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Geeta ji and Madhubala : Two colourful personalities

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Geeta ji and Madhubala are two personalities who brought a lot of colour to Hindi films. One with her voice and the other with her charms. Their period was of B&W movies and both had a long partnership together. We have already talked about their partnership on the blog here.

I used to offer wonder, How it would be if Madhubala’s songs sung by Geeta ji were to be made available in colour. In today’s world a gamut of technologies are available which can help colourise videos. It’s an ongoing battle whether it should be done in the first place but unless efforts are made to progress the technology, we cannot expect to have natural looking colourised videos one day. Colour does add another dimension to what we see after all.

I was discussing this concept with Shaheed Haniff ji, a fellow Geeta fan who loves colourising artist photos who had shared a few colourised photos of Geeta ji with us in a heartfelt article here earlier.

He told me that it requires a lot of computing resources like processing power, memory etc. In fact, He told me that a few years back he had actually colourised a song clip of Aa Aa Meri Chaal Pe from K Amarnath’s Kal Hamara Hai (1959) in which Madhubala had done a double role! He told me that it took him over three months to complete the task with his simple laptop. Here are the results of his efforts for all of us to see:-

A youtube search also revealed that the ‘Gaane Naye Puraane’ channel had actually colourised the lovely Geeta-Kishore Duet, Aankhon Mein Tum from Half Ticket (1962) which had been composed by Salilda.

It is available at this link for those interested:-

During her long career Madhubala acted in only one full length colour film Jwala which also proved to be her last movie. In this movie, Geeta ji had featured in one of the songs, Haule Haule Ek Bhi Na Ghungroo Bole which was unfortunately not picturised on Madhubala. Here is the song for completeness:-

Singers: Geeta Dutt, Lata Mangeshkar & Sudha Malhotra

If you are aware of any more coloured videos of their combination do share links in the comments!

– Gajendra Khanna

Geeta Bali in Sailaab

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Thanks to Lakshmipriya ji for this post.

Geeta Bali in Sailaab – 1956

Geeta Bali in Sailaab (1956)

Enjoy listening to Geeta ji’s rendition of Ye rut ye raat jawan for the movie.

Music by Mukul Roy, Lyrics by Shailendra

Faces of Geeta ji : Chitra

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Post by Lakshmi Priya ji

Chitra in Son of Alibaba – 1955 .

Hear Geeta Dutt sing Sanam Tu Aaja composed by Sardul Kwatra and written by Prem Dhawan for this movie Son of Alibaba (1955)