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(1930 - 1972)
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1951 was a very eventful year in Geetaji’s life. When S.D. Burman had her sing songs of “Baazi”, sort of a complete metamorphism happened. After catapulting to fame and fortune with Burmanda’s 1947 chartbuster “Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya” in “Do Bhai” Geetaji was committed to singing more or less sad songs. At least in the ensuing years, from 1948 to 1950, where she reigned supreme in playback singing, majority of the songs Geetaji sang can be typed as “weepers”. Her talent was still very latent and was waiting to be discovered to be experimented in hitherto unchartered territories of singing styles. This happened with Burmanda’s “Baazi”. In a sudden change of face, Burmanda had Geetaji sing several fast paced and racy songs for that movie. It was as if he was making a “bet” (“Baazi”) that only he knew that he was not going to loose. No one until this time knew that Geetaji possessed the talent for singing these types of waltz-based songs. A new Geetaji was born with this movie.

With the thundering success of the songs and its music, the movie “Baazi” changed Geetaji’s life forever, in more ways than one. Firstly, the other music directors suddenly discovered her new talent for different styles of singing and were eager to sign her for many such songs. Secondly, but most importantly, she met her future husband, Guru Dutt, while singing for “Baazi”. Ambitious and extremely talented, ground in many facets of movie making through several years of apprenticeship under some well-known movie personalities, Guru Dutt was waiting for an opportunity to happen so that he can direct a movie. It came with “Baazi”, a movie his close friend Dev Anand was producing. This maiden directorial debut venture by Guru Dutt was going to lead his life to some legendary heights in the future.

Guru Dutt was 26 years old when he fell in love with Geeta Roy during filming of “Baazi”. Geeta Roy met him for the first time when Guru Dutt was filming the song “Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui” on actress Geeta Bali. This was the very first scene filmed for “Baazi” on the movie’s muhurat day. Geeta Roy also met at the same time other members of Guru Dutt’s family, who were all present for this important day in Guru Dutt’s life.

This professional association between Geeta Roy and Guru Dutt soon tuned into love affair. The success of the film “Baazi” made it possbile for them to be quickly engaged. Even though Geetaji and Guru Dutt were very much in love and got engaged and were anxious to marry right away, Geetaji’s family was reluctant to lose the breadwinner of the household. Because of this unexpected resistance, their wedding did not take place for another two years.

Year 1951 was a very busy year for Geetaji. For S.D. Burman alone she sang in as many as four movies that year. These were “Baazi” (seven solos), “Bahaar” (two solos), “Ek Nazar” (two solos), and “Naujawan” (two duets). The music of “Baazi” and singing of Geetaji for that movie were some of the reasons for its great commercial success. Especially Geetaji’s song “Tadbir Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer bana Le” created a tremendous stir when the movie was released. The audience would flock to theaters to see actress Geeta Bali perform to Geetaji’s song which was one of Burmanda’s finest compositions. It is interesting to note that this was a ghazal written by the lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi. It was set to music in western style by Burmanda. Guru Dutt who went on to be recognized as one of the best in picturizing songs had a perfect setting in the movie for this song with the right amount of lights and shades. In a story Burmanda recalls that, he was a bit nervous when “Baazi” was about to be released. To escape the anxiety, an avid angler he was, he went with a friend for fishing and saw some kids playing near the river and having fun between them singing songs. To Burmanda’s surprise they were singing “Tadbir Se”. Reassured, he retuned form the holidays to find that his music, the songs, and the movie were big hits.

Hansraj Behl had her sing in three of his movies. These were “Kashmir” (a triplet), “Nakhare” (one solo and one triplet), and “Rajput” (a duet). Bulo C. Rani had her sing in two movies. These were “Nirmal” (a solo) and “Pyar Ki Baatein” (a duet). Geetaji also sang in a movie for which C. Ramchandra and Madan Mohan together provided music. This was “Shabistan”. She had two duets and a triplet in that movie. She also sang for Roshan in “Bedardi” (three solos), Chitragupt in “Hamari Shaan” (two duets), and for S.N. Tripathi in two movies. These were “Hanuman Pataal Vijay” (a solo) and “Laxmi Narayan” (five solos and a duet). The other music directors she sang in 1951 include Husnlal & Bhagatram in “Stage” (a solo), Khayyam (a duet in “Pyaar Ki Baatein”), Khemchand Prakash (4 solos and a duet in “Shri Ganesh Janma”), Madan Mohan (a solo in “Ada”), a duet for N. Tiwari in “Maya Machhindra” and Vinod (a duet in “Wafa”).

