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Adding Colour to Geeta ji’s Pictures

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

This wonderful article is By Shaheed Haniff, a big fan of Geeta ji who loves adding colour to Geeta ji and other artists photos.

It is said that the heart grows even fonder when one is away from the country of one’s origin. Migration for various reasons has been a part of human activities for centuries. Over time, the newer generations also get influences of their forefathers’ culture through various artifacts like films and music. It is but natural to get attracted to one’s ancestral culture while staying in another. Its influences continue to be imbibed by the newer generations. I am a fourth generation East Indian settled in Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies.
Geeta ji (B&W Picture)Geeta ji (picture colourised by Shaheed Haniff)
It is not a surprise that I was also attracted towards the personalities of Indian cinema since childhood. I have always had a fascination with old black and white photos since I always wondered what it would be like in colour for I knew colour was always there just that the technology wasn’t developed as it
Geeta ji (Original B&W Picture)Geeta ji (picture colourised by Shaheed Haniff ji)
My parents wedding photos were obviously in black and white. That was my starting of adding colours to photos. It was my Passion, Love, driving force to make the impossible ….possible.
Mohd Rafi and O P Nayyar with Geeta ji (Original B&W Picture)Mohd Rafi, O P Nayyar with Geeta ji (Colourised Picture)
With the passing of time I got a laptop and I began to google old Hindi actors …It was there that I saw Madhubala and fell in love with all her pics. Over time, I have not only coloured the majority of her pics but also some other actors. If you were to google on the internet you may see my colour pics.
Geeta ji and Guru Dutt with a Radio Announcer (Original B&W Picture)Geeta ji and Guru Dutt during a programme (colourised)
Just like Madhubala was a diva par excellence of the golden era, Geeta Dutt ji  was also a voice whose appeal has endured for those who have heard her. Her voice was like a paint brush which conveyed the colours of various moods of the filmy heroines with its characteristic sweetness, flexibility and appeal.
Guru Dutt (B&W Picture)Guru Dutt (colourised Picture)
Geeta Dutt ji for some reason had a certain aura or as I would say the photos called out to me!
When choosing the colours it is like the actors guide me in choosing the colours. Mind you, I may be as wrong as wrong can be because I was never there. I only go ahead with my own intuitions and gut feelings.
Geeta Dutt ji (colourised Picture)
I don’t have a fancy computer or laptop. Some would say that it is outdated. However, it does the job just as well. I use photoshop to add colours to the photos. It is my way of returning the colours legends added to the lives of our forefathers and now us.
Geeta Dutt (colourised picture)
My greatest reward would be …..but doesn’t seem to be becoming a reality … for the remaining legends (actors ) to see their photos in Colour. I hope it will happen one day. Meanwhile, I sign off while leaving these photos coloured along with some of their original B&W counterparts here for all you fellow Geeta Dutt fans. Few are already shown above during the article and some more follow. Thanks.  

Here is a colourised photo of two Geetas – Geeta Dutt and Geeta Bali on a film set:-
Twp Geetas on a film set (colourised photo)
This is another picture I colourised. I can never get over how She exudes elegance, innocence, goodness and something that She holds back in her pictures.
Geeta ji (colourised picture)
This is a colourised picture of one I found of hers with actress Tanuja on the sets of Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi. Incidentally, it was on Tanuja that songs of Anubhav were picturised. I wish Geeta ji had lived longer and we would have got more songs of the duo.
Geeta ji in a pensive mood
This is a picture where Geeta ji exudes total class. She was always so dignified. It’s probably from Badhu Baran. Wish the movie would turn up so that we could see her act!
Geeta ji - A Class Apart
This is another picture I did of the elegant couple Geeta ji and Guru Dutt. Wish both had stayed longer on Mother Earth. They had so much in them inside, still to share, which their earlier demise took away from us all.
Geeta ji with Guru Dutt
Some friendships are forever. The love seeping out of what singer Meena Kapoor wrote remembering her was for all to see. I know they’re both singing duets together in heaven united now. A colourised picture of the dynamic duo:-
Best Friends: Geeta ji with Singer Meena Kapoor
Last but not the least is this picture of Geeta ji on the microphone. This is how I picture her, on the microphone, spreading joy for all her fans. May people keep discovering her, enjoying her and thus, She may continue living in their hearts! I sign off totally on that note.
Geeta ji on the microphone

Geeta Roy turns Dutt

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Publicity poster

We have already talked a lot about the huge popularity of Geeta Roy in various posts on our website. Post marriage when She adopted the name Geeta Dutt, people had to be told both names were the same person. This label scan from the collection of our dear friend Gajendra Khanna proudly labels her as Geeta Dutt (Roy) informing the filmgoers about this fact on the record of Toofan Aur Diya.
Meri aan bhagwan

Her name along with Lata ji on this record label for the duet song also appears in the same format.

