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Great discoveries – Great songs

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Through our parent website Hamara Forums, our main website and with help from various kind music lovers, we have “discovered” or re-discovered some very rare and melodious songs of our beloved singer Geeta Dutt ji. These songs were recorded more than fifty plus years ago. Some of them even did not see the light of the day. Through the collaborative effort of our mentors, guides, friends, record collectors and SIRC we have unearthed these hidden gems. This is an effort to compile some of them in the form a single post so that we all can enjoy them in a convenient manner.

1) Vande Mataram : Geeta Roy, G M Durrani, Pramodini Patkar – Vande Mataram, Non film recording, MD: Gyan Dutt, Lyrics: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay ji. The song was recorded by H.M.V. on record number N 36170 in the year 1950.

2) Badhubaran song:Geeta Dutt got a role in a Bengali film titled Badhu Baran in the year 1967. The film was direceted by Dilip Naag. The film introduced Rakhee (who later became Rakhee Gulzar and went on to become a popular actress in Hindi films) to the film world. The film was made by D.S. Productions and was released at Rupabani, Bharati and Aruna theaters in Kolkata. The story, the screenplay and the lyrics of the film were by Shyamal Gupta. Tne cinematographer of the film was Soumendu Roy. The film’s art direction was done by Satyen Roy Choudhury. The film was edited by Haridas Mahalanbis and Harinarayan Mukherjee. The film was distributed by Chandimata Films Pvt. Ltd.

The film had an impressive star cast in Pradeep Kumar paired with Geeta Dutt. The film also starred Ajoy Biswas, Rakhi Biswas, Bikash Roy, Jahar Ray, Geetali Ray, Jibe Bose, N. Viswanathan, Gita Dey, Amar Ganguly, Abhi Bhattacharya, Bharati Devi etc. Based on the available information, the film did not do to well at the box office. A good amount of interest was among the music and film lovers who watched this film to see their favorite singer Geeta Roy acting in a film. The film ran for about 5 or 6 weeks or so in Kolkata.

The music of the film was composed by the legendary and brilliant composer Kamal Dasgupta and had songs sung by leading Bengali singers Manna Dey , Feroza Begum, Shyamal Mitra, Arati Mukherjee , Arun Datta and of course Geeta Dutt herself. It is a pity that the composer chose to have Geeta sing just one song for this film. The song she sang is “Amar alor o shishu o andhar ja” and was released on record number N 77083. This turned out to be Geeta Dutt’s last recording in a Bengali film (she did sing some non-film Bengali songs till 1971 though).

3) Hindi song in Bengali film: Tere Liye Aaya Hai Le ke Koi Dil – Hindi Song in Bengali Film, Gali Theke Rajpath (1959), Singer: Geeta Dutt, Composer: Sudhin Dasgupta, Lyrics: Naqsh Lyallpuri, Picturised on: Helen, Uttam Kumar

Better quality audio from the 78 RPM record is here

4) Rare Marathi non-film songs: Song number one – Ambabai cha jogwa – Marathi non-film – Geeta Dutt , Lyrics – Anant Gogte , MD – Nishikant Bharti.

Song number two – Jai maartand jai malhaar – Marathi non-film – Geeta Dutt , Lyrics – Anant Gogte , MD – Nishikant Bharti.

5) Un-released song from the film Gauri: This is our biggest discovery so far. Geeta Dutt : Jaani bhromara kaino – Song from the unreleased film Gauri. Only if the film Gauri was made, we would have seen our beloved Geeta ji on the screen singing this song “Jaani Bhromora Keno” recorded on the 13th Nov 1957.

6) First song with Naushad sahab: This is the first song Geeta ji sang for Naushad sahab. It is filmed on Shyama for the film Dillagi (1949). This is a tandem version of the more famous version of the same song sung by Suraiya and Shyam.

7) Video of the Parineeta song: We searched for this video and recently found it on the VHS tape.

We will keep updating this post as more and more songs (audio and video) are discovered.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks : Vol.11

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Geeta ji was the favorite singer of maestro composer Avinash Vyas ji. She sang more than a hundred songs for him for Hindi and Gujrati films, the most for all the composers she sang for. Here is another album for the mythological film Bhimsen (1950). She sang three solos and a duet for this film. Each and every song is a gem to be cherished.

