Har roz kahaa har roz sunaa..a lovely Geeta Dutt song penned by Indeevar


Poet and Lyricist Indeevar didn’t get many opportunities to pen down quality songs. Though his career span is spread over four decades he did not get the recognition he and his talent deserved.

Born in Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh as Shyamalal he came to Mumbai with the clear intention of being a lyricist. He strugglesd for about 5 years or so he got his first big break inthe form of ‘ Malhaar’ (1951). He penned the song ‘Bade Armaan Se Rakha Hai Balam Teri Kasam’, a popular composition that retains a refreshing feel even today. But even this song couldn’t ensure instant success.

Indeevar paired with Roshan and later with Kalyanji-Anandji which gave him some commercial success in the sixties and seventies. His early work in the fifties did not get much recognition due to reasons beyond belief.

Here is a soulful lyric penned by Indivar, composed by the famous composer duo Timir Baran and S K Pal. The song featured in a film titled “Baadbaan” released in the year 1954. The song “Kaise koi jiye” from this film is relatively more popular. It was sung individually by Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt as a tandem song.

See these meaningful lines from Indeevar:

Aakash mein jaise chaand badhaa
badhati hi gayee man ki aashaa
saagar chhalkaa dhaara nikali
phir bhi yeh jeevan hain pyaasa
chhai bhee ghata, paani barasaa
barsaat naa poori ho paayi…

The “Queen of Bhaav Gayaki” Geeta sings this song to the perfection and the song lingers in the mind of the listeners. Truly, “har roz kahaa aise geet sunane milte hai”?

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  1. Dr Mohan Dev Saini (Saudi Arabia) says:

    Parag ji,
    Very sweet indeed. u r right – har roz kahaan aise geet sunane ko milte hain.

  2. parag says:

    Thanks Mohan ji. This is truly a melodious and sweet song, not known to many music lovers.

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