A Portugal TV spot and Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt

A Geeta Dutt song which she sang in the year 1962 became part of a TV spot for a wireless internet company called Zapp in Portugal. The TV spot became quite popular in Portugal even though no one knew anything about the singer, the composer, the lyricists, the film or the song itself. This is clear example of how music can connect souls overcoming the barriers of language, country etc.

The song which featured in that TV spot is none other than the song “Mujhe huzoor tumse pyaar hai” from the film Son of India (1962). It was sung by Geeta Dutt for the great composer Naushad sahab and was penned by his favorite lyricist Shakeel Badayuni ji. This was the second and the last song she ever sang for Naushad sahab. (The first song she sang for him was way back in the year 1949 for the film Dillagi.)

Here is the video of the TV spot:

The original song was filmed on the actress Lyllian with Kumkum and Kanwaljeet in the frame.

The film version does not have one stanza which is available only on the 78 RPM records. The version which is available on the 78 RPM records was missing one stanza in compared to the Film version. Our friend Gajendra N.K. compiled all the stanzas together and came up with this full audio of this song.

Hope you enjoy this song as much we all do. This song and her singing is an ample example of the sweetness in her voice as late as 1962. So the next time some one tells you that Geeta Dutt lost her magic by early sixties, please request them to listen to this exquisite number!

Here are the lyrics of the song with translation in English:

mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai ( I am in love with you my dear)
tumhii pe zi.ndagii nisaar hai (My life is dedicated to you)

mere kariib aa ke dekh lo (Come closer to me)
mujhe gale lagaa ke dekh lo (Give me a hug)
huzuur aazamaake dekh lo (Dear give it a try with me)
nazar kaa tiir dil ke paar hai (The arrows of my eyes will pass through your heart : you will feel my love for you)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai \threedots ( I am in love with you my dear)

khushii ke saaz hai.n chhe.De hu_e (Happy musical instruments are playing)
dilo.n ke raag hai.n khule hu_e (The hearts have opened up with melodies)
sabhii hain husn par luTe hu_e (Everyone loves the beauty)
zamaanaa aaj beqaraar hai (The world is filled with passions today)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai \threedots ( I am in love with you my dear)

idhar ye raat kii javaaaniiyaa.N (The night is so young)
udhar tumhaarii meherbaaniyaa.N (And you are so generous to me)
banii hai pyaar kii kahaaniiyaa.N (The stories of love are developing)
ye raat ek yaadagaar hai (This night is so memorable)
mujhe huzuur tum se pyaar hai ( I am in love with you my dear)

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5 Responses to “A Portugal TV spot and Geeta Dutt”

  1. Dr Mohan Dev Saini ( saudi arabia) says:

    Paraag ji,
    Behad sureela geet hai yeh.
    Thanks for resurrecting it.

  2. Dr Mohan Dev Saini ( saudi arabia) says:

    I could not download the portugal tv spot zapp video.

  3. hildebrand says:

    Yes its a lovely song. use download helper plugin for firefox to get it directly from youtube.

  4. Rajendra Bora says:

    Don’t find any song sung by Geeta ji in film Dillagi as mentioned by you.

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