1) Aaj bhavar mein nayya kanhaiya : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

2) Aaj mori bagiyaan mein bole bulbul : Lyrics – B. P. Bhargav

3) Raakho laaj hamaari : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

4) Sabse bada vidhaata (with Badrinath Vyas) : Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak

Exclusive: Rare songs from the archives

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Many times, several songs from lesser heard films go into oblivion. Over the period of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to listen to them. Many songs of Geeta ji from the 40s and 50s are very rare. We have found seven rare songs as a tribute to her and to her fans on this special day.

Please click on the triangle next to the song name below to listen to these extremely rare and melodious songs.

Geeta Dutt

A deeply emotional and patriotic song describing the plight of our motherland (during the British rule). Listen to the way she modulates her voice to travel through various emotions through the song.

Geeta Dutt : Bhaarat maata zanjeeron mein : Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – G S Nepali

Lovely patriotic song describing the feelings of freedom.
Geeta Dutt : Toote bandhan aaj re: Film – Kamal (1949), MD – S D Burman, Lyrics – Prem Dhawan

This is a duet with Mohd Rafi sahab which was recorded for a drama in the fifties.

Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Tore bin raja mohe chain kahaan: Drama – Poojya Gandhiji (1950s), MD – S N Nandi, Lyrics – ?

A melancholy song which perfects showcases her deep emotional side.

Geeta Dutt : Bhool jaao mere meet: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A traditional styled romantic song describing the feelings of a newly married girl.

Geeta Dutt : Main hoon naar naveli: Film – Didi (1948), MD – Mukund Masurekar, Lyrics – Indivar

A light hearted dance based and fast paced song.

Geeta Dutt : Akka Bakka tin tila : Film – Pehla Pehla Pyaar (1958), MD – B N Bali, Lyrics – ?

Looks like a song being sung for a lady selling maska (butter). It could be the heroine disguising to get some information from villian’s place.

Geeta Dutt : Ajab hain is duniya ke raaz: Film – Dark Street (1961), MD – N Dutta, Lyrics – Gulshan Bawra


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks: Vol. 10

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Saudamini (1950) is another musically rich film forgotten in the passage of time. It had a stellar star cast including Leela Chitnis ji, the veteran actress. It was directed by P C Joshi and had music by maestro composer S N Tripathi ji.

Geeta ji sang as many as five songs, all solos for this film.

1) Kaali kaali badlee chhayee , saawan ki rut aayi

2) Naina hamaare neer bahaaye

3) Mujhko unse pyaar huaa

4) O paagal premi prem kiye kya paaya

5) Toot gaya sab sapna mera

We do not have this song and request music lovers to share this.


We are grateful to our dear friend and great music collector Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks: Vol. 9

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Nav Durga
Nav Durga (1952) was another mythological film starring Usha Kiran and Mahipaal. It’s music was composed by the maestro composer S N Tripathi sahab. This was the same composer who gave Geeta ji her very early songs for the film Aadhaar (1945). He gave her two solos and three duets for this film. This was a rare incidence where Geeta ji and her sister Laxmi Roy ji sang a song together.

1) Geeta Dutt : Aayee birah ki raat : Film – Nav Durga (1953) MD – S N Tripathi , Lyricist – R C Pandey

2) Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi: Hum aur tum joh mil gaye : Film – Nav Durga (1953), MD: S N Tripathi, Lyric : R C Pandey

3) Geeta Dutt, Mohd Rafi : Chham chham naache mere nainon mein pyaar : Film – Nav Durga (1953), MD: S N Tripathi, Lyric : R C Pandey

4) Geeta Dutt : Ek aag lagaakar chupke se : Film – Nav Durga (1953), MD: S N Tripathi, Lyric : R C Pandey

5) Geeta Dutt , Laxmi Rai : Aayi bahaar keeye solah singaar : Film – Nav Durga (1953), MD: S N Tripathi, Lyric : R C Pandey

We recently got a link to this extremely rare song thanks to LakshmiNam on YT. The song was played by Radio Ceylon Aap Ki Pasand program on 20th April 2013. Thanks to Ashwini ji (eraksoldies) for uploading program to YT.

