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Extremely rare song found – Ho Naar Albeli – Naag Padmini (1957)

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Sanmukh Babu
Our dear friend Arvinder Sharma ji has shared this with us: Here is the missing song from the film Naag Padmini, which I heard for the first time in a train journey from Delhi to Calcutta in 1975. It was after a search and wait of 35 years that I finally got the song. My dear friend Sudhir Kapur Ji uploaded it for my sake, and I am very much thankful to him.

The above photo is of composer Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay ji, seen for the first time. More details about the “discovery” of this song and the lyrics are available on Atul ji’s famous website Ho Naar Albeli.

Thanks a lot Sudhir Kapur ji.

The remaining songs from this film are already shared on our website Naag Padmini Songs

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks : Vol. 8

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Naag Padmini

Another low budget film featuring Shakila ji was Naag Padmini (1957). Geeta ji sang three duets, one with Talat sahab , second with Sudha Malhotra ji and one with Krishna Goyal ji. MD was Sanmukh Babu ji.

1) Sun dukhde hamaare – Singers – Geeta Dutt & Sudha Malhotra. MD – Sanmukh Babu. Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

2) Saare jag se nain churaa ke – Singers – Geeta Dutt & Talat Mahmood. MD – Sanmukh Babu. Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

3) Sapera been bajaye gayo – Singers – Geeta Dutt & Krishna Goyal. MD – Sanmukh Babu. Lyrics – Prem Dhawan


Geeta ji also sang two solo songs for this film which were not available with us. We made a kind request to music lovers to share these. Our dear friend Shri Sandeep Rai ji shared this rare song with us today.

4) Banake mehmaan ghar aaye bhagwaan – Singers – Geeta Dutt & chorus. MD – Sanmukh Babu. Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

We are still searching for this last song:

5) O naar albeli na jaiyo ri akeli – Geeta Dutt

Please do share it with us.