Geeta Dutt: The Queen of “Bhaav Gayaki”

Geeta Dutt
Geeta Dutt is a unique female playback singer in a way that she was master at conveying the right mood and feel of the song. She is truly the queen of “Bhaav Gayaki” (the capability to convey the feelings that the song seeks to express). For any song that just requires a singer to put lots of heart in it, Geeta was the singer for it.

I was listening to a relatively rare number from Nirmal (1952) composed by Bulo C Rani.

“Thee aur woh mulaqaat woh…”

This is a simple sweet song where the girl is remembering her meeting with her lover. She sings

Hum tumhaare saath ho, tum hamaare saath ho
haathon mein haath ho, kuchh aankhon se baat ho..

ho re..

Wow what a sweet rendition! Without going overboard, Geeta and the composer Bulo C Rani convey the right mood of the song.

Here is another example of her Bhaav Gayaki, now a duet with singing star Surendra Nath

Kehne ko hai taiyar
magar kaise kahein hum
karate hain tumhein pyaar
magar kaise kahein hum

One must listen to this beauty to appreciate how she conveys the romantic feelings without expressing them! Those were the days when the love and its expression was so subtle.

The other day I was listening to this sweet song and realized some specials from the S D Burman – Geeta Roy team. The film Armaan was released in the year 1953, so this song was possibly recorded some time in the year 1952 when Geeta ji was still young Geeta Roy. She was singing:

Yeh Hansi, Yeh Khushi, Laakhon Baras Yoon Hi Aaye
Yeh Hansi, Yeh Khushi, Laakhon Baras Yoon Hi Aaye..

Naujawaani Teri Geet Gaati Rahe, Zindagi Naaz Se Muskuraati Rahe
Naujawaani Teri Geet Gaati Rahe, Zindagi Naaz Se Muskuraati Rahe
Dum-B-Dum Roop Ki Dhoop Chadti Rahe, Har Ada Teri Jaadu Jagaati Rahe

And after this line she sings “Yeh tera…baankpan..sab ke dilon mein samaaye”. The way she takes a lovely pause after the word “Yeh tera” and “Baankpan” is a treat to the ears.

Wish the lines she sung in this song would have become true in her life and brought the smiles and happiness for thousands of years for her!

And how about this unusual un-characteristic of a song from the pen of Kavi Pradeep ji.

“Hallo hallo oh meri chhammak chhallo,
aao aao karle pyar challo challo”

Its a fun-filled duet of Rafi sahab and Geeta ji from the film School Master (1959) composed by Vasant Desai.

Listen to the way she sings:

Na na na na darr lage mohe dear..
koi dekh lega jee tallo tallo

Simply superb! It is sure that Kavi Pradeep had more range than he is given credit for.

For Geeta Dutt, it did not matter who the composer was or who she sang for. It did not matter if it was a big budget film or a low budget costume drama. Geeta Dutt sang every song with the passion and that special Geeta Dutt touch. Right from her early years, she was extremely good at conveying the right emotions of the song.

Another example of a lesser heard song. After Burmanda and Lata had some misunderstanding, Burmanda started giving most of the songs to Asha. For the film Laajwanti, all the songs filmed on Nargis were sung by Asha.

Geeta Dutt gets a chorus dance song :

Aaja chhaye kaare badara,

chham chham barase nain kajara re

The song is filmed on 2 dancers and Geeta sings for both of them.The way she conveys the feelings of this song is simply superb!

Those who know me know that I generally avoid talking about the songs Geeta has sung for Guru Dutt films. Not that I do not like them, but many times those are the only ones talked about. So I make it a point to focus the attention on her songs outside Guru Dutt films domain.

This time, for a change, I am referring to a melancholy from Guru Dutt’s superhit film Aarpaar (1954). Composed by O P Nayyar and penned by Majrooh sahab, this song is filmed on Shyaama.

Ja ja ja ja bewafaa
kaisa pyar kaisi preet re
tu naa kisi ka meet re
jhoothi tere pyaar ki kasam…

As most of us know, this song is a tandem of the more popular duet “Sun sun zaalima” sung by Mohd Rafi and Geeta Dutt. I have read somewhere that the tune of the duet is heavily influenced by some popular western song. But the same article mentions that the sad song “Ja ja ja ja bewafaa” is an original masterpiece from OPN.

The same singer who sang “Arre na na na na tauba tauba” for the same film Aarpaar was singing this sweet and melodious sad song. I get goose bumps when I listen to the way she sings the opening lines.

Generally the words in OPN’s songs have a heavier stress, but this song has like a few words lightly whispered..

A beauty of a song!

Another excellent example of Bhaav Gayaki is the songs Geeta Roy has sung for the film Jogan. Some one has said that if Saint Meerabai was to come back to life, she would have taken her “Avtaar” as young Geeta Roy. All the songs have been sung with such feel.

The bhajans are always talked about more. Here is a relatively light song :
Jaraa tham jaa tu
aye saawan
mere saajan ko
aane de

The sweetness in Geeta’s voice and the smile on Nargis’s face is like just made for each other! What a melody..thanks Bulo C Rani for giving these gems to us.

The magic of Bhaav Gayaki is not restricted to film songs alone. Here is an excellent example of a non-film song composed by V Balsara.

Gaayein gaayein hum, naye taraane gaayein

A must listen for music lovers. Just close your eyes and you can imagine Geeta Dutt literally swinging on this tune.


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  1. rashmi mehta says:

    Every day life and even the very normal feelings of ours are easily sung by Geeta Duttji.

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  3. raj says:

    Geeta Roy as she was known before she got married to Guru dutt, sang one very beautiful song from film Arman – Ye Hansi Ye khushi .And one other song from the same film -Jadoo bhare ye fizaeen . Both songs have tunes that are beyond compare . The song is sung very straight forward with emotion and compassion and live up to our expectations . Who nowadays can sing in such a way ? Nobody!

  4. parag says:

    Raj ji

    We are glad that you are enjoying these lovely songs of Geeta ji.


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