Rare gems tribute – Vol. 1

Geeta Dutt

We keep searching for rare and lesser heard gems of Geeta ji and on the eve of her 85th Birth anniversary we are pleased to share some rare gems. We will be posting five songs per each post. All of these have been collected from various sources over several years of painstaking efforts. We are grateful to our dear friend Aditya Pant for sharing these extremely rare songs with us.

1) Geeta Dutt and Agha – Aag se na khelo – Guru Ghantal (1956) , MD – Lachhi Ram, Lyrics – Sarshar Sailani.
Enjoy this rare comic number where the actor Agha also sings with Geeta ji.

2) Geeta Dutt – Dard kyun uthataa hain dil mein – Birha Ki Raat (1950), MD – Husnlal Bhagatram, Lyrics – Sarshar Sailani.
This is a rare sad song from the film Birha Ki Raat (1950) starring Dev Anand and Nargis.

3) Geeta Dutt – Aaayi bahaar bhar lo – Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan (1957), MD – Hemant Kumar, Lyrics – S H Bihari.
We had been looking for this dance number from the Ajit and Nalini Jaywant starrer film Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan. It is a lovely dance number with chorus.

4) Geeta Dutt and chorus – Ab toh darshan do – Mere Bhagwan (1947), MD – Sajjad Hussain, Lyrics : Shevan Rizvi.
This song is mainly sung by the chorus singers and Geeta ji sings just one line in this song. Listen to her sweet and young voice at 2:09 minutes in this song. The film stars Madhubala and singing star Surendra.

5) Geeta Dutt – Bhabhi o bhabhi – Gunsundari (1948), MD – Avinash Vyas, Lyrics – Pandit Indra.

Gunsundari (1948) was a social drama based on the famous maha-granth Saraswatichandra. It was a musical super-hit. Avinash Vyas ji composed music and wrote lyrics for this original Gujrati film. Young Geeta Roy sang “have thoDaa thoDaa thaav varaNaagii, o bhaabhii tame” (oh sister-in-law please become a little fashionable) became huge hit. The film was also made (probably dubbed) in Hindi but here Avinash Vyas had to share the credits with Bulo C Rani. Almost every Hindi song was made using the tune of the original Gujrati song. Geeta sang this song Bhabhi O Bhabhi Badlo Thoda Thoda Rang – (copy of Have thoda thoda thaav) was only credited to Avinash Vyas.

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