Meri chhoti si behen

Till 1950 during their female duets, it was Geeta Roy whose name came first before Lata Mangeshkar. It indicates the popularity she enjoyed. Things did change the reverse way in the later years but the fact remains that while she was Geeta Roy she ruled the Hindi film singing world.

This clearly proves what a rage ‘Geeta Roy’ had been! Even all her Bengali records between 1953 and 1956 mentioned ‘Geeta Dutt (Roy)’ says our friend Sounak Gupta. The ‘Harano Sur’ record with ‘Tumi Je Amar’, was the last to mention her name in this way. Even most of the mid 50s (Bengali) film magazines used to mention ‘Smt. Geeta Dutt (Roy)’. That was because of the stature Geeta Roy had attained.

Here are labels of some of her 78 rpm records of Bengali songs graciously shared with us by our dear friend Sounak Gupta.

The first record with her credited is GE 24702 – Padma amar kohe kende kende (Lyrics & Music – Kanu Ghosh) & Aay Re Chhute Aay (Lyrics & Music – Kanu Ghosh).


Another one which credited as ‘Geeta Dutt (Roy)’ GE 30372 Film – Harano Sur Song – Tumi Je Amar (L- Gouriprasanna Majumdar, M – Hemanta Mukherjee)


Another record from the same film – N 76032. Songs – Suray Dube Thakle Pore (L – Shyamal Gupta, M – Anil Bagchi) & Pujite Maheshe Heri Pranodhone (L – Girish Chandra Ghosh, M – Anil Bagchi).


N 76034. Film – Mahakabi Girishchandra. Song – Akulo Basante Aaji (L – Shyamal Gupta, M – Anil Bagchi)


Here is one more 1956 basic disc. N 82701, with songs – Othho Othho Maa Gouri (L – Bhaskar Bose, M – Sudhin Dasgupta) and Kajol Kajol Kumkum (L – Miltu Ghosh, M – Sudhin Dasgupta).


1957 non-film disc – N 82731. Songs – Rum Jhum Jharnar (L – Anal Chatterjee, M – Kanu Ghosh), Tomay Dekhechhi (L – Anal Chatterjee, Kanu Ghosh).


Another 1957 basic disc – N 82764. Songs – Krishnachura agun tumi (L – Batakrishna Dey, M – Sudhin Dasgupta), Jhiri Jhiri Chaitali Batase (L & M – Sudhin Dasgupta)


Great fan of Geeta ji and our dear friend Mahesh Sagar recalls that many 78 rpm records continued to have her name as Geeta Roy till the year 1956-1957 . Even the famous Bhai Bhai song ‘ae dil mujhe bata de’ is also credited to Geeta Roy on 78 rpm records. Mahesh distinctly remembers an interview of legendary playback singer Asha Bhosle ji where she mentioned about R D Burman discouraging her from changing her surname to Burman ( Asha Burman) giving example of how Geetaji’s Career took a hit after she changed her surname from Roy to Dutt.

A Story of the Generosity of Geeta ji in the words of Kaifi Azmi

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Lyricist and Poet Kaifi Azmi sahab has told an incident on the Jaimala Gold program on Vividh-bharati in the year 1988.

The producers of Uski Kahani (1966) wanted to have the song “Aaj ki kali ghata” sung by Geeta ji but could not afford to pay any money to her. Kaifi Azmi had earlier penned the lyrics of the film Kagaz Ke Phool which were sung by Geeta Dutt ji. The producer of the film requested Kaifi sahab to convince Geeta ji to sing the song without asking for any money.

In spite of the fact that Geeta ji herself was in great financial difficulties in those times, she sang this song for free. And she sang the song with the same passion and love (and intensity) with which she was known for.

Quote :

Filmi gaano ki mahuliyat se yeh bahut zaroori hai woh jis film ka gaana ho woh film maqbool ho. agar film naakaam rehti hai to uski har cheez naakaam ho jaati hai. meri do teen baDi baDi filmen naakaam ho gayi haalaanki gaane unke bhi maqbool huye. phir bhi filmi duniya mein yeh mashoor ho gaya ki Kaifi likhte to achchha hain lekin
sitaare unke Kharaab hain. isiliye filmkaar aksar mera naam sunkar apne kaano mein haath rakh lete the. uske baad kuchh dino tak main bilkul bekaar aur bahut zyaada pareshaan raha.

inhi haalat mein GareebKhaane par ek chhoTi si gaaDi se kuchh 10-11 aadmi utre. unko dekhte hi koi bhi samajh letaa ki yeh log filmwaale hain. maine Khushi Khsuhi unka swaagat kiya. unmein ek ‘director’ saahab bhi the jo bahut baatooni, bahut be-takalluf aadmi the.

