.45 min long) and was not released on records. It is only present on the soundtrack of the film. The song sung by Geeta Dutt was picturised on a side-actress who played Suraiya's sister-in-law in the film (Shyama as child artist ?) and the hero Shyam.

Some sites/books also wrongly mention about a version song from Babul (Milate hi aankhen dil hua deewana kisi kaa) as being sung by Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar. In fact it has been sung by Hemant Kumar and Rama Devi. A detailed discussion of "Version songs" sung by Geeta Dutt can be found here.

There has been some information leading to a belief that in fact Geeta even sang a solo version of the same song "Tu meraa chand main teri chandni". The correctness of this information has not been validated and we invite collectors/lovers of old film songs to help us with this clarification.

The second and the last time Geeta Dutt sang for Naushad sahab was for the 1962 film Son of India. "Mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hain" is a beautiful rendition by Geeta Dutt. The actress who lip-syncs on this song is Lillian who was introduced by Bimal Roy in the film"Apradhi Kaun?" The dancing couple whose thoughts this song is supposed to voice is Kamaljit Singh who later married Waheeda Rehman and the actress Kum Kum. Wow they do enact quite a romantic scene!

One will be surprised to know that the song "Mujhe Huzur Tumse Pyar Hain" sung by Geeta Dutt has been used for a TV spot in Portugal and became very popular even though nobody knows what song it is and who sings it! It's a TV spot for a wireless internet company named Zapp! There was a lot of discussion about this song. The TV spot won a prize and was very popular even though nobody knew the name of the singer or the song!

Most of the CD compilations of Geeta Dutt have this song, but the second stanza "Khushi ke saaz hain chhede hue" is missing from it.

Here is a brave attempt in translating this beautiful song:

mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai ( I am in love with you my dear)
tumhii pe zi.ndagii nisaar hai (My life is dedicated to you)

mere kariib aa ke dekh lo (Come closer to me)
mujhe gale lagaa ke dekh lo (Give me a hug)
huzuur aazamaake dekh lo (Dear give it a try with me)
nazar kaa tiir dil ke paar hai (The arrows of my eyes will pass through your heart : you will feel my love for you)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai \threedots ( I am in love with you my dear)

khushii ke saaz hai.n chhe.De hu_e (Happy musical instruments are playing)
dilo.n ke raag hai.n khule hu_e (The hearts have opened up with melodies)
sabhii hain husn par luTe hu_e (Everyone loves the beauty)
zamaanaa aaj beqaraar hai (The world is filled with passions today)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai \threedots ( I am in love with you my dear)

idhar ye raat kii javaaaniiyaa.N (The night is so young)
udhar tumhaarii meherbaaniyaa.N (And you are so generous to me)
banii hai pyaar kii kahaaniiyaa.N (The stories of love are developing)
ye raat ek yaadagaar hai (This night is so memorable)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai ( I am in love with you my dear)
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