Geetaji’s singing history for films in 1951 is summarized in the table starting on the next page. Please note that this information is not complete.
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1951
Song Co-Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Bhanwra Badaa Diwana - Nirmal Bulo C. Rani Moti
Aansoo Bhao Tum Udhar Mukesh Pyar Ki Baatein - -
Hum Tumse Poochte Hain Mohd. Rafi Hamari Shaan Chitragupt Anjum Jaipuri
Jeene Ki Khushi Na Marne Ka Gham - Hamari Shaan Chitragupt Anjum Jaipuri
Ye Taaron Bhari Raat Mohd. Rafi Hamari Shaan Chitragupt Anjum Jaipuri
Hai Yeh Mausam-E-Bahaar Talat Mahmood Shabistan C.Ramchandra & Madan Mohan Qamar Jalalabadi
Hum Hain Tere Diwane Chitalkar & Talat Mahmood Shabistan C.Ramchandra & Madan Mohan Qamar Jalalabadi
Kaho Ek Baar Mujhe Talat Mahmood Shabistan C.Ramchandra & Madan Mohan Qamar Jalalabadi
Uth Aaye Watan Ke Pramodini Patkar & Mohd. Rafi Kashmir Hansraj Behl -
Andhiyari Kari Raat Mein - Nakhare Hansraj Behl -
Humne Bhi Pyaar Kiya Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi Nakhare Hansraj Behl -
Koi Dil NaKisise Lagaaye - Shabistan Hansraj Behl -
Chhupne Ke Liye Hain Hamida Banu Rajput Hansraj Behl -
Dum Tod Diya On Jaanewale - Stage Husnlal-Bhagatram Sarshar Sailani
Mast Chandni Jhoom Rahi Hai Mukesh Pyaar Ki Baaten Khayyam Munawwar Khanna
Bhilanath Re Naiyya Paar Laggane Waale Manna Dey Shri Ganesh Janma Khemchand Prakash -
Hey Laxmikant - - - -
Mere Bholenaath - - - -
O Deepak Ke Sang Jaltaa - - - -
Shiv Shankar Daya karo - - - -
Sachhi Baatein Bataane Mein - Ada Madan Mohan S.K. Deepak
Chup Ke Chup Ke Jab Se Hua Hai Pyaar Surendra Maya Machhindra Neelkanth Tiwari -
Gehri Gehri Mindiya Mein Asha Bhosle Wafa Vinod D.N.Madhok
Aankhon Se Pooch Lo - Bedardi Roshan - -
Do Pyaar Ki Baatein Ho - Bedardi Roshan - -
More Tum Se Ho - Bedardi Roshan - -
Unhe ApnaBanaa Lena - Bedardi Roshan - -
Aaj Ki Raat Piya - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Ae Dil Ae Diwane - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Dek Ke Akeli Mohe - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Suno Gajar Kya Gaaye - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Tum Bhi Na Bhoolo Balam - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Yeh Kaun Aaya - Baazi S.D. Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Bhagwan Do Ghadi Insaan - Bahaar S.D. Burman Rajinder Krishan
O Duniyawalo Kitne Zaalim - Bahaar S.D.Burman Rajinder Krishan
Bas Chupke Hi Chupke Se - Ek Nazar S.D.Burman -
Ik Alhad Balhad Chhori - Ek Nazar S.D.Burman -
Panghat Pe Dekho Mohd. Rafi Naujawan S.D.Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Zara Jhoom Le Mohd. Rafi Naujawan S.D.Burman Sahir Ludhianvi
Kyon Rooth Gaye Humse - Hanuman Pataal Vijay S.N.Tripathi Anjum Jaipuri
Aaj Aachanak Jaag Uthe Sulochana Kadam Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Gayi Birha Ki Raat - Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Kal Ki Yeh Baat - Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Kaun Bhool Mujh Se Hui - Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Oh Bhool Jaanewale - Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Phoolon Se Karloon - Laxmi Narayan S.N.Tripathi R.C. Pandey
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