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Geeta ji’s Funeral

Monday, July 20th, 2020

By Lakshmi Priya ji

Geeta ji’s early demise was a huge loss for her fans. On her death anniversary, thinking about all that could have been is a source of deep anguish for her fans.

I hereby present an Urdu magazine (probably Shama)’s photo which documents her extremely sad funeral. She was merely 41 years when She left for her heavenly abode due to cirrhosis of the liver.

It’s written ….playback singer Geeta Dutt Ka inteqaal 20 july ko bambai mein ho gaya”.. Aditya Pant had translated what is written for me . The headline is bulbul hamesha ke liye khamosh ho gayi.. ppl are offering flowers and her elder son is having the last darshan….can see SDB and RDB…

Geeta ji may have passed away but She continues to live in her songs. Lets keep spreading her songs to the new generations and keep her alive. May She be at peace, wherever She is.

Additional Inputs by Taiyeb Shaikh ji on the picture: I can’t make out magazine or new paper name. Usually Shama was Urdu monthly magazine with all Bollywood pictures & News. Kahkashan from Bombay was weekly Urdu Filmi news paper like Screen in English.
Anyways the lines are clear
Bulbul Hamesha ke liye khamosh ho gayi.
I can read also “Khush Gulu play back singer Geeta Dutt ka inteqal ho gaya” Khush Gulu mean Harmonious or Melodious voice. Khush is generally Sweet if used for voice & Gulu is voice. Never expected to see this. Salutes to you all.

She can never be replaced. Shyamal Chatterjee, a fellow Geeta fan sums it up aptly, “There will never be another Geeta Dutt . A comparatively short career but what she gifted us is never fading Diamonds “.

Geeta Bali in Sailaab

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Thanks to Lakshmipriya ji for this post.

Geeta Bali in Sailaab – 1956

Geeta Bali in Sailaab (1956)

Enjoy listening to Geeta ji’s rendition of Ye rut ye raat jawan for the movie.

Music by Mukul Roy, Lyrics by Shailendra

Geeta ji in Delhi

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Geeta Fan Lakshmipriya ji has dug up a photo from the Internet of Geeta ji. As per her, this beautiful pic of Geeta Dutt ji was taken in Delhi on September 18, 1959.

Faces of Geeta ji : Chitra

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Post by Lakshmi Priya ji

Chitra in Son of Alibaba – 1955 .

Hear Geeta Dutt sing Sanam Tu Aaja composed by Sardul Kwatra and written by Prem Dhawan for this movie Son of Alibaba (1955)