Unhone baiThte baiThte mujhse poochh liya ki ‘aajkal aapke paas zyaada filmen to naheen hai?’.
Maine kaha ‘zyaada kya ek bhi film mere haath mein naheen hai’.
Mere is jawaab se woh Khush ho gaye. Maine poochh bhi liya ki ‘huzoor ismein Khush hone ki kya baat hai? aapko to mujhse hamdardi honaa chaahiye’.

Unhone farmaaya ki ‘main ek film banaa raha hoon aur ham sab chaahte hain ki aap uske wokaale bhi likhen aur
gaane bhi’.

mere paas jab koi filmsaad ya hidaayatgaar film ka ‘offer’ lekar aata hai to Khushi bhi hoti hai aur GhabraahaT bhi. GhabraahaT isliye ki abhi poochhenge ki ‘aap muhaafza kya lenge?’

Yeh sawaal sunke hamesha mujhe paseena aa jaata hai. jo sawaal karta hai woh bhi thoDaa ghabraata hai lekin is film mein aisa kuchh naheen huya. Main un 10-11 aadmiyon ke chehre ko dekh raha tha ki ab koi muhaafze ki baat chheDega lekin kisi ne aisa koi sawaal naheen kiya.

Main sochne lagaa ki gaano aur wokaalon ka woh kam se kam jo muhaafza denge woh bhi itna to zaroor hogaa ki bekaari ke dino mein jitna karz mujhpar ho gaya hai woh adaa ho jaaye. yeh sochkar maine naukar ko aawaaz dee ki ‘chaai le aao’. jaise hi maine likhne ki zimmedaari qabool kar lee aur woh hazraat jaane lage to ‘director’ saahab ne
nihaayat betakallufi se apna ektarfa faisla sunaa diya ki ‘is film mein aapko koi muhaafza naheen milega, agar film chalee to dekhaa jaayega’,

Main aam taur se bolta bhi kam hoon aur hansta bhi kam hoon lekin us waqt itni mehnat karke muskuraaya ki mere chehre par dhuyaan uDne lagaa. Khair, maine gaana likha aur ‘music director’ ne uski bahut achchhi dhun bhi banaaee.

Ab sawaal yeh paida huya ki gaana gaaye kaun? ‘music director’ ki khwaahish thi ki agar yeh gaana Geeta
Dutt ki aawaaz mein ‘record’ ho jaaye to woh maqbool hoga, lekin Geeta Dutt ko muhaafza kaun dega?

Maine Kagaz Ke Phool ke gaane likhe the aur Geeta Dutt ne gaane gaaye the. Zamaane mein unse kuchh jaan-
pehchaan ho gayi thi. ‘director saahab ne mujhse kahaa ki ‘Geeta-ji se agar aap kahen to woh hargiz inkaar na karengi’, maine kahaa ki ‘mujhe bhi aisa lagta hai ki woh inkaar naheen karengi’.

Itne dinon mein ‘director’ saahab ke saath uThne baiThne se mujhmein bhi yeh hausla paida ho gaya ki ek din main ‘director’ saahab aur poori ‘team’ ko lekar Geeta-ji ke ghar pahunch gaya. unko gaane ke bol aur dhun itne achchhe lage ki woh bhi kisi muhaafze ke baGair gaane ko tayyaar ho gayeen. aur unhone usi pyar se woh gaana gaaya
jisse Geeta Dutt pehchaani jaati theen.

Song: aaj ki kaali ghaTaa mast matwaali ghaTaa (Uski Kahani)

Thanks to Sujoy and Vividh Bharti Yahoo group for sharing this heartwarming story.

Classical songs with a touch of feelings..

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Geeta Dutt

Indian film and non-film music has a great base in the heritage of the Indian classical music. A saying in Sanskrit defines “Raaga” as “Ranjayati Iti Raagah”… It means, whatever “Colours Up” our mind is a “Raaga”. A Maestro may define “Raaga” in assorted ways giving importance to the grammar of Indian music but this is perhaps the best definition of “Raaga” for an amateur.

