Geeta ji was the best. Lets remember her on her anniversary.

Today on Geeta ji’s death anniversary, lets all remember her very fondly. She rose like a meteor to the top in late 40s and dazzled all. Then, Geeta Roy found a way into everyone’s hearts for many years to come. Till she got married in 1953, She had given numerous wonderful songs to us and post-marriage they continued to roll.

On this special occasion, We release this exclusive interview with Legendary Singer Manna Dey, who talks at length about Geeta ji.

He throws light on various facets about Geeta ji’s life. He talks about how popular she was in those days and his interaction with her. Do enjoy the interview.

We’d also like to share this clip from one of the movies released when Geeta Roy was at the top. The movie is the hit Gemini film, Mr Sampath which released in 1952. It had the Roy magic in many songs. Actress Padmini made her Hindi debut in this movie. She was a top stage actress and is visited by Motilal posing as a reporter. In this scene, he describes her as the best actress using metaphors for her art. As expected he compares her with those considered the best in those days, Khoobsurti mein Rita Hayworth, Tragedy mein Greta Garbo, Comedy mein Carmen Miranda, Naachne mein Nita (Bieber?) aur Gaane mein Geeta (Roy), Aap Nahin Jaanti Aap Kya Kya Hain”.

Here is another poster showing her popularity. See her name at the end in big letter size..

Popularity banner

For a show which features so many greats of the day, the organisers felt it important enough to highlight their main attraction.

‪We shall always be extremely sad that she passed away at such a young age. But she gave a lot like that old song where she probably was singing the message of her life, “Duniya Ki Sabha Palchhin Hi Sahi … Kuchh Le Ke Gaya To Haar Hui , Kuchh De Ke Gaya To Jeet”, And Geeta ji certainly won, not just our hearts but lots more.

6 Responses to “Geeta ji was the best. Lets remember her on her anniversary.”

  1. Punya says:

    Thank you so much for this! here’s my salute to thee. Thanks again. Thanks so much!

  2. Aditya says:

    While talking about dancing, Motilal is not referring to Geeta Bali. He clearly says Nita. He could be referring to Nita Beiber.

  3. Dr Mohan Dev Saini ( saudi arabia ) says:

    Dear Parag ji

    Dont have words to express the feelings , today.

    Can not say any thing any more.

  4. hildebrand says:

    @Aditya, Yes, you’re right. Corrected it.

  5. Sandeep says:

    Her songs and music are much integral part of our life which makes us forget our day to day pains and takes us to a new world from routine ….HATS OFF TO THE GEM….

  6. Moktader says:

    I feel proud to be son of the soil where the legendary nightingle born (Bangldesh). I would like to convey my shroddhanjali to the departed soul of that great singer on her 38th death aniversary.

    27 july, 2010

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