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Blast from the past – Sonar Harin : First cabaret songs in Bengali

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Geeta Dutt Hemant Kumar

Geetaji was the first artiste to sing club songs in Bangla films. We have a scanned copy of the Booklet of the film (featuring lyrics of the songs, Geetaji’s name, etc). We all have heard and know “Ei Mayabi Tithi”, “Tomar Duti Chokhe” – but this would be seeing the already known ones from a new point of view – as landmarks in the history of Bangla film music, being the first club songs used in Bangla films.

Cover page

Cover page

Casting page

Casting page

Lyrics page for Ei Mayabi Tithi

Lyrics page

Song Name – Aei Mayabi Tithi Aei Modhur Geeti
Film – Sonaar Harin (1959)
Composer – Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Lyricist – Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Singer(s) – Geeta Dutt

Aei Mayabi Tihi Aei Modhur Geeti,
Aar Ki Pabo Konodin Balona Ogo Ekti Raater Atithi?
Dure-Dure Thako Keno Balona,
Shoyna Go Tomari E Chhalana,
Bujhina E Ki Reeti.
Chaao Ki Go Aei Bhora Phagune,
Pure Mori Maramer Aagune?
Kare Debo E Preeti?

Record label

Record label

Lyrics page for Tomar duti chokhe

Lyrics page

Song Name – Tomar Duti Chokhe
Film – Sonaar Harin (1959)
Composer – Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Lyricist – Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Singer(s) – Geeta Dutt

Tomar Duti Tomar Duti Chokhe.
Ooi Je Mishti Hashi,
Amay Kachhe Deke,
Bole Bhalobashi.
Sonaar Harin Paliye Beray,
Dhora Taare Jaay Ki?
Bandho Khanchay Bondhi Pakhi,
Akaashtake Paay Ki?
Keno Bajao Maya Banshi?
Tomaar Amaar Jeebane Aar,
Aei Raat Ki Aashbe?
Amaay Tumi Emon Kore,
Aar Ki Bhalobashbe?
Kachhe Daako,
Aaj Thako Pashapashi.

Record label

Record Label

We all know about many such songs from later films, but when one looks back to see that the pioneer of the trend out here in Tollywood Music is none but Geeta Dutt!


We are grateful to our dear friend Sounak Gupta for sharing these extremely rare images and the song lyrics with us on this special occasion.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks : Vol. 4

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Geeta Bali
In spite of great talent and charming personality, the wonderful actress Geeta Bali ji ended up acting in a lot of low budget films, many of which have been forgotten with the passage of time. Some references on the internet suggest that her difficult financial conditions and need to support the family was main reason behind this.

Laalten (1956) was one of such films where she was paired opposite the great actor Motilal sahab. It’s music was composed by Hemantda and once again we have Geeta ji singing as many as six films for this film. She sang two solos and four duets. Out of the four duets, one was with S Balbir sahab , the rest three were of course sung by Hemantda himself.

Hemantda himself sang one solo for this film which has become famous among music lovers for it has a reference to keeping the photo of Geeta Bali in the pocket.

Here are those six melodious and enjoyable songs of Geeta ji from this film. Actual videos of none of the songs are available but we consider ourselves lucky to be able to listen to these rare and lovely songs.

1) Agar pyaar mein muskuraaye na hote –

This is the best song from the album where Geeta ji pours her heart in this melancholy. The lyrics of the highest order by Kaif Irfani sahab, fine music and singing with all the feelings – all these make it a memorable presentation

2) Kabhi akad kar baat na karna humse are mawaali, ek nazar mein humne tumko dil ki Dilli de daali –

The same Kaif Irfani sahab now pens a light hearted romantic-comic song. The composer-singer and Geeta ji make this such a lovely fun-filled enjoyable song.

3) Lo aaya Johny laalten-

This seems to be the title song about some vendor of lanterns penned by Indivar ji.

4) Oh Lilli Lilli Lilli –

A fun-filled duet with S Balbir sahab. Again Kaif Irfani sahab shows his versatility. Geeta ji was so well-versed with these comic styled songs.

5) Maine tujhe pukaara, tu bhi mujhe pukaar

Again a highlight song of the film, penned by Shewan Rizwi sahab. An emotionally charged song sung so well by Hemantda in his deep voice and Geeta ji who has always excelled in soulful songs.

6) Dil ka tattoo ad jaata hain

Another romantic-comic song penned by Indivar ji and sung by Hemantda and Geeta ji. Among all the songs of this film, this is rarest song which was recently found on youtube.

Soulful singing at its best

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Nalini Jaywant

There are relatively few songs of Geeta ji filmed on Nalini Jaywant even though she was a leading actress since early forties. One of her early films was Chakori (1949) which has as many as four solos sung by Geeta ji. We are not sure if they were filmed on Nalini or not.

Naujawan (1951) had 2 duets by Geeta ji, one of which (Panghat pe dekho) was filmed on Nalini whereas the other one (Zara jhoom le jawani ka) had Nalini in the background.

Lakeerein (1954) has as many as five songs of Geeta ji (3 solos and 2 duets), most likely filmed on Nalini as she was the solo heroine in the film.
Munimji (1955) had Geeta ji singing/speaking for Nalini Jaywant in the fun-filled song “Dil ki umangein hain jawaan”.

