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Geeta Roy turns Dutt

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Publicity poster

We have already talked a lot about the huge popularity of Geeta Roy in various posts on our website. Post marriage when She adopted the name Geeta Dutt, people had to be told both names were the same person. This label scan from the collection of our dear friend Gajendra Khanna proudly labels her as Geeta Dutt (Roy) informing the filmgoers about this fact on the record of Toofan Aur Diya.
Meri aan bhagwan

Her name along with Lata ji on this record label for the duet song also appears in the same format.

Meri chhoti si behen

Till 1950 during their female duets, it was Geeta Roy whose name came first before Lata Mangeshkar. It indicates the popularity she enjoyed. Things did change the reverse way in the later years but the fact remains that while she was Geeta Roy she ruled the Hindi film singing world.

This clearly proves what a rage ‘Geeta Roy’ had been! Even all her Bengali records between 1953 and 1956 mentioned ‘Geeta Dutt (Roy)’ says our friend Sounak Gupta. The ‘Harano Sur’ record with ‘Tumi Je Amar’, was the last to mention her name in this way. Even most of the mid 50s (Bengali) film magazines used to mention ‘Smt. Geeta Dutt (Roy)’. That was because of the stature Geeta Roy had attained.

Here are labels of some of her 78 rpm records of Bengali songs graciously shared with us by our dear friend Sounak Gupta.

The first record with her credited is GE 24702 – Padma amar kohe kende kende (Lyrics & Music – Kanu Ghosh) & Aay Re Chhute Aay (Lyrics & Music – Kanu Ghosh).


Another one which credited as ‘Geeta Dutt (Roy)’ GE 30372 Film – Harano Sur Song – Tumi Je Amar (L- Gouriprasanna Majumdar, M – Hemanta Mukherjee)


Another record from the same film – N 76032. Songs – Suray Dube Thakle Pore (L – Shyamal Gupta, M – Anil Bagchi) & Pujite Maheshe Heri Pranodhone (L – Girish Chandra Ghosh, M – Anil Bagchi).


N 76034. Film – Mahakabi Girishchandra. Song – Akulo Basante Aaji (L – Shyamal Gupta, M – Anil Bagchi)


Here is one more 1956 basic disc. N 82701, with songs – Othho Othho Maa Gouri (L – Bhaskar Bose, M – Sudhin Dasgupta) and Kajol Kajol Kumkum (L – Miltu Ghosh, M – Sudhin Dasgupta).


1957 non-film disc – N 82731. Songs – Rum Jhum Jharnar (L – Anal Chatterjee, M – Kanu Ghosh), Tomay Dekhechhi (L – Anal Chatterjee, Kanu Ghosh).


Another 1957 basic disc – N 82764. Songs – Krishnachura agun tumi (L – Batakrishna Dey, M – Sudhin Dasgupta), Jhiri Jhiri Chaitali Batase (L & M – Sudhin Dasgupta)


Great fan of Geeta ji and our dear friend Mahesh Sagar recalls that many 78 rpm records continued to have her name as Geeta Roy till the year 1956-1957 . Even the famous Bhai Bhai song ‘ae dil mujhe bata de’ is also credited to Geeta Roy on 78 rpm records. Mahesh distinctly remembers an interview of legendary playback singer Asha Bhosle ji where she mentioned about R D Burman discouraging her from changing her surname to Burman ( Asha Burman) giving example of how Geetaji’s Career took a hit after she changed her surname from Roy to Dutt.