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Photos of Geeta ji by Shashank Chikarmane – Part 1

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Thanks to Shashank Chikarmane ji for sharing these photos of Geeta ji!

Geeta ji in an attractive salwar kameez

More pictures shared by him.

Geeta ji looking elegant in a Saaree
Geeta ji in a thoughtful pose
Geeta ji smiling so sweetly
A picture probably of later days
Geeta and Guru Dutt with Others
Geeta ji strikes a lovely post
Geeta ji at All India Radio’s Mike (Is it for her Jaimala?)
Geeta ji (Extreme left), Mahendra Kapoor (Extreme Right), composer J P Kaushik and others (Can you identify the others for us?)

Few of these photos you may have seen in Haimanti ji’s book as well. The J P Kaushik photo had been shared earlier by Shishir Krishna Sharma ji shared to him by the composer himself when he interviewed J P Kaushik ji.