Although it is said that Geeta Ji’s was not a voice which had gone broad as a consequence of painstaking practice of Classical Music, she had sung few Classical Based songs with excellence. Geeta Ji was indeed a singer whose singing was always “effortlessly effective” and the fact remains unchallenged even in cases of certain complex classical rooted numbers! By her inherent talents, Geeta Ji truly “Colours Up” our minds in her renderings of “Raaga Based” Songs…

Presented below is a non-comprehensive list of “Classical Based Songs” rendered by Geeta Ji. One can never deny that the singer truly has a very special appeal on us through every Raaga she sings!

Raaga : Sharang

The “Sharang Raaga” is thought to have been derived from the “Shalag Raaga”. Although it has traditionally been considered as Rain Raaga, it also expresses other moods! Experiments on Sharang have created many subdivisions of the raga, few of them being “Shuddha Sharang”, “Gaud Sharang” and “Brindabani Sharang”. “Brindabani Sharang” is a popular Raaga used in Hindi Films seems to be influential in certain songs of Geeta Ji too.

We also see the use of “Gaud Sharang” in one of Geeta Ji’s songs. Whenever some situation in a film required expression of overflowing jovial restlessness, the composers had full faith in “Sharang”…

1. Jhanan Jhanan Jhanwa (Geeta Dutt) (Mangala-1950) (Brindabani Sharang)(Composer : M.D.Parthasarathi)

Whilst “Jhanan Jhanan Jhanwa” goes on, we see the young and frolicsome Mangala performing her daily chores and having completed making butter, tasting a bit to confirm its sweetness… Then the excited girl calls for her Lord, the naughty Krishna to taste… By her admirable rendering, Geeta Ji (and of course Bhanumathi on-screen) creates a delightful scene… The music director, very appropriately makes use of the restless “Brindabani Sharang” in this beautifully worded song, to incite the listeners. And Geeta Ji, through her ever-colorful and free-flowing voice, lets us understand the emotional status of the on-screen Mangala, right at the beginning of the film…

2. Dekho Jadu Bhare More Nain (Geeta Dutt) (Aasman-1952) (Gaud Sarang)(Composer : Omkar Prasad Nayyar)

The song “Dekho Jadu Bhare More Nain” too we once notice the fast tempo just as in “Jhanan Jhanan Jhanwa” or “Rang Birangi Phoolon Ki”. An appreciable synchronization of various instruments such as the violin and the flute adds beauty to the song too. Is this also not a romantic song as the above… Imaginations guided by deep emotions? Geeta Ji renders the song as excellently as she did the former ones! Jumping from one note to another in “Drut Teentaal” so freely! Does the song not force out a childish friskiness from our hearts?

A Touch Of Sharang

1. Piya Aiso Jiya Mein Samaye Gayo Re (Geeta Dutt) (Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam-1962) (Composer : Hemant Kumar)

Don’t we feel, while listening to “Piya Aiso Jiy Mein Samaye Gayo Re” and visualizing the scene where Chhote Bahu (actress Meena Kumari) waits on for her husband to come, restlessness? Although not as much as the “Aasman” or “Mangala” song does, this song indeed brings an excitement to our minds when we hear it. Hence we find a touch of “Sharang” or being more specific, “Brindabani Sharang”. But the song only partially follows the notes of the “Kafi Thaat” to which the particular Raaga belongs to. Hence we can not refer to it as a Raga-Based song despite the influence of “Sharang”!

Raaga :Multani

It is believed that the “Multani Raga” was created by Shekh Bahauddin Jawkria of Multan. It is a peaceful Raaga and follows the notes of “Todi”. However “Multani” does not use Rishabh and Dhaibat during Aarohan, which “Tori” does. Also, if “Tori” begins from Uttarmandra then “Multani” begins from Abhirudgata (Nishad before the Starting Shadaja of “Tori”). Unlike “Todi” and her sisters “Saheli Todi”, “Gujari Todi”, etc who like to go to temple early morning and sing Bhajans, the cousin “Multani” prefers the daytime heavy classical. As yet, one song by Geeta Ji has been found to have a “Multani” base.

1. Lag Gayi Aankhiyan (Geeta Dutt & Mohammad Rafi) (Jeevan Jyoti-1953) (Compser : Sachin Dev Burman)

This song goes on a light folk base with Geetaji, Rafi Sahab, Burman Da and last but not the least the harmonium player creating the magic! The singers are successful in conveying the feeling of the song. The composer very appropriately uses the Raga to render this folk-based song. Burman Da very effectively mingles the folk style and the Raaga to create this immortal song and Geeta Ji renders it in the most auspicious way, so does Rafi Sahab who gets comparatively fewer lines to sing.