A fan’s tribute: Vol.7

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

OPN GD cassette
OP Nayyar-Geeta Dutt:-

The lady who graced the earth with her sweet voice and the king of melody when both of them met together, there were subtle songs that touched the inner soul through these soft melodies.

Yes, I am talking about Geeta Dutt and OP Nayyar. Both were closely associated with each other right from the start of OP Nayyar’s career. I am sharing few of my favorite songs of this immortal combination:-

1) Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana
The 1st song which is my evergreen favorite is the fantabulous number from Aasmaan(1952), which was Nayyar Saheb’s first movie as an independent composer. Nayyar Saheb has indulged himself in light orchestration for this great number and the gentle use of harmonium and accordian pieces makes it an enlightening and sweet melody. The Sarangi played in the antras makes it a divine melody Geeta ji was very well equipped with Nayyar Saheb and understood his compositions very well and sung this song very well.

She has sung the antras in a low tone and the alaaps, that she has added in it makes it more fascinating. Also, great lyrics written by Prem Dhavan, making the song an immortal one. The song is “Dil Hai Deewana Jawan Hai Zamana” and only Geeta ji could have sung it so well.

Here is the link for this song:-

2) Kaisa jaadu balam tune

My 2nd most favorite song is one of those gems from 12’O Clock(1958) that they created together, A song gives a smile on our face when we listen it..Geeta Dutt ji has excelled herself in this number and establishes a kind of “Nasha” in this song that indebts our mind..I don’t think any other singer could have done justice for this song other than Geeta Dutt, her voice modulation for Waheeda is also great, I am completely sunk in it, and its impossible to come out when We start listening it..The way Geeta Dutt sings “Nanha Sa Dil Hamara..”, is simply marvelous..

Guru Geeta OPN

Nayyar Saheb’s composition is just out of the world…Starting with a light sound of Sitar and flute, with the effective use of Dholaks and flute in the antras, He has incredibly used a brilliant orchestration for this song…
Great lyrics by Majrooh Saheb..Nayyar Saheb and Majrooh worked together for many movies and gifted us some of the best numbers, that are popular and effective even today…Overall, an immortal classic…

Here is the link for this song:-

3) Aye watan ke naujawaan

Baaz(1953), was not very successful in the Box-Office, but each and every song was classic and had its own class…This song can fall under the category of a patriotic song. We are facing so much injustice in our country, no water for the poor people still in many villages, there is limited supply of electricity, people are facing unbearable difficulties..Its time for all of us to unite and fight together for what is happening towards our motherland…

This song gives us the message that Its We who are not coming together, arrange social meetings and private gatherings and do not allow any external elements to enter our country and be faithful towards the motherland and work together to achieve the goal….Hats off to Majrooh…

Nayyar Saheb has composed this patriotic song so well, with the use of violins showing us to go forward and speak against the injustice, with the help of flute he has explained us we are so sad…With the light sitar tunes, he has taken us to the path where many people are beaten, They are not allowed to raise their voice…An excellent composition with the help of heavy orchestration composed beautifully by Nayyar Saheb from which we can take it as an inspiration..

Geeta Dutt ji has sung the song absolutely brilliantly for Geeta Bali, starting with the alaap, taking it furthur and singing the Mukhda in the high notes, singing some part of the antra in lower notes, but in a fast pace and the Mukhda again in lower notes..At the end, The way She sings the high pitch, The song enters straight in our heart and takes us to another world…She has done perfect justice to this incredible number..

The chorus of this song is also marvelous, also the humming and the alaap part of the chorus is simply exquisite…A perfect ending for the song by the chorus and Geeta Dutt ji….Superbly penned by Majrooh Saheb, gifting us one of the best melody from Baaz(1953).

Here is the link for this song:-

4) Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili

My next favorite song is “Raat Nasheeli Rang Rangili” from Choomantar(1956). Geeta ji has taken this song to a completely different level. I always say this song can be considered as a duet of Geeta ji and the Sarangi which is played in the background. Both of them are in a perfect collaboration.

Especially in the antras, where Geeta ji has sung “Man Mein Nache Rhimjim Saare” and the sarangi is played. Really, “Man Naach Uththa Hai Aise Gaano Ko Sunkar”..
Here is the link for this song..

