Heartfelt Tribute by Shri Tushar Bhatia ji

Geeta Dutt
Dearest Geeta ji,
Happy Birthday !
“Aaj ki kaali ghata mast matwali ghata
mujhse kehti hai ki pyaasa hai koi
kon pyasa hai mujhe kya maloom”
Kaash aap dekhte ki kon kitna pyaasa hai is aawaz ke liye..!
Nothing and no one can equate what your singing and voice does !
Words are inadequate to express the magic of your mesmerizing flawless voice! The range of your expression and emotions in every genre. As a listener
there is no place for any brain-work here.
Your singing goes straight to the heart and stays there forever and ever and ever….
Thank you for everything you have sung !
‘konsa tara chand ko pyara”?

It was a joy making you albums during my HMV days that I hold close to my heart!
I’m still discovering new songs by you and wondering how many more are yet to beard, felt, and savored!
Your songs have gone beyond entertainment…
Your feelings and joys were real and therefore the expression is, even if it was crafted by a music director.. the soul of the song is intensely cared for indeed by you!
I wish I was fortunate to even get a glimpse of you singing on film or video…
Yes, I as music composer am definitely envious of O P Nayyar, S D Burman, Hemat kumar, Chitragupt ,Anil Biswas ji etc who created mesmerizing melodies that you turned into masterpieces.
All your songs with Pankaj Mullick are a joy for ever!
“kabhi inko chahen kabhi unko..”

Thank you once again!
You live forever!


We are grateful to our dear friend and mentor, composer and musician Shri Tushar Bhatia ji for this tribute to Geeta ji on her birth anniversary.

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