Raaga : Aashavari

“Aashavari”, sung in the “Third Prahar” of the morning, is Raaga which bestows seriousness or sometimes, sadness. It is supposed to have originated in Orissa. “Aashavari” shares similarities with Raaga Jaunpuri, but is not as complex as the latter. The most popular “Raaga” of the “Aashavari Thaat” in Hindi Film Music is “Darbari Kannada”. However, Hemant Kumar chooses to use the “Thaat” in its purest form and gives us two songs to enjoy in the evergreen voice of Geeta Ji!

1. Na Yeh Chand Hoga Na Taare Rahenge (Geeta Dutt) (Shart-1954) (Composer : Hemant Kumar)

When we hear “Na Yeh Chand Hoga Na Taare Rahenge” from “Shart” we realize how deep a saying can be. Its captivating tune, which applies the grave “Aashavari” reminds us of depth… Does it not? The feeling of the song is furthermore helped to be exposed by the slow paced rhythm. Of as usual, Geeta Ji, who always sang “Straight from the Heart”, sings this song submerged into depths of feeling and we get an evergreen hit! By means of its clearly engraved tune, this song succeeds in forecasting a reassuring avowal of enduring love…

A rare video clip of the second part of this song is here

2. Tum Aur Hum (Geeta Dutt & Hemant Kumar) (Fashion-1957) (Composer : Hemant Kumar)

In “Tum Aur Hum” we hear the application of fast rhythm over “Aashavari”. We also have both Geeta Ji and Hemant Kumar singing! In case of “Na Yeh Chand Hoga” the two are not actually juxtaposed but individually declare enduring love whereas this song has the two lovers together. Perhaps the togetherness brings in the excitement and the composer uses a “Drut Taal”. Geeta Ji with her carefree singing and Hemant Kumar with his extremely romantic voice successfully renders this beautiful song which is nothing but musically declaring imaginations, profoundly rooted in deep emotions…

Raaga : Jaunpuri

Supposed to have originated from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, “Raaga Jaunpuri” from the “Aashavari Thaat” is not much differentiated from the purest form of the Thaat or “Raaga Aashavari”. It is usually performed in the “Third Prahar” of the day. One of the early songs of Geeta Ji’s is seen to have been greatly influenced by “Raaga Jaunpuri”.

1. Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol Re (Geeta Dutt) (Jogan-1950) (Composer : Bulo C Rani)

“Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol” is an extremely significant song in Kidar Sharma’s “Jogan”. It is heard in the very beginning of the film and gives us a sketchy idea of the focal theme of the story. It’s nothing but a divine imagery of uniting with the Lord. In her virgin voice young Geeta Roy beautifully renders the song and captivates her listeners in a moment. Legendary singer Juthika Roy had been famous singing this Bhajan and so did the beautifully worded and composed song add to making Geeta Roy a legend.

Raaga : Jogia

“Jogia” is a Raaga from the “Bhairav Thaat”. It is sung in the “Second Prahar” of the day which is early morning. “Jogia” creates a highly divine atmosphere and has been appropriately used in a devotional song sung by Geeta Ji early in her career for “Jogan”.

1. Uthat Chale Avadhoot (Geeta Dutt & Co-Singer) (Jogan-1950) (Composer : Bulo C Rani)

This song has been used in two scenes of “Jogan”, both demonstrating pains of separation. In the first, Devotee Meera moves away from a particular place where the lead actor met her. The second usage of the song has been in the scene where Meera Devi takes her final departure in order to perpetually unite with her Lord. Young Geeta Roy creates a very emotional environment by her rendering of this song and so does the on screen Dilip Kumar with his skills in acting. We are not able to find video/audio of the second part as of now.



Raga : Maand

“Raaga Maand” is believed to have its origin in folk music of Rajasthan. It is a Raaga used to create a highly devotional atmosphere. Bulo C Rani had given Geeta Ji a song based on “Maand” in “Jogan”. It is the very famous Bhajan “Aeri Mein To Prem Deewnai”. The warmth of “Maand” shines through the song and its beauty induces a longing for divine love.

1. Aeri Mein To Prem Deewnai (Geeta Dutt) (Jogan-1950) (Composer : Bulo C Rani)

“Aeri Mein To Prem Deewani” as used in “Jogan” is a Bhajan being sung by Meerabai which continuously grabs the attention of the agnostic hero of the film. It is important to note that it is actually Geeta Ji who immediately attracts our attention by the charming rendering of this beautifully worded song.


