Gajendra Khanna Remembers Geeta ji on Her 90th Birthday

Geeta ji was a wonderful soul who sadly left us very early. On 23rd November 2020, She would have turned 90 years old.

The date also marks completion of 12 years of this website. We thank all those who have contributed to this website over the years and request all her fans to share more material with us.

Here is a programme dedicated to her memory by Gajendra Khanna, the administrator and maintainer for this site. Let’s keep enjoying her songs and spreading the joy of her voice with Everyone.

Audio:       Gajendra Khanna Remembers Geeta ji On Her 90th Birthday

2 Responses to “Gajendra Khanna Remembers Geeta ji on Her 90th Birthday”

  1. Aravind Wakade says:

    Geetajee is one of my favorite singer. She had beutiful voice maintained from her first song to the last recorded song of ‘Midnight’.

  2. Rajeev kumar says:

    Hello sir, I name is Rajeev kumar and I am a ph.D scholar. My research topic is on geeta Dutt’s life. So I was trying to find some books on it. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am looking for ‘The skylark: Geeta Dutt and yours guru Dutt. So I request you if possible please provide the hard copy of these books. I greatly need this. I will be very thankful to you for this favour. I will wait for your response. Thankyou.

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