5) Pom pom pom , baaja bole

From the last many years, when somebody’s birthday arrives and on my each birthday, I never fail to listen this song, This is a kind of celebration song from Aasmaan sung by Geeta ji, She could sing any genre of songs.

Geeta Dutt and OPN

This is the one of the finest example of her versatility. I am assuming this song to be picturized on Asha Parekh as it was her first movie and she must have been a child artist at that time, but no confirmation as video is not avaiable. But, this song is one of the finest melody of the combination of Nayyar Saheb, Pren Dhavan ji and Geeta ji..

Here is the link for the song…

There are many more favorites of the immortal combination of Nayyar Saheb and Geeta ji, but these 5 solos hold a special place for me.


We are grateful to our dear friend Nikhil Iyer for writing this special tribute.

Exclusive: All melodies from Bahu Beti (1952)

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Geeta S D Batish

Pandit Shiv Dayal (S.D.) Batish has been a stalwart on the Indian music scene since 1936. He was a true master of the various vocal and instrumental styles of North Indian music, including Bhajans, Geet, Thumri, Ghazals, Film Sangeet, etc. Some of his outstanding films are Betab, Bahu Beti, Toofan, Harjeet, Tipu Sultan, Ham Bhi Kuch Kam Nahin, and Amar Keertan. Geeta Dutt sang under the music direction of this veteran singer-music director in about six films. She sang sang seven of the total of eight songs from the Geeta Bali starrer film Bahu Beti (1952). This album clearly showcases the versatility of the voice named Geeta Dutt under the baton of Pandit Batish ji.

Geeta Dutt : Gori gori dulhaniya : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)

Geeta Dutt : Mose chanchal jawani : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)

Geeta Dutt, S D Batish: Nazdeek naa aana : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)

Geeta Dutt : Kaise le aaoon rakhiya : Bahu Beti (1952)

Please click on the triangle next to the song name below to listen to these extremely rare and melodious songs.

Geeta Dutt : Karke ho karke : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)

Geeta Dutt : Khataa ho kisi ki : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)

Geeta Dutt : Chhumak chhumak moraa baaje ghungharwa : Film – Bahu Beti (1952)


We are grateful to our dear friend and great music collector Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji for sharing these extremely rare songs with us on this special occasion.

Unraveling the Sham’a Parwana Equation

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Shama Parwana

Kab se mehdood hain ye daa’era-e-ma’ani mein
Sham’a parwane ko thodi si rihaee de do
(Confined within the limits of meaning for so long,
The flame and moth now seek a release)

In the context of Urdu poetry, the metaphor of sham’a parwana is old as the hills. It is an imagery borrowed from the Persian tradition. So deeply ingrained has this metaphor become within Urdu poetry, that it is no longer ‘foreign’. At the same time, it has been used (and abused) so often that one could even call it a cliché. It wasn’t only the sham’a parwana metaphor that Maulana Altaaf Hussain Haali, a noted 19th century Urdu critic and poet, had in mind while criticizing the adherence to conventional metaphors and borrowed imagery by contemporary Urdu poetry of his time, but he would have surely thought about it. Of course, there were some great poets who did impart varied flavor to this imagery, despite the fact that it does not lend itself to very many different interpretations. One such unconventional use of this metaphor is by Ghalib, who hasn’t used it very often in his poetry. He wasn’t probably satisfied even with this one, as he finally expunged it while compiling his Diwan for publishing. It is a very unique usage where the poet compares the wings of a moth to the glass-shade of a candle.


Aashiq naqaab-e-jalwa-e-jaanaana chaahiye
Faanoos-e-sham’a ko par-e-parwana chahiye.

When it comes to Hindi film songs, the sham’a parwana metaphor has been beaten to death. There has hardly been any exploration beyond the obvious and conventional. And one wouldn’t entirely blame our lyricists for that. Film songs have to be more accessible and conventional imagery is definitely very accessible.

Let us try to explore a few shama parwana songs sung by Geeta Dutt.

1) Sham’a and parwana translates to deepak and patang(a) in Hindi.