Part: 2


Concept and research : Sachin Godbole

Development and poetic expansion : Sounak Gupta

We are grateful to our dear friends Sachin and Sounak for coming up with this authentic research based article on classical based songs of Geeta ji.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks – Vol. 1

Saturday, November 10th, 2012


Riyaasat (1955) was a costume drama film starring Mala Sinha and Mahipal. It’s music was composed by Avinash Vyas ji and lyrics were penned by Prem Dhawan ji. Geeta Dutt ji was a favorite singer of Avinash ji (in Gujrati as well in Hindi). She sang two solos and two duets for this film.

1) So bhi jaao mere armaano, yaad aao na gujre zamaano – A soulful sad song in the form of lullaby

2) Aisi nazre naa daal, kar le khayaal (duet with Mohd Rafi sahab)

It has been seen several times that Avinash ji would use a tune from his Gujrati song into a Hindi film song. We do not know if he composed any song on the same tune in Gujrati before 1955, but years later he used this tune in Gujrati for a song sung by Asha ji. The song is “navi te vahu na hath ma rumal” – for the film Man No Manigar (1977). This song can be heard here

3) Aaye ji aaye , din pyaare pyaare aaye (duet with Madhubala Jhaveri ji)
Madhubala Jhaveri

We did not have an audio for this rare song. We are grateful to our friend Gurcharan Sandhu ji for sharing this extremely rare song with us. This song is based on the original Gujarati Amirbai Karnataki ji and Madhubala Jhaveri ji duet:
‘Aavi re aavi haath maan aavi maaraa sasraa ni chaavi…’ from the Gujarati film ‘Naag Devta’ (1955) with Music and lyrics by Avinash Vyas ji.

4) Naacho rum jhum, naacho dhinak dhin, baar baar aaye yeh khushiyon ke din

All the songs are very enjoyable. No wonder Avinash ji and Geeta ji were a wonderful composer-singer team who gave us many such melodious songs.


We are grateful to our friends Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji and Chetan Vinchhi for providing rare songs and relevant information.

Tributes to Geeta her fans in their own voices

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Geeta Dutt

With the popularity of the video sharing sites like Youtube, a lot of music lovers have sung their favorite songs and shared them with the world. Here is a compilation of such tributes of some of the very melodious and lovely songs of Geeta ji. Most of the singers have done commendable job and their affection towards Geeta ji is evident in the way they have presented these songs. We are grateful to all for these tributes and for sharing them with us.

1) Ja ja ja bewafa : Aar Paar (1954) , MD : O P Nayyar, Lyrics: Majrooh — Tribute by Sudha Rao

This is a very lovely sad song (in a crime thriller film with lot of fast paced songs). Sudha ji has very nicely captured the mood of the song.

2) Mera sundar sapna beet gaya : Do Bhai (1947), MD: S D Burman, Lyrics: Raja Mehendi Ali Khan — Tribute by Jayanthi Nadig

A song more than 60 years old has not lost its charm. This is an eternal favorite of any one who likes songs from old Hindi films. Jayanthi ji has beautifully sung this melody.

3) Hoon abhi main jawaan : Aar Paar (1954) , MD : O P Nayyar, Lyrics: Majrooh — Tribute by Kaplana Desai

Another popular song from Aarpaar, this one, though a fast paced one, has a touch of sadness. Nice singing by Kaplana ji in this song.

4) Na yeh chaand hogaa : Shart (1954), MD: Hemant Kumar, Lyrics: S H Bihari — Tribute by Kusum Sharma

This has to be one of the most emotional songs of Geeta ji. Kusum ji has put her heart and soul in this song.

5) Jaane kya tune kahin : Pyaasa (1957), MD: S D Burman, Lyrics: Sahir — Tribute by Sudha Rao

A light romantic number from otherwise dark film. A great composition by Burmanda, sung so nicely by Sudha ji. Great job.

6) Piya aiso jeeya mein : Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam (1960), MD: Hemant Kumar, Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni — Tribute by Jayanthi Nadig

This is a perennial favorite of many music lovers (even though the most popular song from SBG is “Na jaao saiyaa”). Jayanthi ji has nicely captured the mood of the song and sung it very well.

7) Tadbeer se bighadi : Baazi (1951), MD: S D Burman, Lyrics: Sahir — Tribute by Mona Gajjawala

The song that proved to be a milestone in Geeta ji’s (and many other people’s) career. Mona ji has done a great job in singing this seemingly simple yet captivating tune.

