Mr Lambu (1956) : Magic of OPN and Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt and O P Nayyar

Suraiyya was the second most popular singing star of the golden era of Hindi film music (the first one being Noor Jehan). Millions of music and movie lovers were her fan and the composer rhythm king Omkar Prasad Nayyar was not an exception to this. So when he got a chance to compose music for a Suraiyya starrer film titled Mr Lambu in the year 1956 he was thrilled. The film starred the producer Sheikh Mukhtar and was directed by Nisar Ahmad Ansari who acted in the film as well. It did not create big records at the box office, but remained the only Suraiyya starrer with music by rhythm king O P Nayyar. The lyrics of the film were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Suraiyya had 3 songs in the film which included a solo and two duets with Mohammad Rafi:

1) Soyi hai kahaan jaakar taqdeer muhabbat ki – Suraiyya

2) Tu zara si baat pe khafa na ho tu mera dilruba main teri dilruba – Mohammed Rafi , Suraiyya

3) Yaad karoon teri batiyaan ro ro guzaari maine ratiyaan – Mohammed Rafi , Suraiyya

Out of these, the duet “Tu zara si baat pe khafa na ho” was quite popular and still catches the fancy of the music lovers.


Asha Bhonsle had as many as three solos for the film. This left a solo and a duet (with Mohammed Rafi of course) for Geeta Dutt. The solo song is “Aaj jo hum tum mil gaye” and has a typical OPN charm to it. We, fans of Geeta ji had been searching for it for quite some time.

The other (relatively more) popular song sung by Mohammed Rafi and Geeta Dutt is ” Aa mere diladaar karle humse nainaa chaar”. This is a breezy and delightful composition from O P Nayyar. This song was quite popular when the film was released but is relatively lesser known to the today’s generation.


Hats off to the magical voice of Geeta Dutt!

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5 Responses to “Mr Lambu (1956) : Magic of OPN and Geeta Dutt”

  1. hildebrand says:

    It wouldn’t be right to say Suraiyya is second most popular singer-artiste. In their time Kanan Devi and Khursheed had a huge popularity (there were others like Vasanti etc too). Suraiyya wasn’t very popular in that period. Post 47 with NJ/Khursheed gone and Kanan retiring she took to the fancy of film goers. She maybe the most remembered one along with NJ though for various reasons.

  2. Dr Mohan Dev Saini (Saudi Arabia) says:

    Parag ji,
    Beautiful collection.In the top photo,who is the person(with necktie) along with Geetaji?

  3. parag says:

    Mohan ji, we are glad that you liked these songs. The person with Geeta ji is the composer rhythm king O P Nayyar sahab.

  4. parag says:

    I was not much aware about Kanan Devi and Khursheed, so my apologies. Thanks for your inputs.

  5. o. p. nayyar says:

    […] film … Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. is proudly powered by …Mr Lambu (1956) : Magic of OPN and Geeta Dutt Geeta Dutt …It did not create big records at the box office, but remained the only Suraiyya starrer with music […]

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