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(1930 - 1972)

One of the most talented music directors that Punjab has produced was Vinod. His real name was Eric Roberts but for the film industry he chose a more familiar name Vinod. Vinod got a good break when he composed music for Hindi film Ek Thi Ladki (1949). The film was a success and its song “Lara lappa lara lappa layi rakhda, addi tappa addi tappa layi rakhda” sung by Lata Mangeshkar. G. M. Durrani and Mohd. Rafi became an instant hit. The number was based on a Pahari folk tune of Kangra. Among some of Vinod’s best-known creations were the musical compositions of Anmol Rattan (1950), Wafaa(1950), Sabaz Bagh(1951), Aag ka Dariya(1953), Laadla(1954) and Makhi Choos(1956). Although Vinod composed music for 32 films, but most of these films were under small banners and the music of many were let down by the film’s poor showing at the box office.

Geeta Dutt sang a handful of songs for Vinod with half of them coming for low budget films in the later part of his career like Makheechoos and Sheikh Chilli. She sang three lovely songs for Vinod in Tara (1949). “Ek yaad teri hain” is a sweet melody from Tara. The same year saw the release of Vinod’s most popular musical Ek thi Ladki. Lata walked away with all the (well deserved) applause for the super

hit song “Lara lappa” but still Geeta had that one divine solo “Chandani raat hain..Unse kehna ke woh pal bhar ke liye aa jaye” This one song showcases Geeta’s talent and the control on her voice and its modulations. This is probably her best song for Vinod.

Geeta’s name has been wrongly credited to another song “Dilli se aaya bhai Tingu” from the same film. It is not certain who actually sang this song. Meenal Wagh or Honey (?) is the probable singer for this song.

For Wafa (1951), Geeta sings a lively duet “Geheri geheri nindiya mein soye matwale” with the upcoming Asha Bhonsle. Later in 1956, when the only films coming Vinod’s way were low budget films, Geeta sang two lovely duets for him. “Madahoshi mein tanhai mein” sung with G. M. Durrani is a true-blue romantic number, cherished by the music lovers. Geeta complements the soft voice of Durrani and captures the right mood of the song. In another duet, this time with Talat Mahmood, who is generally not known for funny romantic songs, she is at her naughtiest. Filmed on Karan Diwan (Rattan fame) and Shyama, this is a delightful light number.

Vinod passed away penniless at the young age of 37 in 1959. A few of the films for which he composed music were released after his death. Geeta has sung a few songs for those films.

In memory of late Vinod and Geeta, let us take a moment and sing this song in their memory

“Unse kehna keh woh pal bhar ke liye aa jaaye”
List of incomplete songs sung by Geeta Dutt
Please note that this list may not be complete
Year Song Film Co-Singer
Unse kehna ki pal bhar
Ek Thi Ladki
Ek yaad teri hai jeene ka sahaara
Kab tak nirdhan ke dil se khelega
Kheloge kaun sa khel mere lal
Gahri gahri nindiya mein soye matwaale
Nath Madhok Wafa
Asha Bhonsle
Jhanak jhanak baaje paayal tori
Oot Patang
Sudha Malhotra
Madhoshi mein tanhaai mein jab husn naqaab uthaata hai
Sheikh Chilli
G M Durrani
Munh mod lenewaale dil tod denewaale
O arabpati ki chhori
Talat Mehmood
Dil ko bachana aje dil ko bachana
Dekhi Teri Bambai
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