8 ) Mera naam chin chin choo : Howrah Bridge (1958) , MD : O P Nayyar, Lyrics: Qamar Jalalabadi — Tribute by Rajjulaxmi

Another rock and roll number, one of her most favorite songs, a favorite of many musical programs. Rajjulaxmi ji has sung it with a lot of energy and zing.

9) Aye dil mujhe bataa de : Bhai Bhai (1956), MD: Madan Mohan, Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan — Tribute by Sudha Rao

A passionately romantic sweet song. Once again Sudha ji has done a great job in singing this.

10) Mujhe jaa na kaho : Anubhav (1971), MD: Kanu Roy, Lyrics: Gulzar — Tribute by Manisha Jambotkar

This is the song from a film which proved to be bright flicker of the lamp before it extinguished. All the 3 songs of Geeta ji from this film are marvelous. It is a difficult song to sing, but Manisha ji has again sung it so well.

11) Thandi hawa kaali ghata : Mr and Mrs 55 (1955) , MD : O P Nayyar, Lyrics: Majrooh — Tribute by Krithika Jeyaraman and Sudha Rao

The magic of Madhubala, Geeta Dutt, O P Nayyar and Majrooh is simply amazing. Many music lovers use the opening lines of this song to describe the voice of Geeta ji. Krithika ji and Sudha ji has sung this in perfect team effort. Great singing.

12) Jaata kahaan hain deewane : CID (1956) , MD : O P Nayyar, Lyrics: Majrooh — Tribute in a program dedicated to Geeta ji

Another sizzler song from OPN sahab’s treasure. Though the song was deleted from the film due to censor problems, it has not lost its charm. The singer has done a great job in singing this one.

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Facebook group dedicated to Geeta ji

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Geeta Dutt

We have been trying to promote the legacy of Geeta ji through our website, this blog section and various other platforms on internet. Facebook has become on of the most popular social networking sites in recent times. We have created a group dedicated to Geeta ji on Facebook. The URL to the group’s page is given below!/group.php?gid=180989355175

We encourage music lovers to join the group and participate in sharing songs of Geeta ji and also discussing about her.

Looking forward to see you all there.

Thanks in advance

Another rare gem discovered..well..almost !

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Young Geeta Roy

Waheed Dehwar ji is a good friend of us and another fellow Geeta ji fan. He hails from Quetta, Pakistan and has a great collection of many rare songs of Geeta ji, especially from the early phase of her career. He has recently shared a short snippet of a lovely song ‎”Madhuban mein mohe na bulaao Shyaam” of young Geeta Roy. It seems like this was a non-film song recorded some time in the 40s.

We request music lovers to share full audio of this rare song.

Thanks in advance.

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Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare … Geeta ji, Where Are You?

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Geeta Dutt

It may have been nearly four decades since Geeta ji silently left for the heavenly abode but She has indeed never left our thoughts. Such was her mastery over her art that She can never disappear from our collective consciousness. Her voice had multiple facets and that rare ability to convey all merely by inflecting its pitch or tone. Her range is immense which can mesmerise anyone, totally capturing one’s attention and finally giving the listener an adrenaline rush like no other singer can. It is often that the nectar in her voice has had that effect on me.

Today was one such day,Yet Again.

I have a special fascination for the phase when She was still Geeta Roy, the singer who rose like a meteor and captured the imagination of a generation gone by.

And the song I listened to is by this very seductress.

The song stopped playing long ago but its strains still reverberate in my ears.

The honey of her voice will stay with us for ever.

After all, this was sheer magic. Hearing the song makes me miss her so much. And it is indeed ironic, that the song I heard is from a movie called “Kisi Ki Yaad”. The lyrics, composition and her singing have created a gem to cherish.

The mellifluous lyrics are by another genius long buried in the sands of time. He is the one who’s name means Pearl. Yes, it is Moti B.A. and his work complements another half-forgotten genius Hansraj Behl, who gave us many gems.

The song is “Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare”.

It was probably picturised on Sulochana Chatterjee’s character in the movie who is lost in the memories of her beloved. This kind of thoughts were to be Geeta’s life in the years to come. But Geeta didn’t need to go through that to lend her magic touch to the song. Come, lets see her glide through this tune.
The wonderful prelude doesn’t give half an inkling of what’s to come. The Young Geeta Roy takes charge of the situation from the word go, as She intones.

Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare, Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare

Waah, Waah! Trust Geeta to give the right stress to each word and conveying the thoughts going on in the deep recesses of the heroine’s mind.
There is this discomforting ‘tadap’ in Tadapta and the feeling of separation in ‘chhod’. When She says Mujhko, it feels that all this is happening to me and when She inquires ‘Kahaan’, the mind wanders searching for where the beloved is. And the beautiful way in which She sings Pyaare. Oh, how in a word She manages to convey how deeply loved is he!