Not many however know that Geeta ji has sung a duet with Nalini Jaywant for a Gujrati film “Waarasdar” (1948). The song is penned and composed by maestro Avinash Vyas ji. The song is “aavyo hu.n ba.ngaDii vaaLo, ra.ngiilii ba.ngaDii no”. We do not have the audio/video of this rare song. Any one having this please share with us.

Coming back the song of the day, the film Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan (1957) had some melodious songs of Geeta ji filmed on her.
It seems like the song “Jab tum nahin toh chaand sitaare” was either deleted from the film or was chopped off from the DVD/VHS/VCD. There are no videos available for this song but the rest of the songs videos are available. Any ways, enjoy this melodious and soulful song.

MD: Hemant Kumar
Lyrics: Shamshul Huda Bihari
Singer — Geeta Dutt

Lyrics :

Jab tum nahin to chand sitare mein kya karoon (2)
Yeh phool yeh chaman yeh nazare main kya karoon
Jab tum nahin to chand sitare mein kya karoon

Kal tuk hawa mein khel rahi thi yahan haseen (2)
Charon taraf hai chai huwi ya thi be-kaseen
Dil ro raha hai ghum kubhare main kya karoon
Yeh phool yeh chaman yeh nazare main kya karoon
Jab tum nahin to chand sitare mein kya karoon

Toofan gaye ke jaise chaman ki gayi bahar (2)
Har cheez ko yahan ki tumhara hai intezaar
Mere tarah udaas ho taare to mein kya karoon
Yeh phool yeh chaman yeh nazare mein kya karoon
Jab tum nahin to chand sitare mein kya karon
Yeh phool yeh chaman yeh nazare main kya karoon

Lyrics in Hindi:

जब तुम नहीं तो चाँद सितारे मैं क्या करूँ -२
ये फूल ये चमन ये नज़ारे मैं क्या करूँ
जब तुम नहीं तो चाँद सितारे मैं क्या करूँ

कल तक हवा में खेल रही थी यहाँ हँसी -२
चारों तरफ़ है छाई हुई आज बेकसी
दिल रो रहा है ग़म में तुम्हारे मैं क्या करूँ
ये फूल ये चमन ये नज़ारे मैं क्या करूँ
जब तुम नहीं तो चाँद सितारे मैं क्या करूँ

तुम क्या गये के जैसे चमन से गई बहार -२
हर चीज़ को यहाँ की तुम्हारा है इंतज़ार
मेरी तरह उदास हैं सारे मैं क्या करूँ
ये फूल ये चमन ये नज़ारे मैं क्या करूँ
जब तुम नहीं तो चाँद सितारे मैं क्या करूँ
ये फूल ये चमन ये नज़ारे मैं क्या करूँ

Hemant, Geeta and Kishore : A unique combination

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Geeta Dutt

Hemant Kumar as a composer was one of the notable list of MDs who consistently composed melodious songs for Geeta. Though the volume of her work with Hemantda (in Hindi and Bengali) is not so huge, the variety of songs she sang for Hemantda speaks volumes. Right from his debut film as a composer (Anand Math in the year 1952) till the early sixties, he continued to give lovely songs to Geeta.

For reasons unknown to many, the singing sensation Kishore Kumar was not as prolific in the late forties and the fifties. He continued to act, sing for himself and sing for other actors during these times. Perhaps he was not focused on his career as a playback singer in the forties and the fifties. In spite of common composer like S D Burman being a mentor for Geeta and Kishore, they sang very few songs together. The precise number is 13 for Hindi films and just two for Bengali films. One each from Hindi and Bengali is composed by the talented Hemant Kumar.

Both the songs are almost diametrically opposite to each other. The common factor between them is that Kishore Kumar has sung both of them for himself on the screen. Both the songs were released back to back with the Hindi song coming up in the year 1957 and the Bengali beauty in the year 1958.

Bandi (1957) – Ghar Ki Raunak Hai Gharwaali – Geeta Dutt & Kishore Kumar
This film starred all the three Ganguly brothers (Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar) along with Beena Rai, Nanda and Shyama. The film was directed by the veteran Satyen Bose. The music was provided by Hemant Kumar and the songs were penned by Rajendra Krishan. The film’s music has a memorable song “Chup ho jaa” in the voice of Kishore Kumar and the solo song “Gora badan mora” by Geeta. Kishore and Geeta sang this comical song “Ghar Ki Raunak Hai Gharwaali” for this film. The song was filmed on Kishore Kumar himself and Kammo dancing on the streets advocating the benefits of a marriage.

The second song is an absolutely sweet romantic song for the film Looko Churi (1958). In this song, Geeta sings for Mala Sinha and Kishore Kumar sings for himself. The songs of the film were penned by Gauri Prasanna Majumdar, a favorite of Hemantda when it comes to Bengali films. The film was a big hit in those times. Filmed in a park and the lake within, the song flows smoothly in the heart of the listener. Mala Sinha’s expressive eyes convey the right mood of the song matching the vocals of Geeta.

Looko Churi – Shudhu Ektukhani Chaoa – Geeta Dutt & Kishore Kumar