Adding Colour to Geeta ji’s Pictures

This wonderful article is By Shaheed Haniff, a big fan of Geeta ji who loves adding colour to Geeta ji and other artists photos.

It is said that the heart grows even fonder when one is away from the country of one’s origin. Migration for various reasons has been a part of human activities for centuries. Over time, the newer generations also get influences of their forefathers’ culture through various artifacts like films and music. It is but natural to get attracted to one’s ancestral culture while staying in another. Its influences continue to be imbibed by the newer generations. I am a fourth generation East Indian settled in Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies.
Geeta ji (B&W Picture)Geeta ji (picture colourised by Shaheed Haniff)
It is not a surprise that I was also attracted towards the personalities of Indian cinema since childhood. I have always had a fascination with old black and white photos since I always wondered what it would be like in colour for I knew colour was always there just that the technology wasn’t developed as it
Geeta ji (Original B&W Picture)Geeta ji (picture colourised by Shaheed Haniff ji)
My parents wedding photos were obviously in black and white. That was my starting of adding colours to photos. It was my Passion, Love, driving force to make the impossible ….possible.
Mohd Rafi and O P Nayyar with Geeta ji (Original B&W Picture)Mohd Rafi, O P Nayyar with Geeta ji (Colourised Picture)
With the passing of time I got a laptop and I began to google old Hindi actors …It was there that I saw Madhubala and fell in love with all her pics. Over time, I have not only coloured the majority of her pics but also some other actors. If you were to google on the internet you may see my colour pics.
Geeta ji and Guru Dutt with a Radio Announcer (Original B&W Picture)Geeta ji and Guru Dutt during a programme (colourised)
Just like Madhubala was a diva par excellence of the golden era, Geeta Dutt ji  was also a voice whose appeal has endured for those who have heard her. Her voice was like a paint brush which conveyed the colours of various moods of the filmy heroines with its characteristic sweetness, flexibility and appeal.
Guru Dutt (B&W Picture)Guru Dutt (colourised Picture)
Geeta Dutt ji for some reason had a certain aura or as I would say the photos called out to me!
When choosing the colours it is like the actors guide me in choosing the colours. Mind you, I may be as wrong as wrong can be because I was never there. I only go ahead with my own intuitions and gut feelings.
Geeta Dutt ji (colourised Picture)
I don’t have a fancy computer or laptop. Some would say that it is outdated. However, it does the job just as well. I use photoshop to add colours to the photos. It is my way of returning the colours legends added to the lives of our forefathers and now us.
Geeta Dutt (colourised picture)
My greatest reward would be …..but doesn’t seem to be becoming a reality … for the remaining legends (actors ) to see their photos in Colour. I hope it will happen one day. Meanwhile, I sign off while leaving these photos coloured along with some of their original B&W counterparts here for all you fellow Geeta Dutt fans. Few are already shown above during the article and some more follow. Thanks.  

Here is a colourised photo of two Geetas – Geeta Dutt and Geeta Bali on a film set:-
Twp Geetas on a film set (colourised photo)
This is another picture I colourised. I can never get over how She exudes elegance, innocence, goodness and something that She holds back in her pictures.
Geeta ji (colourised picture)
This is a colourised picture of one I found of hers with actress Tanuja on the sets of Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi. Incidentally, it was on Tanuja that songs of Anubhav were picturised. I wish Geeta ji had lived longer and we would have got more songs of the duo.
Geeta ji in a pensive mood
This is a picture where Geeta ji exudes total class. She was always so dignified. It’s probably from Badhu Baran. Wish the movie would turn up so that we could see her act!
Geeta ji - A Class Apart
This is another picture I did of the elegant couple Geeta ji and Guru Dutt. Wish both had stayed longer on Mother Earth. They had so much in them inside, still to share, which their earlier demise took away from us all.
Geeta ji with Guru Dutt
Some friendships are forever. The love seeping out of what singer Meena Kapoor wrote remembering her was for all to see. I know they’re both singing duets together in heaven united now. A colourised picture of the dynamic duo:-
Best Friends: Geeta ji with Singer Meena Kapoor
Last but not the least is this picture of Geeta ji on the microphone. This is how I picture her, on the microphone, spreading joy for all her fans. May people keep discovering her, enjoying her and thus, She may continue living in their hearts! I sign off totally on that note.
Geeta ji on the microphone

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