Discovery of a “Chhupa Rustom”

Bulo C Rani

Bulo C Rani must be probably one of the most talented yet the most unsung composer. We have a detailed write up about him on our main website here. All these days we were thinking that the last song by the Bulo C Rani – Geeta Dutt combo was from the year 1964 (a duet from Badshah Salamat and a quartet from Haqdaar). Only recently we discovered an extremely rare and lovely song of Geeta ji under the baton of Bulo C Rani sahab for the film Chhupa Rustom (1965). The song is “Ek dil thaa mera, joh teraa ho gaya”.

The Hindi Film Geet Kosh doesn’t mention the name of the lyricists for any song of the movie. In fact, it doesn’t mention which singer sang each song individually. It just gives list of playback singers at the end.
We don’t know if Geeta ji sang any other song for the movie too for this reason.

(The movie has six songs in all. Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur, Asha Bhosle, Jaani Babu and Usha Mangeshkar are other attributed singers for the movie).

This song must be shown to all those who claim her voice had deteriorated in the 1960s. (This is a 1965 song! of course, it could have been recorded a bit earlier, but how early could it be).

Those “bad voice” songs are few only. She just had some bad days and some good days, which is expected of someone who faced tragedies like her not to mention constrained finances and ill health.

All in all, it is a great discovery of a hidden one (“Chhupa Rustom”), a lovely one on top of it!

Million thanks to Shalini ji for sharing this gem of a song with all of us.

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2 Responses to “Discovery of a “Chhupa Rustom””

  1. Sounak says:

    Sweet song indeed… Bulo C Rani and Geeta Dutt combination has always given us wonderful numbers.

  2. Dr Mohan Dev Saini (Saudi arabia) says:

    Behad khoobsurat gayaa Geeta ji ne.

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