Colouring Geeta-Guru Dutt’s Wedding Pictures

By Shaheed Haniff ji

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the response to my efforts in colouring Geeta ji’s photos in my previous article here. I have spent a lot of time in doing the colouring and I am glad that many people have loved them.

Due to some past bad experiences, I did put my name in them but I was helpless as I had to ensure proper credit is given to me.

It is said in our culture that any lady looks her best on her wedding day. Few years back I had come across some Black and White photos of Geeta ji’s wedding with Guru Dutt where one can see her family and friends rejoicing their union. It was natural for me to wonder, How stunning Geeta ji would have looked on her big day. And when I wonder about such things, Its natural for me to want to try to colour those photos.

Today, I am sharing the results of my colouring various photos of the wedding of Geeta ji with Guru Dutt. I hope you will enjoy seeing them as much as I loved working on them. Many people are relatives whom I am not aware. If you can identify some, Do please leave your comments below. Thank you. Lots of Best Wishes to all of you from the Carribean!

Picture 1: Geeta ji’s makeup being done by her friends Geeta Bali, Smriti Biswas and others.
Picture 2: A radiant Geeta ji with Guru Dutt taking a photo with Legendary Actor Motilal ji and others
Picture 3: Geeta ji and Guru Dutt with friends and Relatives (Smriti Biswas is seen too)
Picture 4: Guru Dutt being bathed as part of rituals by his sister and others
Picture 5: Geeta ji with Relatives and Friends at the Bengali Style Wedding Ceremony
Picture 6: Guru Dutt carrying out rituals with the Pandit during the wedding ceremony. He looks like a typical bengali groom!
Picture 7: Guru Dutt and Geeta ji during the Ceremony
Geeta ji with Lata Mangeshkar, Smriti Biswas and Others at the Wedding!
Picture 9: And they’re both a Couple Now!!

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