The Kind Hearted Geeta ji

Geeta ji was a very kind hearted and warm person. She would always be ready to help those in need. We have read about how She would give money to those who needed it as well as cases where She had taken out the bangles She was wearing to help someone in an emergency.

She is also known to have participated in charity events and shows in support of the needy. Lakshmipriya ji had shared a small picture related to this.

Here is a lovely captioned version of that picture shared by Anish Raj Pandit ji. He says that They had just returned from Calcutta after performing to raise funds for the Bihar Flood Relief Fund!

It is so nice to see her with Raj Kapoor, Hemant Kumar, Leela Naidu, Ranu Mukherjee, Meena Kapoor, Anil Biswas and Mohd Rafi sahab. A really rare picture which is a great treasure for Hindi film music fans. Thanks to both of them for bringing the photo to our notice and the people who helped it reach online!

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  1. surinder says:

    this photo news 10000000000000% not right , take pic from web , but not have right news

  2. Gajendra Khanna says:

    Please share any Geeta news you have with us. Thanks in advance.

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