Chale Aao Bulaate hain Yeh Aansoo Dard Ke Maare, Yeh Aansoo Dard Ke Maare

With what elegance and sweetness She calls the beloved. Which beloved wouldn’t come if She called like this, with tears spawned by supreme sadness. The ‘pain’ in dard is unmistakable.

Oh Mujhko Bhoolne Waale O Mujhse Roothne Waale,

How elegantly She refers to the one who has forgotten her, probably angry over some small lovers’ tiff.

Tumhaari Yaad Mein Rote Bechaare Chaand Aur Taare, Bechaare Chaand Aur Taare

How innovatively,here, She conveys how the beloved is missed. Yes, indeed on listening, one can’t fail to realise how miserable are the poor moon and even the stars.

And again She goes in the same adorable tone,

Chale Aao Bulaate hain Yeh Aansoo Dard Ke Maare, Yeh Aansoo Dard Ke Maare

before She sings,

Mohabbat Karne Waalon Ko Nahin Kyon Chain Milta Hai

These kinds of lines would have been in so many songs but the effect She produces here has to be seen to be believed. One actually wonders, why the ways of love take away the peace.

Wahaan Tum Ho Yahaan Hum Hain Jeeyen Kaise Bata Jaa Re, Jeeyen Kaise Bata Jaa Re

Its absolutely heart rending, the manner in which She questions the separation, asking how can She live with this. It is even more amazing how She conveys how far apart the two are. ‘here’ and ‘there’ were never felt so “far” before.

No one will doubt on hearing this line that indeed life is not worth living in this state.

Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare, Kahaan Tum Reh gaye Pyaare

Dreamily, She calls him yet again. He mustn’t have heard else he would be here in a trance, I am sure.

Lagaaye Aas Baithi Hoon, Jalaaye Hoon Shamaa Dil Ki,

The heart burns as She narrates how the hope of return still burns in her mind and the fire burns. The way She stresses on Lagaaye, Jalaaye, Shaama, Dil all in the same breath is a sorceress at work!

O Mujhko Bhoolne waale Iddhar Bhoole Se Aaja Re, Iddhar Bhoole Se Aaja Re

Another awe-inspiring line. Nobody can show such a ‘bhool’ in two ways when She sings Bhoolne and Bhoole. Oh, won’t the beloved come by mistake just once?

Tadapta Chhod Kar Mujhko Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare, Kahaan Tum Reh Gaye Pyaare

And suddenly comes this last line of the song filled with the same jamboree of emotions, one calling the beloved, another showing the pain and worry about where the beloved is.

Finally, I am left wondering thoughtfully, My life would have been incomplete without listening to this. This rainbow of talent alone could have produced this magic of a song. If only, She had sung this song to her real-life beloved and brought him back before it was too late. The film world would have been different perhaps.

By- Hildebrand

P.S. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to M.L. Kapur ji for taking the song out of his “vault” and Prof Surjit Singh ji for sharing it with us on his website. You both are one in a million.

Discovery of a “Chhupa Rustom”

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Bulo C Rani

Bulo C Rani must be probably one of the most talented yet the most unsung composer. We have a detailed write up about him on our main website here. All these days we were thinking that the last song by the Bulo C Rani – Geeta Dutt combo was from the year 1964 (a duet from Badshah Salamat and a quartet from Haqdaar). Only recently we discovered an extremely rare and lovely song of Geeta ji under the baton of Bulo C Rani sahab for the film Chhupa Rustom (1965). The song is “Ek dil thaa mera, joh teraa ho gaya”.

The Hindi Film Geet Kosh doesn’t mention the name of the lyricists for any song of the movie. In fact, it doesn’t mention which singer sang each song individually. It just gives list of playback singers at the end.
We don’t know if Geeta ji sang any other song for the movie too for this reason.

(The movie has six songs in all. Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur, Asha Bhosle, Jaani Babu and Usha Mangeshkar are other attributed singers for the movie).

This song must be shown to all those who claim her voice had deteriorated in the 1960s. (This is a 1965 song! of course, it could have been recorded a bit earlier, but how early could it be).

Those “bad voice” songs are few only. She just had some bad days and some good days, which is expected of someone who faced tragedies like her not to mention constrained finances and ill health.

All in all, it is a great discovery of a hidden one (“Chhupa Rustom”), a lovely one on top of it!

Million thanks to Shalini ji for sharing this gem of a song with all of us.