In Ganesh Janma (1951) the poet, Bharat Vyas, presents the contrast of how deepak and patang symbolizing the lovers ‘burn’ together, but the character singing the song is destined to burn along in the absence of her lover. It is the contrast between visaal and firaaq; milan and virah…
Deepak ke sang jalta patang
tere bina piya mora jale ang ang

2) Next, let us look the case of an object of affection expressing pride at the fact that she has multiple prospects vying for her attention.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan’s lyrics were tuned by Bulo C. rani for Baghdad (1952)

Ek shama mehfil mein parwane hazaaron hain
wo naina hoon jiske deewane hazaaron hain

3) Finally, here is a song that tries to give a slightly unconventional twist to this conventional metaphor.

Sham’a and parwana are still lovers, but it is not the suicidal parwana that wants to burn in the flame, but a playful, flirtatious lover who is teasing the object of his affection. The song is from the film Ek Armaan Mera (1959), written by Kaif Irfani, composed by S. D Batish and sung by Geeta Dutt.

Aa ke sham’a ke qareeb jo parwana palat jaye
To ye sham’a ke parwane ka kitna sitam … haaye kitna sitam


We are highly grateful to our dear friend Aditya Pant for writing this special tribute on the eve of 23rd November, birth anniversary of Geeta Dutt ji . It is also the 4th birthday of our website dedicated to her.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks : Vol. 7

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Do Dulhe

Making Hindi films based on an original South Indian film has been a regular practice since the 40s. A lot of southern banners like AVM and Gemini films, regularly re-made their hit films from Tamil/Telugu into Hindi by taking stars from Bollywood.

Do Dulhe (1955) was a family drama movie starring Shyama, Sajjan, Agha, David, Lalita Pawar, Kanhaiya Lal, Achla Sachdev, Ishwar Lal, Vanaja. It’s music was composed by the famous south Indian composer Shri B.S.Kalla ji. With the success of Aar Paar (1954), Geeta ji had become the voice for Shyama in many films. In this particular film, she was chosen to sing for the second lead Vanaja.
1) Mera dulhaa shehar se aaya re – Singers : Geeta Dutt, Mohammad Rafi, Sarla Devi

This is an out and out comedy song where both Vanaja and Sajjan are pulling each other’s leg and teasing each other. The singer duo of Mohd Rafi and Geeta Dutt had excelled at such songs. Their comic-romantic songs from other famous films are well known, but this lesser heard song is also very enjoyable and will put a smile on the listener/viewer’s face.

2) Cham Cham Chamke Bindiya – Singers : Geeta Dutt and chorus

The only problem with this song is that it is too short. With a length less than 2 minutes, it keeps you wanting more. The song is a typical marriage ceremony (Sangeet) song. Geeta ji and the chorus singers have sung the song with so much of affection and energy, that it lifts the mood.

3) Chadhoongi Adalat Karaoongi Jurmana – Singer : Geeta Dutt

Another comic-romantic song, this time a solo. It is filmed on the same pair of Sajjan and Vanaja. The versatile singer once again makes this light song melodious with her voice modulations. Once again the song is very short, just over 2 minutes.

4) Main bhi jawaan hoon – Singers : Geeta Dutt, Mohammad Rafi

Unfortunately we are not able to find the video of this song. We believe that this is also filmed on the same pair of Sajjan and Vanaja. This song is more romantic with a light touch of comedy.

Melody Kicks From Forgotten Flicks: Vol. 5

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Mr India

Mr India (1961) was another small budget film starring the charming Geeta Bali ji. As we have mentioned earlier (and has been discussed a lot on the net), in spite of great talent, Geeta Bali ji rarely got opportunities to work with big banners and popular stars. In this film, her hero was I S Johar.

The film’s music was composed by G S Kohli sahab, who was a long time assistant to O P Nayyar sahab. Geeta ji sang two songs for this film. To the best of our knowledge/resources, these are the only songs she ever sang for G S Kohli sahab. The lyrics were penned by Jaan Nisar Akhtar sahab.

1) Dekha naa jaaye :

This song is filmed on the dancing diva Helen.

2) Main maachis ki teeli:

This beautiful song was deleted from both VCD and DVD. We believe that it was filmed on Helen as well.