Phulwa Band Mehke…

Film Hum Bhi Insaan Hain (1959) had a lovely song Phulwa Band Mehke sung by Geeta ji with Suman Kalyanpur.

For those not familiar with it, Do listen to this lovely duet of theirs.

Fellow Geeta fan Lakshmipriya ji has shared a photo with us where Geeta ji and Suman Kalyanpur can be seen standing with Lyricist Shailendra and Mohd Rafi Sahab. She says it must be from a rehearsal for this song. Here’s the picture below for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Lakshmipriya ji for sharing it.

Suman Kalyanpur-Geeta Dutt-Mohd Rafi-Shailendra-Phulvaa band mehke : Film – Hum bhi insaan hai (1959) MD: Hemant Kumar, Lyrics: Shailendra

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